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New post 12 Jun 2007, 07:45
gablaze23 wrote:
MBA_app32 wrote:
justincase49, you know someone who got into HBS with a 640 GMAT? What a joke. The GMAT isn't that hard - I wonder how well that student performed in a complex quantitative class. (Maybe it's a non-issue with all of the grade inflation at HBS.)

It's no wonder why many employers want to see GMAT scores from MBA candidates. As I understand it, medical schools and law schools set the bar high and routinely deny applicants failing to meet certain thresholds. That is obviously not the case for business schools.

The GMAT one of the few objective criteria used in evaluating candidates. It's unfortunate that some schools disregard the GMAT.

Wow. What an ...

This is the kind of person I really don't want to see in b-schools. GMAT only tests your intelligence in GMAT. I don't think it's accurate in gaging a student's intellectual capacity. Also, from what I heard, top schools accept students, not numbers.

Somebody tell me, that this is not the type of person I would encounter in b-schools. Brown, lipium? Anybody? If yes, I won't even bother applying. Like other people, one of the reasons why I want to go to a business school is to learn from my other classmates. Not just from teachers, but from classmates. I think the interaction will bring another learning dimension. It's the experience I am really looking forward to. If I am only after statistics and accounting grades, I'd just stay home and memorize books.

I'm scoring around 610.. at least according to GMATprep.
My quantitative and verbal skills in GMAT may be way behind you.
But I think in terms of maturity, I am light years ahead of you.

If most Harvard students are like MBA_app32, then I'd rather enroll myself back to kindergarden. That way, I won't even have to study for the GMAT.

Sorry for the harsh post, I just feel that I need to stand up for people here in the forum.

To me, you are both speaking about the same thing : criterium that makes u a part of a certain community.... an MBA guy at a bschool :)

In my idea here, I think that BSchools want both sides... an high quantitive number (GMAT) to compare u with the pool of applicants and... who u are by your essays/accomplishments/interviews...

I perserve well that MBA_app32 is very direct, even very focussed on one side only of the same medal... well, after all... why not ? :)... Even if it's not also, like u, my way to see it ;)

Both sides can interfer greatly on the overall deny/acceptance to a given programs :)

In conclusion, it's better to be able to work on both sides in order to make it, even the chance has to be very present as well as mentioned by others already :)
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GMAT Club Legend
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New post 12 Jun 2007, 07:50
Dont let his comments bother you. This board is much better than some of the other ones when it comes to people looking down their noses at others. Maybe he applied with a 750 and didnt get in, so he is a little bitter. Sure some people who score a 760, or went to some prestige undergrad, or worked at the greatest firm on earth may look down on people who they think are beneath them...but would you really want to socialize with them. Plus b-school seems to put a lot of emphasis on networking and I would imagine most people have better social skills, are friendlier, and a lot more tactful than his post comes across.

A strong or weak GMAT score wont make or break an application. Well maybe a 400 would kill any chance of a decent school but if you are in the 80% range there is a chance. It might be a hurdle to overcome but it can be done as is evidence by 10% of the people getting below the 80% range and still getting in. I even wonder if you get an 800 if that would really make up for other weaknesses in an application, like weak work experience, recommendations, or undergrad. Sure some schools would love to say their GMAT ranged from 640-800 but I dont know.
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