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Re: Ask EXPARTUS [#permalink]

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New post 12 Nov 2015, 22:27
Dear EXPARTUS experts,
I'm preparing for MBA application now and still not sure what school is right for me. I'm looking for business schools in the US.

I'm 32/female/Chinese with 10+years of experience.
B.Comm from UBC/Sauder(Canada) - major in logistics and supply chain management and minor in economics.
GPA: 71/100
GMAT: 700(going to retake the test this month)

After I graduated from high school, my mother and I decided to open a school offering ballet and piano classes in Nanjing(one of China's major cities). We have no employee at the beginning. Starting from distributing flier on the street and giving free class in public school, we managed to build the foundation of our business and make profit in two years. Then I went to Canada in 2003 for university education. After that I had two jobs in Vancouver Canada(one job as purchasing assistant and one job as full cycle accountant for a small company). I was part time teaching piano at the same time. Then I went back to China and work as a sales and marketing specialist in an MNC in 2011. At the same time I started to do the management work for the school again. I quit job in 2012 and devoted all my energy to the school. Now our school has very good reputation in Nanjing and has over 1000 students. We are offering courses for nationally and internationally recognized certificate now. Currently I invited a partner to join our team and she will take over the daily operation in the school when I pursue MBA degree.

ST/LT goal:
My plan is to enhance my soft and hard skills as an entrepreneur, to professionalize my school and to grown my business through MBA program. My short term goal upon graduation is to expand my school. My long term goal is to build a international school brand in China and provide education from kindergarten to high school(International Baccalaureate(IB) programmes).

Please kindly give me some advice on which schools I should apply and where I stand with my profile. Thanks in advance!
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Concentration: Technology, Strategy
GPA: 4
WE: Project Management (Computer Software)
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Re: Ask EXPARTUS [#permalink]

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New post 17 Nov 2015, 05:05
Hello All,

I am looking to apply for part-time MBA programs.

profile: Indian male currently working in USA.

1) Undergrad: Engineering (First Class with distinction, 75.22/100)
2) Masters : USA, Electrical & Computer (GPA= 4.0/4.0)
3) Total 7 years of professional experience - 4 Years as Lead.
4) topper in maths in high school, topper in Masters - got full tuition waiver for my master program.
5) NGO work - 6 years (thou, I stared at the young age fo 14 years and was part of high school & undergrad activities as part of Bharat scouts & NCC, companies NGO participation)
6) achievements at work, NGO and sports activities

I am looking for the following schools in order of priority - specialization in Technology Consulting.
1) Foster evening MBA UWashington Seattle -
2) EMBA Broad MSU - ( can apply for GMAT waiver based on my Masters GPA)
3) Gonzueita evening MBA -
4) Schellar, Georgia Tech evening mba

Can someone please let me know which colleges I can get an admit. if not, my weak areas in the profile

Thank you in Advance.
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Re: Ask EXPARTUS [#permalink]

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New post 28 Feb 2016, 21:31
Age : 25
Educational Qualifications : Bachelors in Applied Petroleum Engineering
CGPA : 2.97, Equivalent percentage : 79.40%
Year of passing : 2012
Location :India

10th: 89.8%
12th: 86.4%
TOEFL: 115

Work Experience
4 Years (By the time I will start applying it will be 5 yrs) in Reliance Industries Ltd. (India's largest private company with more than 40000 employees)
- Working as Workover Engineer (planning, executing and managing drilling and workover operations of oil and gas wells)
- Managing a team of 20+ engineers directly and more than 200 employees indirectly.
- Managing 200+ sites and 10+ Rigs (In-charge of all rigs).
- Revised and implemented operations procedures that led to reduction in down time from 15%(approx) to <2% effectively saving more than $5,000,000
- Take mentoring classes for new recruits (fresh graduates) and provide training to them about different oil and gas field operations.

- Teaching orphans, underprivileged children and illiterate adults via NGO subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computers( More than 3 yrs now.)
- Team member of project's Table Tennis and Badminton team.
- Organized Free Health and Eye checkup camps, and Blood donation camps in various villages in India since 2013 , held half yearly. (Through company's CSR policy)

Target 1 : Full time MBA 2 years at a leading college
Target 2 : M Finance at a leading college

My questions :

1. An honest opinion about where I stand
2. What could I do to improve my case ?
3. As per my case, which are the schools that I should be looking at ?
Expert Post
Expartus Admissions Consultant
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Re: Ask EXPARTUS [#permalink]

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New post 07 Mar 2016, 11:05

I am holding a Twitter chat Tuesday March 8 at 9pm EST. Join me EXPARTUS tomorrow and get all your admissions questions answered.



CEO, EXPARTUS (former HBS adcom board member & Author of The Best Business Schools' Admissions Secrets)

Check out The Best Business Schools’ Admissions Secrets

BSchool Forum Moderator
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GMAT ToolKit User
Re: Ask EXPARTUS [#permalink]

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New post 18 Apr 2016, 05:30
And HOWDIEEEE.. to anyone who reads this...!!

Now I have a very specific situation (thats what i think ) so i am submitting my info to which i would love to hear from anyone who has the adequate knowledge to address my concerns

10th grade=> 73%
12th grade => 74% (a science student)

Then i took an year off as i did not get into the a decent engineering college..Trust me here- i got into many colleges but all of them were Pretty much CRAP (sorry for the curse but i am being bluntly honest here)
In the mean time I assisted my father during the day and studied during night..I am not sure that experience will count for business schools nevertheless i am very proud that i did that as at an early age i got to understand as to how someone who runs an industry actually functions..
The Gap year proved fruitful as i got into GGSIPU Delhi plus i got a pretty good and a decorated college in the Capital city..
Engineering was Good in fact great ..

Aggregate=> 71%(B.Tech In Information tech)
Now to be honest with you guys i was working with my father during my engineering years as well ..I would literally pick up documents and do other chores for him (Yes He Paid Me too)

Here is the real problem why i wrote this piece =>
My age is 23 years and 330 days
I will be 24 next month..!!

I graduated in June 2015..
And from DAY 1 i have been working with my father in our Family business..
Initially i was hesitant to join him as i was an IT engineer and my family is into Footwear business. Then I started to love my job [Common we make shoes and other footwear's for a living. Who would not love that right :) ]
Now almost an year later i feel like i need to grow my business outreach..
Trust me when i say this - Work is Fine..But the glitch is => "i want to take my family Business to places" Actually i want that to be Awesome instead of just Fine (sorry for the choice of words )
Hence i need an MBA..
And to much of my surprise my father stands right by me in this decision..! In fact He told me that its a very mature move..!!

I know most of you might think its too early for an MBA
But honestly guys Waiting for another 2 or 3 years will not take my business anywhere .It will be in a stand still.

Plus i think i have the added advantage of working with my father in my initial GAP year where i assisted him if it counts.

So it goes without saying => I DON'T ONLY WANT AN MBA ; I NEED AN MBA..!!

secondly i am a bit confused about this work experience thing ..!!
Most of the business schools require 2 years of work experience in there applicants ..
What does 2 years mean?
till the program actually starts or till the time you fill out your application
If i apply in 2016 for fall 2017 admissions then by the time i actually start my school in September i will be having 2 years and 2 months of experience.. I guess that would do..???


Top 20 can i get in ?
Okay Top30?
i am flexible as long as it in the Top 40-45
Common Guys Help me get into top 40 at-least..!!!! I don't want to wait ..!!
I am into manufacturing shoes and other footwear so anything related to marketing and advertising would be Fabulous ..Plus i like Advertising.
Now if (only if) i wait another year( which probably would not do any good to my industry ) then will it increase my chances of getting admitted..

GMAT => Appearing this October..I think i can get a good score..i will try for 700 maybe ..I will Dig that (i have started preparing)

now to the most important part=>

Community services => I am an active part of an Organisation which rescues street dogs and treats them until they are healthy..I have been a part of this organisation from my engineering days ..the reason i do it it i honestly believe in the work we do..We organise dog shows too..

Positions held => "I am not given any designations actually .. I am responsible for marketing and supply ..Plus sometimes manufacturing too. Family business comes with several added responsibilities too :)
The Post MBA goals => " I WOULD LIKE TO RETURN TO MY HOME COUNTRY THE DAY AFTER I GET AN MBA . Off course i would like to do an internship however..But apart from that i have one any only one vision that is to Do Justice to my family business and take it to a level it deserves"

ANYONE WHO READS THIS Please Feel free TO POST any suggestions You guys Have for me... It will be really helpful..

Also i know that chetan2u Vyshak and Abhishek009 are Mathematics Wizards/Gmat experts and not admission consultants .But given that they have been super awesome in replying to every query i post(or anyone posts) i would love to hear from you guys as to what should i do..!! Any Advice guys?

Love and respect to everyone
Stone Cold

P.S => i am posting on multiple forums a i am looking for any advices i can get

Give me a hell yeah ...!!!!!

Joined: 14 May 2014
Posts: 14
GMAT 1: 720 Q50 V38
WE: Engineering (Manufacturing)
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Re: Ask EXPARTUS [#permalink]

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New post 27 Aug 2016, 08:13

I am looking forward to apply in international MBA programs for fall 2017 session. Could you please give me insight which programs I should choose for a career in management consulting post MBA.
My Profile:
Nationality/Gender/Age - Indian/M/27
GMAT- 720 (50,38)
Academic qualification - BTech, IIT Roorkee
CGPA - 8.43/10
10th- 88%
12th- 88%

Work experience:
A total of 6.5 years experience in manufacturing an engineering sector.
Currently working as Senior Engineer in engineering department of the one of India's largest manufacturing company. This is a public sector company as well.
~6.5 years experience in thermal power plants set up, plants operations, manufacturing of various components and selection of their materials.
- Consultant to Design group for material selection
- Responsible for quality control of incoming material.
- Vendor development and material inspection.
- Review various metallurgical processes like steel making, forging, casting, weld repair, heat treatment.
- Part of material management team.
~ Done number of projects as a leader as well as member to enhance productivity or to save money for the company.
~Done a course on project management

International Exposure:
Did internship in Germany for 3 month during BTech
Worked with people from diverse nationalities and ethnic backgrounds.

Extra –Curricular activities/Achievements:
Published a research paper in an International journal of high impact factor
Won various awards in paper presentation contest during BTech
Received DAAD scholarship to pursue internship in Germany
Organized various events during college festivals.

Post MBA plans:
Work in management/strategy consulting

Kindly evaluate my profile and let me know which schools Should I target. I have shortlisted some colleges like Emory, Hass, Darden, Anderson, Tuck. Pls tell me what are the chances in these colleges and some practical colleges as well. I will also be applying for indian clgs like ISB and IIMs.

Look forward to hearing back
Joined: 13 Sep 2016
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Re: Ask EXPARTUS [#permalink]

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New post 13 Sep 2016, 19:12

Can you please evaluate my profile?

US Citizen, Male, Asian American
Age at matriculation- 26
GMAT- 700
Undergrad School- Community College for 2 years then UC Riverside for 2 years
Undergrad GPA- 3.8 Transfer GPA & 3.15 at a 4 Year GPA- Combined GPA is roughly 3.47
Degree- Bachelors in business administration with a concentration in financial economics

Work Exp - Financial Advisor for 1.5 years at boutique financial services firm
Part of a team that specialized in working with business owners in areas such as: advanced estate planning, business tax planning, and succession planning. Took this job right out of college for one reason: I knew that my presentation skills, sales skills, and relationship building skills were lacking and I wanted to put myself in a position that would force me to improve those skills. This was not the scenario where a college grad joins a company and starts selling insurance.

After that I began working at AAA Insurance as a Product Management Analyst. I took this role because it requires the analyst to lead multiple projects while working with multiple departments to directly meet and exceed revenue, sales goal, and retention goals for the company. This role involves presenting recommendations to executives that would impact the company. I will have worked here for 2.5 years when I matriculate at an MBA school. Prospect for me to receive a promotion looks slim not because I am undeserving but because it takes a long time for people to get promoted (i.e. all the managers in my department were working for 7+ years before they got promoted)

Extra Curriculars-
I have been the Vice President of a Young Entrepreneurs Organization for 2 years. The objective of this group is to promote an environment for young entrepreneurs to network, incubate ideas, form partnerships and learn from experts (we host a monthly workshop where we bring in a speaker). My responsibility is to increase our member base and increase participation at our events. We have grown to 1,500+ members and average 25 members per event.

I take health and wellness seriously, I eat right and consistently exercise 3 days a week and play basketball 4 days a week. Not sure if I can incorporate that in any way.

I have formed a Volunteer Organization. This is simply an organization where I post volunteer events and get groups of people to come out. I typically volunteer a couple times a month and have been doing this for about a year.

Goals with MBA:
Short Term: Management Consulting
Long Term: C-Suite Executive

Target schools: Booth, Kellogg, Darden, Ross, Cornell, Duke, UNC, McCombs, NYU, Columbia and USC.
Joined: 17 Jun 2016
Posts: 91
Location: India
Concentration: Strategy, General Management
GMAT 1: 720 Q49 V39
GPA: 3.6
WE: Engineering (Energy and Utilities)
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Re: Ask EXPARTUS [#permalink]

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New post 09 Oct 2016, 01:30
Hello Sir,

Please evaluate my profile and suggest points of improvement and my chances at the below listed schools

Name : Mihir Patel
Age : 28
Nationality : Indian
GMAT : 720 (Q49 V39 IR 6 AWA 5)
UGrad : BE in Instrumentation and Control with 71% (First Class with Distinction)
Work Ex : 6 Years (break up as below)

L&T CHIYODA Pvt. Ltd. (a division of Larsen and Toubro (L&T) Pvt. Ltd)
Sr. Engineer, Jan-2014 – Mar-2015
Executive Engineer, Sep-2010 – Dec-2013
With L&T being India's largest Engineering and Construction Company, L&T-Chiyoda (a JV between L&T and Chiyoda Corp, Japan) is L&T’s main center for engineering.
Report to AGM of the Department and responsible for engineering & design for Oil and Gas Projects.
- Selected as Management Trainee (MT) from the pool of 1000+ Graduate Campus recruits who joined L&T in 2010)
(MT Scheme of L&T is aimed at identifying potential managers / leaders evaluated on the basis of several key parameters such as Leadership qualities, Vision, Interpersonal communication and Creativity through a series of aptitude tests and interviews conducted by Company level VPs).
- Reduced man hour consumption on preparation of deliverables by 20% by developing standardized templates and implementing effective automation using excel VB Macros

Executive Engineer, Mar-2015 – Present
Dodsal Group is a leading EPC player in the Energy, Industrial and Infrastructure sectors with a strong track record of executed project in 22 countries the Middle East, Europe, Africa, the Indian Subcontinent and South-East Asia.
Report to Project Lead and responsible for engineering & design of Control Systems and interfacing with other department
- Led a team of two colleagues through all phase (conceptual design, procurement, detail design & Factory acceptance test) of a Safety System costing around $ 3Mn (approx. 0.5% of Project Cost).

BE, Instrumentation and Control, 2010. Result: 71.02% First Class with Distinction.
- As a Department Placement Coordinator helped fellow students & juniors in improving their aptitude & communication skills by conducting mock placements & communication workshops.
- Member of Technical Festival Campaigning & Fund raising Team

Class X and XII : 88% & 82% respectively

Extra – Curricular
- Started & managed the first in-house e-magazine for I&C Dept. at L&T Chiyoda with a team of six fellow colleague
- Taught basic math to students of economically underprivileged group as a part of Teach India campaign by The Times of India during 2008-2009

Post MBA goals : Consulting in Energy (both renewable and Non-renewable) and Infra sector
Interested in : Business Analytics, General Management and Leadership
Target Schools :
1. Darden
2. Ross
3. Tepper
4. Tuck
5. Mendoza
6. Yale
Request to indicate chances for each school in terms of achievable, ambitious and safety option.

Thank you so much for reading and evaluating my profile.
Warm Regards
Mihir Patel


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Re: Ask EXPARTUS [#permalink]

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New post 10 Oct 2016, 06:37
Hi Chioma

Can you please evaluate my profile. I am very interested in doing MS, or MBA, in finance from some good asian university. Also, can you please suggest me some schools?

My GMAT score is 640 (Q50, V26, IR6). I have also taken GMAT last year. My score was: 620 (Q49, V26, IR:5). I am in no mood in taking another GMAT :p . Got some other engagements as well.

Work Experience:

Regular Check Up Polyclinic (2013-Present)
Description: I started a polyclinic, currently 3 clinics. We provide passive health-care services, such as dental, ayurved, and cardio.
Designation: Proprietor, Founder
Role: Founder , Entrepreneur- administrative and management , Marketing

NJ Solar Infra (P) Ltd. (2014-Present)
Description: We consult our clients on solar project.
Our consultancy services include: developing of financial models-using excel, calculating depreciation and carrying out techno-economic viability
Working with another solar consultants to raise funds for small rooftop projects based on net metering
Designation: Director, Co-Founder
Role: Co-Founder, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Marketing: B2B & B2C

BU Group (Jun-Aug, 2012)
Description: Focus on NDT testing
Designation: Intern
Role: Assisted company CEO (IITR Alumni)
Assisted the marketing team to carry out seminars in different companies and colleges for business development

WILLmed, Columbus, USA (May-Jul, 2010)
Description: tech startup, focusing on non invasive glucose-meter
Designation: Intern
Role: Conducted competitive analysis with application of strategic and management tools
Analyzed medical data using MATLAB
*On tourist visa

Graduation College: Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Ropar
Major: Electrical Engineering
GPA: 7.55
Year: 2009-13

XII: 79.6% (2008-09)
X: 86.4% (2006-07)
Academic Achievements:

2016 Course: EDP on solar energy, under Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises Certificate of Completion
2011 IIT Sem: 4 EE204: Signals and Systems Course rank # 1, Grade A
2010 IIT Sem: 2 MA102: Mathematics: Calculus 3D, Matrices, Space top 10 students among 800, Grade: A+
2010 IIT Sem: 2 Environmental Studies top 20% among 800, Grade: A
2009 IIT Sem: 1 PH101: Physics top 20% among 800, Grade: A
2009 IIT Sem: 1 MA101 Mathematics: Calculus 2D, Matrices top 20% among 800, Grade: A
2009 IIT Sem: 1 EC101A: C++ programming top 20% among 800, Grade: A
2009 Engineering Entrance Exam Results:
Category- GENERAL
IIT JEE: top 1% among 400,000 applicants
AIEEE: top 0.5% among 1,000,000 applicants
UPTU: top 0.1% among 250,000 applicants
2008 Senior Secondary Class Rank-1, IX
Year Place Topic
2012-13 IIT To develop different market models for trading RECs in India
2012 IIT Valuation of Options, using Black Schole Method
2011 IIT Analysis on Modeling and Simulink of DC Motor and its Driving System Used for Wheeled Mobile Robot, using MATLAB
2011 IIT Valuation of Ford Share Price using Kalman Filter
2011 IIT Developed shoes that charge mobile phone using piezeo-elctric material, awarded: 2nd among 12 teams, certificate of honor & Trophy
2010 IIT Developed mobile appication: encrypting messages
2010 IIT Developed Solar Mailbox
2008 Class XII Recycling of Aluminium slab
Social Services:
Participation in Anti Child Labor Rally and Global Warming
Extra Curricular Activities / Skills / Achievements
2011: IIT Kanpur- Sports fest - Certificate of Participation
2010: Inter IIT meet - Certificate of Participation
2004: Saifco Tennis Tournament - Certificate of Participation

Collage Magazine, IIT
Member, Editorial Team - Magazine Copy

2004 School Drama - Delhi Public School - Certificate of Participation

Debate/GD/ Speeches
2007-09 - Reference Letter

Vocab Competition
Mother Dairy Spell Vocab Challenger, Reached round-2 - Certificate of Participation

Science Competition
Young Scientist Talent Search Exam, under category-A - Certificate of Participation

Art Competition
1998 Class-2 - Certificate of Participation

Post MBA/MS plans:
short term: work in private equity
long term: start my private equity funds in India, focusing mostly on small companies that are still working on old management techniques.
Joined: 19 Mar 2015
Posts: 14
Location: India
Concentration: Operations, General Management
Schools: Krannert '19 (A)
GMAT 1: 700 Q49 V35
GPA: 3.4
WE: Consulting (Consulting)
Followers: 0

Kudos [?]: 5 [0], given: 11

Re: Ask EXPARTUS [#permalink]

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New post 27 Nov 2016, 01:08
Hi Expartus

Could you please help me in evaluating my profile?

Indian male
GMAT Score 700 Q49V35 IR5, AWA 5

X th : 92.4% out of 100%
XIIth : 94.6% out of 100%
Undergraduated ( NIT Hamirpur) : 8.51 out of 10 on CGPA scale.

Work Experience : 3 years+ in sales & marketing analytics
1. Business Associate in Sales and Marketing firm
2. Leading a team of 4 and in dialogue with clients on a regular basis.

Not impressive extra-curriculars

Target Schools : Kelley, Purdue, Tepper, Kenan-Flagler, Johnson, UCLA Anderson and other 10-20 ranked schools.

I have applied to Kelley and Purdue in R1 but I am not sure of if I'll get the interview call. I am now comptemplating of waiting for one more year to improve on my GMAT score and profile in terms of work-experience, and extra-curricular activities.

Is it worth waiting for one more year to try for my target schools or settling for a lower ranked school (if I get selected this time) would be just fine given that my primary focus is job opportunities after MBA??

Joined: 23 Dec 2016
Posts: 10
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Re: Ask EXPARTUS [#permalink]

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New post 05 Jan 2017, 02:54
Please evaluate my profile

I am a 36 year old Indian male working in UK for last 5 years in a top tier aerospace company. I intend to apply to top 10 schools for MBA in USA/UK/Canada/Singapore.

GMAT Score:
Planning to take GMAT May-2017

X th: 81% out of 100%
XII th: 90% out of 100%

- UG GPA: 82% out of 100% (top 10%); Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering; Madurai Kamraj University, Madurai, India

- Master's GPA: 4.6 out of 5 on CGPA scale; Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering (Thesis based), 2 publications.
- Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, Russia.

Work Experience:
Total 10 Years professional experience as Engineer (5 years in India & 5 years in UK). At the minute working with Aircraft Interiors Manufacturing company in UK as Structural analysis Engineer.
No managerial experience. No promotions.
Strong International Exposure
- Lived, Studied, Worked and travelled to multiple countries.
- Worked in International teams and leading a team of Engineers (located in UK, USA, France and Germany) to develop next set of methodologies that will save the company a lot of money once implemented.
Learnt Violin for 5 years and Interested in Music – Classical & Carnatic; 3 stage performances at Chennai
Learnt Hindi and French
Was a member of College Cricket team in UG and was a member of University Badminton team in Master’s.
Was a good runner. Won prizes for running during school days
Won prize at debate competition during school.

MBA (interested):
Interested in MBA (1 year programs) or Executive MBA with scholarships.
Please advise what are my chances?
Post-MBA Goal:
I plan to transition from Engineering based role to a management / strategy role in manufacturing/technology. I wish to leverage my experience of leading diverse teams and apply the vast knowledge, exposure and experience I have gained in managing different product portfolios in manufacturing /technology.
Interested in General management & product management (both middle level and senior level post MBA)
Re: Ask EXPARTUS   [#permalink] 05 Jan 2017, 02:54

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