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Babson vs. Hult vs. Johns Hopkins vs. Rotterdam

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Joined: 19 Feb 2013
Posts: 2
Babson vs. Hult vs. Johns Hopkins vs. Rotterdam  [#permalink]

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New post 19 Feb 2013, 17:42
Babson - 2 year program ('13 start)
Johns Hopkins - 2 year global mba ('13 start)
Hult - 1 year program ('13 start)
Rotterdam, Erasmus - 1 year program ('14 start)

Which would you choose?
-I have 5+ years of work experience in NYC (legal and general management)
-No business undergrad degree, BofA
-Seeking career switch into consulting

Taking into account all aspects of programs which program do you think is best ROI. For instance Hopkins is a great brand, more of a risk in terms of the newness but with the new dean from McKinsey and a revamped focus perhaps this is best way to go if I would like the option of non-regional job opportunities? But there are lacking stats and its unclear what the quality of life is like outside of class.

Re: 1 year programs, in terms of $$ they make sense but for a consulting job am I risking missed opportunities here. Not sure how recruiters view these programs for top firms. Also, I like Rotterdam a lot but getting a job afterwards may be more challenging however, the international exposure may trump that.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have researched and analyzed these options to no end and need to step away and get opinions from others
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Re: Babson vs. Hult vs. Johns Hopkins vs. Rotterdam  [#permalink]

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New post 19 Feb 2013, 18:40
There is quite a bit of difference between these programs. I would say that differences will make the choice harder than similarities.

1. European vs. US. This is a BIG one. Where do you want to work? US? Do you want to try to find a job in holland or the EU (potentially have a slight disadvantage in recruiting for the lack of local language skills and also not having the work permits necessary). These are not a big issue if a large employer wants your skills but it may be a weakness more often than not. You will also not have your (however weak) network available in Holland or UK. Moreover with only a one year program (not super familiar with the structure), it will be pretty quick until you have to start working on recruiting. And looking for jobs in the us from europe is not as easy either (try showing up for an interview for example). However I had a few friends who have attended and were quite happy with Rotterdam. I would recommend reaching out to the current students and alums from the US to get their impression about the end game - job.

2. I have heard a number of negative comments about HULT. Google.

3. John Hopkins is a big name due to their med school but in the MBA world they are unknown. This impacts the professors and students that this program attracts as well as recruiting and companies that come to the campus.

4. Babson is the best ranked school out of this bunch and is most famous for their Entrepreneurship track. They have good programs, alum network, and courses designed for start up minded. Is that the career plan/goal for you? If he's, it is a no brainier but otherwise, it may not be as valuable.

5. One year vs. two year. It depends and is a personal preference. It may be cheaper but you also have a more intensive program with less time for "figuring life" out - career planning and recruiting.
Joined: 19 Feb 2013
Posts: 2
Re: Babson vs. Hult vs. Johns Hopkins vs. Rotterdam  [#permalink]

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New post 19 Feb 2013, 19:35
Thanks for the quick reply!
My goal is sustainability consulting and the major players are the largest consulting forms pwc, del etc... Separate from this I thought having international experience would be an asset.
Hult- intl exposure, appear to have decent stats ( maybe inflated) but not csr focused at all really
Hopkins- thought the brand and backing of a stron research institution woul be useful to leverage a consulting position and maybe can use their life sciences an sustainability resources to help, global MBA includes an international trek focused on sustainability in another country
Rotterdam- overseas, sustainability focus but agree- not sure how work permits will interfere with getting a job. I'd be happy to work overseas and based on their site they have strong consultant recruiting and maybe I'd have a better shot at starting with a large firm if I go through Rotterdam?
Babson- it's pricey, moreso than Hopkins and I am not focused on starting my own business right away, if ever. My immediate goal is consulting but given its more established maybe I should focus on it. From a global mobility standpoint I thought it fared a bit low and seems to be very regional in terms of career prospects and smaller consulting recruitment.

Sometimes reaching out to alum is a mixed bag and people are not honest abt their experience im realizing. I want a strong ROI and 1 vs 2 given your point on internships is well taken.

When I look at stats for HULT they look reasonable but it's hard to separate the marketing and some comments online. Is it progressive or poor quality is what I grapple with.

So given this new info if u were me- how would you rank these programs now knowing more abt my career goals? 1 - best

Thanks for being so great with a response -this feedback is really valuable

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Re: Babson vs. Hult vs. Johns Hopkins vs. Rotterdam   [#permalink] 19 Feb 2013, 19:35
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Babson vs. Hult vs. Johns Hopkins vs. Rotterdam

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