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Debrief posted on  Mar 15 2021 [#permalink] Cranfield, Full Time MBA
Skype Interviewed on: Feb 17 2021 Final Decision: Admitted

"It was a 1 hour interview with an alum. She had 20 years of experience and was very friendly. It started with 2.5 mins of presentation, whose topic was provided a week prior to the interview. Based on the presentation, she asked me several general questions. This lasted for 15 minutes. Then she asked the basic questions: 1. Why MBA 2. Why Cranfield 3. Why You 4. How will you contribute 5. What do you expect to learn from this place 6. Short Term/Long term goals 7. Which industry and company you'd like to work. This lasted for 30 minutes. IN the last 15 minutes, she explained me everything about Cranfield, and offered to answer any of my queries."

krazzysaad from India WE: 60 months; Computer Software
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