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Disastrous GMAT score. Help please.

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Joined: 07 Jul 2018
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WE: Medicine and Health (Military & Defense)
Disastrous GMAT score. Help please.  [#permalink]

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New post 05 Oct 2018, 19:11
(Thank you in advance.)

After finishing off the essay, I clicked the submit button. I was expecting a score of 680. A 570 popped up (Q47 V22 IR6). This is the lowest score, I have got in the last 5 months. My pre-assesment mock before I started my preparation in April,I scored a 590. Where did all these hours of preparation go? Destroyed.

My preparation timeline: I took two GMAT prep tests one the day before the exam and the other three days before the exam and scored a 690(Q49,V35), 680 (Q50 V32). I took Princeton tests, 7 of those and by Test 6,I was comfortable with the test taking process (I guess). Infact in reality, as my Official score suggests, I am simply not.

I started my preparation around mid April and concentrated on quant basics. (It's been 9 years I studied Math) Even though I am a doctor, my love for quant wanted me to touch that 50/51 mark. I was/(still a bit) uncomfortable when it comes to functions, inequalities and DS questions on S.D/Mean/Median. I discovered this wonderful club and started to work on my all topics. Bunuel and Karishma made my life easier. Morever GMAT club tests, reinforced my belief that 50 on quant is achievable. The last quant club test I took one day before the exam was a Q 50. I was determined to get that Q50/51 on test day.

I am very weak in Verbal. Being a non native, I truly understand by now, I don't comprehend passages or sentences and barely read them. While practicing, I used to work section wise. On a fine day, I used to get all questions from RC correct and one day I couldn't even comprehend the easiest of the passages. I used to take a lot of time answering SC and CR questions, but as my preparation progressed, the timing slowly improved(allegedly) (Infact it hasn't at all.) But, frankly I couldn't finish the Verbal section many times. I used to guess on at least 5-6 questions on the test. My target score was a V35. At the fag end of my preparation, I took E-Gmat Verbal course but unfortunately couldn't complete it.(I think now I have to.)

Test day was perfect. My target score was 680-690. Had some good night sleep. A phone call from my Senior Officer and his military jargon motivated me. While answering quant my confident eroded a bit, as topics I am less comfortable with appeared in the first 5. I spent more time, extensively plugged in, checked, rechecked and wasted time. I had to guess on the last 2. Verbal, the usual. Expected I would be at atleast V 30.

Now, it's being back to square one. Waiting for this night to end, I am clueless of how to go forward with my preparation. Infinite doubts about my abilities with innumerable permutations and combinations are scattered all over my cerebral cortex. (Terrified. Petrified. Stupified.)

I look forward to taking some expert guidance on how to take my preparation forward. I have two months time. Target score is 690-710.I can put in and will put in atleast 5hrs/a day post my working hours. I hope I can achieve better than this on my next attempt.

Thank you.

(1. I took most of my mocks exactly on the same time that I took my actual tests.
2. 3-4 questions reappeared on my GMAT Prep test 1 and 2-3 on Prep 2.
3. I never took IR on any mock.)

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Re: Disastrous GMAT score. Help please.  [#permalink]

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New post 06 Oct 2018, 04:58
Hi benignfiend,

I am sorry that your scores were not in line with your expectations. I would request you to share your ESR on through your registered email id. This would help us in combining data points from your ESR and the course dashboard/Scholaranium to suggest you a precise way forward.

Looking forward to your e-mail!

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Re: Disastrous GMAT score. Help please.  [#permalink]

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New post 06 Oct 2018, 15:37
Hi benignfiend,

I'm sorry to hear that Test Day didn't go as well as planned. When these types of score drops occur, the two likely "causes" involve either something that was unrealistic during practice or something that was surprising (or not accounted for) on Test Day. If you can answer a few questions, then we should be able to figure this out:

1) On what dates did you take each of your CATs and how did you score on EACH (including the Quant and Verbal Scaled Scores for EACH)?
2) Did you take the ENTIRE CAT each time (including the Essay and IR sections)?
3) Did you take them at home?
4) What time of day was your Official GMAT? What time of day were you typically taking your CATs?
5) Did you ever do ANYTHING during your CATs that you couldn't do on Test Day (pause the CAT, skip sections, take longer breaks, etc.)?
6) Did you ever take a CAT more than once? Had you seen any of the questions BEFORE (re: on a prior CAT, in an online forum or in a practice set)?

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Re: Disastrous GMAT score. Help please.   [#permalink] 06 Oct 2018, 15:37
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Disastrous GMAT score. Help please.

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