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Dr. Schilling: Those who advocate replacing my country's

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Dr. Schilling: Those who advocate replacing my country's [#permalink]

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New post 18 Dec 2003, 12:54
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Dr. Schilling: Those who advocate replacing my country's private health insurance system with nationalized health insurance because of the rising costs of medical care fail to consider the high human costs that consumers pay in countries with nationalized insurance: access to high-technology medicine is restricted. Kidney transplants and open-heart surgery-rationed. People are denied their right to treatments they want and need.

Dr. Laforte: Your country's reliance on private health insurance denies access even to basic, conventional medicine to the many people who cannot afford adequate health coverage. With nationalized insurance, rich and poor have equal access to life-saving medical procedures. And people's right to decent medical treatment regardless of income is not violated.

Dr. Schilling's and Dr. Laforte's statements provide the most support for holding that they would disagree about the truth of which one of the following?

(A) People's rights are violated less when they are denied an available medical treatment they need because they lack the means to pay for it than when they are denied such treatment on noneconomic grounds.

(B) Where health insurance is provided by private insurance companies, people who are wealthy generally receive better health care than do people who are unable to afford health insurance.

(C) In countries that rely primarily on private health insurance to pay for medical costs, most people who would benefit from a kidney transplant receive one.

(D) In countries with nationalized health insurance, no one who needs a familiar medical treatment in order to stay alive is denied that treatment.

(E) Anyone who wants a particular medical treatment has a right to receive that treatment.

In responding to Dr. Schillihng, Dr. Laforte employs which one of the following argumentative strategies?

(A) showing that the objections raised by Dr. Schilling have no bearing on the question of which of the two systems under consideration is the superior system.

(B) Calling into question Dr. Schilling's status as an authority on the issue of whether consumers' access to medical treatments is restricted in countries with nationalized health insurance.

(C) Producing counterexamples to Dr. Schilling's claims that nationalized health insurance schemes extract high human costs from consumers.

(D) Demonstrating that Dr. Schilling's reasoning is persuasive only because of his ambiguous use of the key word "consumer".

(E) Showing that the force of Dr. Schilling's criticism depends on construing the key notion of access in a particular limited way

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New post 18 Dec 2003, 23:58
got AE without seeing the previous message
the first question is a real puzzle

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GMAT Club Legend
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New post 23 Dec 2003, 12:39
Hey Asandeep, so what are the official answers for these ones?

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  [#permalink] 23 Dec 2003, 12:39
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Dr. Schilling: Those who advocate replacing my country's

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