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From 610 to 700 in 30 days. Is it Possible?

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Joined: 20 Nov 2013
Posts: 11
Location: Italy
Concentration: International Business, Strategy
GPA: 3.6
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From 610 to 700 in 30 days. Is it Possible? [#permalink]

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New post 21 Jan 2014, 09:59
I took the GMAT this morning and got a quite poor 610 (Q:42 V:31). I have to retake the test as soon as possible; I ask you, it is possible to reduce the gap in 30 days? what do I have to concentrate more? I studied for GMAT almost 3 months and I've been through the complete Manhattan guide (that I found pretty easy compared to the real gmat) and both Kaplan Premier and Kaplan 800; moreover I have no great problems with almost all the problems of the OG. Which should be my study plan? usually on cats I scored Q 45-47 and V 36-38. Thank you in advance
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Joined: 20 Nov 2013
Posts: 11
Location: Italy
Concentration: International Business, Strategy
GPA: 3.6
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Re: From 610 to 700 in 30 days. Is it Possible? [#permalink]

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New post 21 Jan 2014, 10:29
In addiction I tried to study the manhattan advanced gmat quant but i found it incredibly difficult, harder than anything I saw on Gmat prep or OG

PS: I need to improve both verbal and quant. any suggestion about an intensive study plan?
Joined: 03 Aug 2012
Posts: 893
Concentration: General Management, General Management
GMAT 1: 630 Q47 V29
GMAT 2: 680 Q50 V32
GPA: 3.7
WE: Information Technology (Investment Banking)
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Re: From 610 to 700 in 30 days. Is it Possible? [#permalink]

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New post 23 Jan 2014, 02:16
Hi there,

Your quant is on lower side. First of all try to improve your quant score to at least Q47 and then increase your verbal to V35.

It is not mandatory to do MGMAT Advance Math Guide since it is for people who are aiming Q49-Q50.

Follow bunuel our math expert and practice on GC club tests , which I presume will give you sense of difficult questions.

I am sure you will be able to manage Q48,V35-37.

Once you are able to do questions on GC, you can pick up MGMAT advance for quant.

For verbal I cannot give you advise since I myself struggling to crack it.

Don't think OG questions are sufficient practice for REAL GMAT , they just give you feel of GMAT questions, the level is much higher.

Hope that helps


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Joined: 22 Nov 2013
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Re: From 610 to 700 in 30 days. Is it Possible? [#permalink]

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New post 26 Jan 2014, 09:46
This post received
Your goal is certainly achievable. I am writing from personal experience.
I went from 590 to above 700.

First of all "30 days" is a broad term. Do you have no job, or could take off time? I mean: You certainly don't have
"30 days". I am planning to post my entire experience in due course. But a few quick take-aways since I am sure
you don't want to wait:

1. Discipline is important. This is why I ask if you have 30 days. I doubt you do. I studied EVERY night I came home
from work. And I can tell you I was super exhausted. At some nights it was hard to concentrate. At the end of the
week I would get a good night sleep. And then study 7-8hrs every weekend day (with appropriate breaks).

2. Best is to make a plan. Make a plan by subjects. This web site has pretty much done that for you and in the
different forums you can get an idea how to structure your studies.

3. Learn your weaknesses. This is something everyone says. And I don't know how to advise you. For me, my
weakness was the quant section. Ironic. Cause I have read tons and tons of posts here and on other sites.
And people start with a Q score of 48-51 ...and a poor V score. And then the Q score remains kind of the same,
but they improve their verbal.
...mostly engineering backgrounds ;-) ....and non-native English speakers. So English is the initial burden.

My issues was quant. So again this applies only to that. I am not a native English speaker (officially) but I grew
up and worked in English speaking environments. Believe it or not, my verbal score was above the 90 percentile
without any serious preparation. All I did was practicing a couple of time with the official GMAT software
taking their mock tests.

GMAT claims it doesn't test English. It tests your logical thinking.
GMAT claims it doesn't test maths. It tests your logical thinking.

I went into the exam with that idiotic premise. And I can tell you both are WRONG! There are two cases in my view:
A) You are not made for an MBA and no matter what you do, it is hard for your to succeed (I doubt many people are in this
B) You are a smart individual and you are planning your career.

If you belong to the second category, and I am sure you do, just by seeing you here on this forum, researching, trying to
get more insights.... then: Why did you not succeed on the GMAT? Cause the GMAT does not test logic, IQ or "aptitude".
It is this entire illusion the GMAC company and business schools like to maintain to keep the prestige of this degree.
At least at the top schools.

I had a quant score below 35 percentile. And after preparation, I scored above the 80 percentile. How? If I don't have
the aptitude then I should improve to a 50 percentile. But not above 80. ....and if I had the aptitude from the beginning,
then why did I score so low?

This made me think a lot! ....btw. I blew away over $4,000 on a course (online tutoring) that didn't help me at all. My GMAT
score went further down after that (believe it or not!). So then, I started with the premise B) above (I am a smart person)
and tried to understand why I fail.

I realized the following: The GMAT tests two things: ...your language skills ...and mathematics! That's it. Of course, it
tests these things in a way you can demonstrate you can apply "logic". But substance over form! It is given that you
can think logically (belonging to the B group). ....If you take CR for example. The easy questions are written in a simple
way. So you can easily understand them. And the reasoning of your logic flows naturally. The "hard" questions ask the
same stuff. Your logic doesn't change. They just mess it up with English language you are unfamiliar with.

As for the quant: It is the same. I realized I knew the rules roughly. But did I know them COLD? Did I know them within
5 seconds, using the rest of 115 seconds to answer a question under 2 minutes? No! I did not. So understanding the
maths, memorizing, practicing. All this is important. ....does this have anything to do with IQ or aptitude? No!

Now let me get back. I said you need a plan. Study hard. Memorize a lot. CAN deduce things under a normal situation,
but the GMAT gives you on average 2 minutes per question. You don't have time to deduce. I memorized by heart and cold,
backward and forward all perfect squares from 1 to 30 for example. I memorized the values of fractions. That for fractions of
2, 3, 4, 5, ....9. So when you see a number, you immediately know what fraction it is. I learned that 27*37 = 999.
This all sounds stupid to all those who studied maths at university, had computer science, physics, economics or engineering
as their majors.
But someone who has been years out of high school and doesn't remember the difference between a
parallelogram and rhombus, it is important to study this way. There is no other alternative. You need to become perfect.

....this web site, is an excellent start. It has so much materials by explaining questions. The theory section is superb. I wasted
so much money on professional advice and it go me nowhere cause they are not structured to your needs and the just preach
basic materials.

A few points: In addition to these forums, I found by far the best books to be the ones by Manhattan GMAT. Buy them now.
You can buy them online. ...they cover deep theories on mathematical and verbal subjects. I bought the entire pack. But I
never used the verbal. Glanced at them though and they seem good.

As for comment. Just do a bit research and you will find out. I did subscribe to them as well though (wasted more
money). They are in my view not realistic.

The greatest tool was the following: The official GMAT prep software. It comes with a bit of questions. But for comparably low
amount of money you can buy additional exams and about 300-400 questions. .....this is what I did. And this was the cornerstone
of practicing for me. .....their practice exams come with solution only (no explanation) and this is where this web site comes
into play.

On average, without exception, I studied from 8pm to 1am every day. Plus the weekends I told you. I used the book GMAT Club
published (PDF file and free) as a starting point. But I made my own notes from that and other notes people post here. It got to
25 pages. ....I memorized EVERYTHING that was written in there. Cause most of it are formula. The lats week before my exam,
I cut down on the night shift. But I woke up early before going to work, I memorized the entire book again, wrote down on paper
again and again the important formulas and relationships. And I repeated that before starting the night shift again.

Again the engineering majors may laugh at me. But I did it. And I know it is possible.

All the best. If you find your way to study (this was just my way), I am sure you WILL succeed.
Re: From 610 to 700 in 30 days. Is it Possible?   [#permalink] 26 Jan 2014, 09:46
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From 610 to 700 in 30 days. Is it Possible?

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