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Debrief posted on  Nov 02 2018 [#permalink] Scheller
On Campus Interviewed on: Nov 01 2018 Final Decision: Matriculating

"All interviews for full-time Round 1 applicants were with an MBA admissions or career services staff member plus a second-year MBA student. The interviews were very conversational and I was encouraged to ask questions as they came up, both of which helped make the roughly hour-long time feel much more like a discussion than an interrogation. They started off by asking about why I wanted to get an MBA and why I was specifically interested in Scheller, and then followed up with a host of other behavioral and background questions, as well as questions about what I wanted to get out of my time at Scheller, clubs and organizations I'm interested in, and how I feel I'll be able to contribute to the community. I don't think anything took me by complete surprise- the interview was definitely not set up to intimidate or trick you. Make sure you have anecdotes describing your leadership, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills, and be sure to know your "Why" for both MBA and specifically for Scheller. I did get the sense that they wanted to be sure that I knew the program well and could speak about the various ways in which I'm a complementary fit, so if you haven't visited Scheller yet, either schedule a visit or do your research before the interview. Good luck!"

ABrenller from United States GMAT 720; WE: 60 months; Consumer Products
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