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GMAT #2 & Disappointed - NEED ADVICE - Long post

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GMAT #2 & Disappointed - NEED ADVICE - Long post [#permalink]

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New post 19 Aug 2005, 11:45
Hi -

I lurked around these formus throughout my study process, but never posted...until today. I really really really need some advice...

I just took the GMAT today for the 2nd time. The first time was November 2002 - I took a Kaplan course and then took the test. I received a score that was well below my expectation (540). After spending time thinking about the test, I realized that my error was in my preparation. Just like others, I too focused on quantity over quality. I figured the more problems I did...the better. Because my error was so glaring, I decided to get back on the study boat and try again.

The second time, I tried to not make the same mistake twice. I made a detailed error binder. I typed every question that I missed and the explanation. I reviewed each problem. If there was one that I didn't understand, I found someone to help (my boyfriend is a genius at math - 790 GMAT). I took the test today and felt very as though I could handle the majority of the questions.

The result - a 530! Even worse than when I took the test 3 years ago. My practice tests were 540 Kaplan (4 times the same score) and 660 Powerprep (4 tests - used my 2 year old CD and the new CD that is mailed to you). Looking at the results, the glaring error is now math (24 percentile!) whereas my verbal is OK 75 percentile. I know I messed up the first 2 questions because of STUPID NERVOUS ERRORS.

My goal is a to get a 630 - 660 and I felt that my powerprep scores indicated that this was possible. However, now I'm just so confused...I really believe that nerves got the best of me during my quant section (as I knew that quant would be the section to "make or break" me).

Now, I'm not sure what to do. I know I can retake the test (for the 3rd time), but am not sure if 3 times is looked down upon by grad schools. I'm also not sure how to approach the restudy process as I've already tried the class. I've tried using the class materials and studying on my own. I'm also not sure how much time to take in between tests...from my scores, it seems like I have a lot of work to do in math and I'm just not sure how to learn this material (as class did not work and my own teaching did not work). I'm just at a loss for a plan. I have no idea how to approach and I have no idea how much time to spend on the approach.

My background is great - I have a job as an Assistant Brand Manager at a major CPG company (I'm the only one with no MBA and we hire from top 15 schools - Northwestern, UCLA, Wharton, etc). I have a very successflu sports background where I have received many nice awards. I also volunteer every week. My managers (Kellogg & Wharton grads) feel that I am material for a top 5 school. They just don't know how bad my GMAT scores are. I realize I would be laughed away with my scores and just can't bring myself to tell them how low my scores are. I could always go part time as my company will pay for a portion of it. I just feel like I would have more opportunities if I went to major school. My gut tells me to try again...

Any advice? Anyone have a study plan to conquer math? Anyone know of anyone who took the test 3 times and was accepted to a major program? I'm not one who gives up, but I just am not sure if I can solve this one!!

Help please -

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New post 19 Aug 2005, 20:27
Hi siems1111,
I feel, for GMAT most important is to practice with right material & strategies. You can go through the posts of the members who have posted their experiences about GMAT. KAPLAN is good for Quants.
I hope you have done OG too.

Loking at your profile, I think you should not give up, you are just there.
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New post 20 Aug 2005, 08:01

there are a number of people who are not good test takers and there are others who are miserable in verbal, the rest of the people who fail have a bad aptitude.
With your background you have a great advantage!! I believe you could indeed hope to be a top 5 b-school, but it depends on the passion you have for reaching your target. I have given GMAT thrice(600, 570 abd finally 690) and so did Paul (the admin of the site - who ended up with 710). If you look at any post from Paul, you will immediately realise the amount of hard work, patience and passion that he puts in into each of his posts.
I understand the frustration (as you can see my score in second attempt was less than the first - though both of them were bad!) - I did a couple of things for improving my score: (i) I thought that I could achieve my target (ii) I put in a lot of hard work. If you are planning on a part time, then you need to stick with your current company and hence you might not just ignore the current job!! But realise that working out each problem in complete detail along with clearly analysing the thought process for all the questions where you failed is going to gear you up for the exam.
There is only one difference between the achievers and the average - passion. You can not only break the 650 mark, but go well beyond that if you put in enough passion!

Unlike members of any other sites that I have used in my prep., I believe that members of this site are of great help! You just need to ask!

  [#permalink] 20 Aug 2005, 08:01
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GMAT #2 & Disappointed - NEED ADVICE - Long post

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