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GMAT Pill vs e-GMAT ..which is better?

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Re: GMAT Pill vs e-GMAT ..which is better? [#permalink]

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New post 28 Jul 2013, 13:33
cumulonimbus wrote:
GMATPill wrote:
RJSPO wrote:
Will I be able to complete all the pills from GMATPill in a month.


We replied to your private message - please take a look.

We seem to get more questions comparing us with MGMAT. But since there seems to be quite a bit of misleading information among some prospective students, we thought we'd clarify some points.

Yes, the GMAT Pill is designed specifically for busy professionals to fit everything in under 1 month. Your time is limited- and that's our specialty. GMAT Pill is about thought process efficiency - how you think quickly in a timed environment. Budget in a few hours per night on weekdays and then full 10-hr days on weekends. You can reference our 1 month study plan.

We prepare you specifically for the exam without using fancy grammar terminology - in as little time as possible. If you are looking to master the English language at the PhD level and analyze every grammatical permutation, then GMAT Pill is not for you.

Here are a few objective points to help you better understand the differences:

Free Stuff

GMAT Pill lets you play around with the Practice Pill Platform by registering a free guest account. E-GMAT offers a free trial. We advise you take advantage of both.

GMAT Pill constantly adds upgrades for existing students free - including SC flashcards, new CR frameworks, IR Pill, Practice Pill Platform, and iPad app "GMAT Pill HD"----If you are looking to download videos to watch on-the-go, you can do that with 700+ videos in the iPad app - which is FREE.

For Non-Natives
Although GMAT Pill does not market itself as only for "non-natives" - there are plenty of non-natives who have done spectacularly well.
If you are looking for examples of non-natives who have excelled with GMAT Pill, try Kang Cao (760 - Darden MBA + $50K Scholarship), Vishal (>700 - Indian), Sharon (Hong Kong), Sudarshan(720 - India), Shuhua(730-China), and many more...

We recently had a 50+ email exchange - 710 with an Indian student (also non-native) who took the GMAT 3 times and asked similar questions.

He eventually decided to "follow the Stanford guy" and today, after his 4th and final attempt, his testimonial is now on our homepage with a 710.

For non-natives, verbal is arguably more important than quant - here's why. So make sure you prepare in the way that works best for you.

Hi Zeke,

I would like you to please comment on this thread please - possible-reasons-for-unexpected-verbal-scores-156586.html#p1249628

What is GMAT Pill doing to help students cope with this situation?


Hi KR -

Thanks for your question about students getting unexpected verbal scores and what GMAT Pill is doing about it.

Yes, the kinds of questions on the real GMAT are experiencing some slight changes.

1. Of course SC is moving towards more meaning-based questions that make you look at structure vs meaning.

2. CR questions are more varied than they were before - which of the following strengthens/weakens, it would be most helpful to know X to evaluate the argument, bold-faced questions, and of course your typical argument depends/assumption questions, etc.

3. RC passages tend to be shorter and the number of questions per passage is also decreasing on average - which means you may be getting more passages so that you're still get 14/15 RC questions in total.

All these trends have been slowly happening and GMAT Pill is absolutely on top of all this.

We are constantly adding/updating our database of questions and adding material to cover new topics.

For example, in CR - we made a major upgrade a few months ago - complete diagrams for each CR question organized by question type. We like to do that. We like to quietly add surprises to our members without blasting the forums about it. It's part of our commitment to constantly make our program better and better.

For example, here's what a CR diagram looks like:


These screenshots may not make sense to you initially, but after viewing our course video for this question, it'll make sense and you'll be able to apply that thought process to other similar CR questions.


Our full-length practice tests also incorporate these newer questions: ... ctice-test

As you may know, GMATPILL is all about speed-learning so the trick we are dealing with now is presenting the new material/content in a way that still lets you absorb it without doubling your study time. It's challenging to maintain this efficient level of studying, but that's what we're all about---ideally, fitting everything in the 1 month study plan.

I should add that even since the time of our last post on this thread, we've added yet another FREE resource: the OG Tracker

This tracker lets you track your response to OG questions, post your questions, and get an expert response.

Sample Videos

For those of you too lazy to click any of the above links, you can view sample video of SC here: ... -lo-mo.mp4

..and a sample video of CR here: ... Estate.mp4

For RC here: ... tions.html

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Re: GMAT Pill vs e-GMAT ..which is better? [#permalink]

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New post 10 Oct 2014, 21:57
Well, you just got to know which type of GMAT Taker you are.
If you are a non native speaker and have no idea what GMAT is, then I recommend you use E-GMAT.
However, if you are a native speaker or if you've already taken GMAT and looking to improve your score, I would recommend GMAT Pill.

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Joined: 14 Apr 2009
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Location: New York, NY
Re: GMAT Pill vs e-GMAT ..which is better? [#permalink]

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New post 28 Oct 2014, 09:03
Well, you may not be aware of the many non-native English speakers we have helped.

Raghu - Indian candidate who finally signed up with GMAT PILL for his 4th attempt and finally got the result he wanted: ... ats-raghu/

Kang - East Asian candidate who got put on the waitlist for admissions -- because his verbal score was too low. He signed up with us -- retook GMAT and scored 99%ile (760). Not only did he get OFF the waitlist -- but he got a full tuition scholarship. ... l-student/

Another one for RC: ... sion-pill/

You can see more stories of both non-natives and native English speakers here:

Ultimately, we explain things in a very easy-to-understand manner. We do not use fancy grammar terminology in the way most other programs do. Just see sample videos at the bottom of our homepage to get a sense of what we provide.

Good luck!

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Re: GMAT Pill vs e-GMAT ..which is better?   [#permalink] 28 Oct 2014, 09:03

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GMAT Pill vs e-GMAT ..which is better?

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