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GMAT Tutors Needed

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Joined: 04 Dec 2002
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Location: United States (WA)
GMAT 1: 750 Q49 V42
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GMAT Tutors Needed [#permalink]

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New post 03 Jun 2009, 01:27
This post received
Expert's post
This post was
Are you a GMAT Tutor? Get listed on GMAT Club!

GMATClub has a listing of Best GMAT Books, GMAT Test Prep Companies, so why not GMAT Tutors?

GMAT Tutors and GMAT Tutors only - we will be happy to list your info here. Please follow this template to make your post (if you feel the template can be improved - please hit PM button at the bottom of this message):

1. Your Name/Nickname
2. Types of services provided and your specialty (e.g. GMAT Math Tutoring or GMAT Verbal General)
3. Your qualifications
4. Your location, availability and tutoring options (e.g. Los Angeles, CA or Nairobi, Kenya - face-to-face or online, or phone, etc)
5. Your price range per hour(if you are comfortable posting this)
6. Contact Information (we recommend using Private Messages on this forum to protect yourself and users in case there is a dispute or privacy concerns)
7. Other relevant information that you feel will be helpful (no limit within reason)

1. GMAT Club does not endorse any of the individuals listed on this page - this listing is merely for convenience
2. There is no charge/cost to tutors to be listed in this thread
3. Posts that do not follow the above specified format may be deleted
4. Anyone is welcome to offer their services - professional tutors, private, long-time GMAT Club members, etc
5. With exception of this post, it is not permitted to advertise any commercial services/products on this forum

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions,

Founder of GMAT Club

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Location: Madrid
Re: GMAT Tutors Needed [#permalink]

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New post 05 Jun 2009, 02:50
Kevin Armstrong / kevincan
GMAT Quant and Verbal
GMAT 790 (Q51, V50)
Madrid, Spain and online with webex
50€ per hour (now about $70 US )
Joined: 09 Apr 2009
Posts: 2
Re: GMAT Tutors Needed [#permalink]

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New post 05 Jun 2009, 03:00
1. Anthony Graybosch, founder,
2. Live online GMAT preparation lessons and preparation advice. Application essay editing.
3. I did my undergrad in mathematics and I'm currently a PhD student in theoretical nuclear physics at the #2 program in nuclear physics in the world. You can guess what math sections of standardized exams look like to me.
SAT 800 math, 690 verbal (99th percentile math and verbal, this was before the SAT gave you a calculator and a latte)
Math Level II - 800, perfect raw score
GRE: 800 math, 700 verbal (99th percentile math and verbal)
GMAT: I took a Princeton-Review administered GMAT in order to get a job as a Princeton Review GMAT instructor. I was told by my boss that I got a perfect score on the mathematics section and 99th percentile on the verbal section. PR had me teach mathematics for them, but I could easily have taught the verbal section, save for sentence correction - at the time I just relied on my 'ear' for good grammar. I have since forced myself to review formal grammar, and had I done that previously my verbal scores would be even higher.
Mental arithmetic acuity - I know 'tricks of the trade' for doing arithmetic really quickly without calculator or paper, and I am happy to teach you those tricks. By making a large class of problems solvable for yourself very quickly you protect your time for where you actually need to ponder a little bit.

Why hire a science/math guy for the verbal section? I still want to be a novelist, and I have read extremely widely, and so while I can't translate the GMAT into Middle English for you I can help you do quite well on the verbal section of the exam, and not just the quantitative section. I have reviewed and can teach the formal grammar relevant to the GMAT - even if you are a native speaker, you don't want to rely on your 'ear' alone! I also teach the tricks I use to do well on verbal sections of standardized exams. The main trick for the GMAT verbal section is simple yet difficult to implement - learn to ignore the nuances the GMAT ignores.

General philosophy - I believe that apparent differences in capacity between people are mainly a result of what they have, and have not, cultivated. You can take anybody off of the street and in eight years beat them into being a perfectly competent physicist. You can get anyone an 800 on the GMAT, too - the main limitation is how much time is available to prepare. You should want to do your best on this exam, but I strongly feel, and advise, that you not sit out an entire admission cycle in order to get the perfect GMAT score, and I strive to prepare students in an efficient manner.
4. I live in Wellesley, MA, and can tutor online wherever you are in the world
5. $90/hour payable via paypal after service. If you are not satisfied with a session, and tell me at the time of service, there is no charge.
C: 919 358 5076
7. About me:
My GMAT Strategy 101 section is pasted below, check for updates:
C: 919 358 5076

I hear from plenty of students who have taken the GMAT after investing time in inferior resources or, worse, giving a pile of money to a test company, only to get a sub-par GMAT result. Here I will describe the resources I feel can be relied upon, the strategies I like, and my own approach.

Anybody can write a GMAT guide and plenty do. The best of those guides have some real questions from a company sending in 'spies' to take the exams and remember questions. The rest of the questions in the guide will be fake questions written in an attempt to imitate real-GMAT style. The worst of those guides have loads of fake questions that bear little resemblance to the real exams, along with some so-so test taking tips and long-winded reviews.
It is important to realize that it would take at least twice as long to read every GMAT review guide on the market as it will to finish your MBA. We will use real GMAT questions as our primary resource, supplemented by resources carefully chosen by me from the many resources marketed for this exam. It is my hope to limit the amount of reading and review students must undertake by figuring out, via working many problems, what knowledge students are actually missing.
To prepare you for the GMAT’s quantitative section, we will use the 9 old paper GMATs, widely available on the internet, as well as the official GMAT guide, and the resources available free on It is also helpful to read the pithy 99 page math review in the Princeton Review guide, supplementing where necessary with material from the good but overly long Manhattan GMAT books.
By solving real problems we will quickly figure out what material you have forgotten, or have never seen. I will then give you that material as quickly as possible. I am aware of multiple ways to explain almost all points, and by working one-on-one we will always be able to find a way to look at a particular piece of mathematics that ‘clicks’ with you. You will reach the point where every quantitative question you can be asked reduces to something you are already comfortable with.
I will show you how more than half of all data sufficiency questions reduce to the idea that two lines either intersect at a single point, are two copies of the same line, or are two parallel lines, and how that fact, along with a brief review of high school mathematics, will let you solve many data sufficiency problems with a glance.
The ability to do and check mental arithmetic quickly has always helped me to do very well on standardized mathematics exams. If the sun is shining and I've gotten enough sleep, I can multiply 3-digit numbers by 3-digit numbers in about 15 seconds. Even on a bad day I can multiply two-digit numbers by two-digit numbers in about 5. This is something I have trained myself to do by employing various simple tricks. I can show you these tricks and while you may not want to spend the time to be able to compute as fast as me or faster, you can quickly get to the point where you can do GMAT arithmetic instantly and protect your time for the more difficult questions. I will also show you a trick that enables you to check arithmetic by hand more quickly than if you simply re-did your computation or checked via a complimentary operation.
To prepare you for the GMAT’s verbal section, we will use the Princeton Review’s Verbal workbook, an extremely readable grammar book, ‘Woe is I,’ and the problems in the GMAT 12th edition guide. We will also look at some of the Manhattan GMAT materials, however while those review materials are sometimes excellent they are too long and do not always offer the best advice. You should also read your favorite authors and look up any words whose definitions you don't recall. This will help you enormously, both by brushing off your vocabulary and by making you able to answer reading comprehension questions more easily.
We will rely primarily on the 12th edition GMAT Official Guide Book questions for our review for the GMAT’s verbal section. While my explanations of how to solve quantitative problems will usually be better than what is available in the Official Guide and in the various test companies’ books, it is critical to look at GMAC’s explanations of its answers to its own verbal section questions. We must learn the rules of grammar GMAC cares about, ignore the grammar rules it ignores, and ignore the nuances it ignores when posing reading comprehension questions.
I am happy to help with the writing section of the GMAT by having you write and then allow me to give you feedback on your work. It is important to demonstrate command of the language, to avoid making errors, to reason correctly, and to be able to do all of these things quickly. These skills are best mastered via drill, though certainly having a general GMAT-essay-generating-template is a good idea.
The computer adaptive format is harder than the paper test format. This is good - we start by ignoring the strictures of real testing so that we can figure out, in a low-stress, low-anxiety way, what we need to work on together. You work the old real GMAT questions and find the material you can not solve, or can not solve quickly. We then look at those problems, and the background underneath them, carefully, and you find out that they are either things you've seen before and just needed to be reminded of, or things you can easily learn. You then return to your studies, and when you meet something you can't quite do you move on, confident that when you meet with me again we will together quickly make you understand how to easily solve the problem that temporarily stumped you.
I will show you the relevant 'tricks' for both sections which save you time and which give you a good chance of getting a question right even when you can not solve it head-on.
When you are done with the old paper exams, we will move on to one of the computer adaptive tests, as well as the sample questions, given at We will make sure you can do all of those questions quickly. Then, a week before your exam date, you will take the other real computer adaptive test under worse-than-test-center conditions - you'll give yourself a few minutes less time than the real test allows, and you'll have an annoying distraction in the background. You will find that you still do well.
At that point, you will be ready to sit for the exam - you spend the week leading up to it reviewing in a relaxed fashion and getting lots of sleep, exercise, good food, and fun, and then you take the thing and send me a happy email about how well you did. If you wish I can help you by looking at your B school essays, or we can part happy that you got a good score and picked up some mathematical strength and some other skills as a bonus.
There are structural weaknesses in the exam which I can teach you to exploit, and heuristics I can teach you to give you good odds when guessing. This material is valuable and has its place. But, ultimately, my goal is to teach you to solve problems quickly and cleanly via robust methods that are not easily defeated by slight differences in what you prepared for and what you see on test day.
C: 919 358 5076
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Status: Tutor - BrushMyQuant
Joined: 05 Apr 2011
Posts: 619
Location: India
Concentration: Finance, Marketing
Schools: XLRI (A)
GMAT 1: 570 Q49 V19
GMAT 2: 700 Q51 V31
GPA: 3
WE: Information Technology (Computer Software)
GMAT Tutors Needed [#permalink]

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New post 03 Jul 2012, 02:35
This post received
Your Name/Nickname
- Ankit Gupta
- BrushMyQuant

Types of services provided and your specialty
- GMAT Math Tutoring

Your qualifications
- MBA, XLRI Jamshedpur
- BTech Computer Science, NITK Surathkal
- GMAT 700(Q-51, V-31)

Your location, availability and tutoring options
- Bangalore(India)
- Weekdays between 6:00-9:00AM and 6:30-11:30PM IST
- Weekdays Whole Day

Your price range per hour(if you are comfortable posting this)
- 40$/hr
- 1500$ for whole GMAT Quant course of 45 hrs

Contact Information
- You can email me at
- Send me a PM on gmatclub

Other relevant information that you feel will be helpful
- Have experience of teaching 25+ students till dates from various countries
- My students have scored in the range of 35-48 in their GMAT attempts
- You can find more about my tutoring on My Tutoring post on GmatClub
- Website BrushMyQuant


Check my Tutoring Site -> Brush My Quant

GMAT Quant Tutor
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How to Improve Quant Score?
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Joined: 10 Oct 2011
Posts: 120
Location: India
Concentration: Technology, Entrepreneurship
GMAT 1: 760 Q50 V42
GPA: 3
Re: GMAT Tutors Needed [#permalink]

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New post 20 Jan 2014, 07:59
Here is some information about me:

1. Your Name/Nickname - Paras Sood/Paras

2. Types of services provided and your specialty - GMAT Math Tutoring/GMAT Verbal. Anything Quant is right up my alley.

3. Your qualifications - Bachelor's in Technology, Computer Science. GMAT - 760(Q50, V42).

4. Your location, availability and tutoring options - I am based in India but I will be available from 3:30 PM GMT to 12:00 AM GMT. I would use skype and email.

5. Your price range per hour - $30 an hour; I can consider bringing it down if you are finding it hard to afford.

6. Contact Information - IM me on GMAT Club.

7. Other relevant information that you feel will be helpful - I have only given my GMAT in December 2013. I have the latest reference material that I will run you through - namely - OG 13, Official Review Verbal/Quant. MGMAT Guides etc. I am in on the latest trends prevalent on the GMAT and since only a couple months ago I was myself preparing for it. I know for myself the kind of doubts/problems/dilemmas students generally face. I am passionate about all things GMAT and will try to rub it off on you. I have enjoyed working with native English speakers before this, in Deloitte consulting. My signature has a link to my debrief. Please feel free to IM me in case of any doubts/questions.


If you found my post helpful give KUDOS!!! Everytime you thank me but don't give Kudos, an Angel dies!

My GMAT Debrief:

I am now providing personalized one to one GMAT coaching over Skype at a nominal fee. Hurry up to get an early bird discount! Send me an IM to know more.

Joined: 26 Jun 2014
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Re: GMAT Tutors Needed [#permalink]

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New post 26 Apr 2016, 03:45
1. Name/Nickname: Sujoy Kumar Datta/SK
2. Types of services provided and your specialty: GMAT Math Tutoring
3. Your qualifications: Masters in Mechanical Engineering (IIT Kharagpur, India - 95%), CAT qualified - 99.89 percentile CAT ‘09, 99.76 percentile CAT ‘10, 99.2 percentile CAT ‘11, 99.48 percentile CAT ’12 and 99.2 percentile CAT 2013; highest percentile in the mathematics section was 99.95 (CAT is a management entrance examination conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management) (I had taken two mock GMAT tests, one from GMAC, and the other from Manhattan GMAT, and I received a 51 in Maths in each, and completed the test in half the scheduled time limit).
4. Your location, availability and tutoring options: Kolkata, India, available after 9:00 pm (IST) till 3:00 am (IST) and 5:00 am (IST) to 8:00 am (IST)
5. Your price range per hour: $40
6. Contact Information: email -, skype - sk_datta, mobile - +91 9433063089
7. Other relevant information that you feel will be helpful: I have over 8 years of experience in training more than 6000 students for GMAT, GRE, SAT and CAT. Many of my students have been selected by the IIMs, ISB, Cornell, NUS, UCB, and other top colleges.
I am also a content developer for Mathematics for GMAT, GRE and SAT, having prepared over 2500 problems for these exams.
I have worked with some of the major classroom training organizations in India like TIME, Career Launcher and IMS. I have also been associated with LTG – Prep4GMAT/GRE/SAT. Further, I have trained students from USA, UK, Singapore, and Australia through online platform.
Joined: 05 Jul 2013
Posts: 31
Location: India
Concentration: Strategy, General Management
GMAT 1: 680 Q50 V31
GMAT 2: 750 Q51 V39
GPA: 3.7
WE: Consulting (Consulting)
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Re: GMAT Tutors Needed [#permalink]

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New post 27 Mar 2017, 07:56
This post was
1. Your Name - Rahul Jolly
2. Types of services provided and your specialty (e.g. GMAT Math Tutoring or GMAT Verbal General) - GMAT Mathematics & IR
3. Your qualifications - GMAT score of 51/51 in maths and 8/8 in IR. Overall GMAT score of 750.
4. Your location, availability and tutoring options (e.g. Los Angeles, CA or Nairobi, Kenya - face-to-face or online, or phone, etc) - Online (skype)
5. Your price range per hour(if you are comfortable posting this) - $10/hour
6. Contact Information (we recommend using Private Messages on this forum to protect yourself and users in case there is a dispute or privacy concerns) - PM me
7. Other relevant information that you feel will be helpful (no limit within reason) - I am working full time in EY. Teaching is not my profession but since I like math I intend to teach as a hobby (mostly over weekends). If you have doubts or need tips/tricks in solving certain types of questions then also feel free to ping me.

Re: GMAT Tutors Needed   [#permalink] 27 Mar 2017, 07:56
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GMAT Tutors Needed

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