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GRE and TOEFL experience. Need suggestions

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Joined: 02 Sep 2014
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GRE and TOEFL experience. Need suggestions  [#permalink]

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New post 13 Sep 2014, 03:58
Today,Saturday 09/13/2014 went so intimidating day of my life but last Saturday went too far compared to today. I am going to share my terrible experience of GRE test and TOEFL test. And I am looking for suggestions too for next test which I am probably going to take on November. I am going to divide my experience in two parts, one for TOEFL and other for GRE. But before that I wanna give some brief academic and professional records so that you understand my situation better and probably put some suggestion accordingly. I am Chemical Engineering major with 3.78 GPA and more a year experience in oil sector. And I have one gap year after graduation. And here goes my GRE experience..
GRE Experience
Date 09/13/2014
Preparation time: hardly a month
My physical situation: I liked the test center ambiance, Actually far better that TOEFL test center, friendly and felt like taking test at library or home whatever you consider your most comfort zone. And here comes my state. I haven't eaten well as I was supposed to be ready at 8:30 and to be available at 9:30 and it was too early for me. I was feeling hungry while taking test. After I finished first session, I just ate a bit of Diary milk and Appy juice and I think it wasn't enough for such a long test of 4 to 5 hours. I actually vomited after that but nothing came out of my stomach, probably it was sickness due to nervousness, don't know, but I was feeling much better than my TOEFL test day.
My test score was so threatening. Before that I tell you about my preparation and my weakness 'n' strength. I had very limited resources. Coming to quantitative section, I knew that I am good at it. I just took a free test sample fromMagoosh (all my answers were correct) and ETS test sample (I think 1 or 2 were wrong.don't remember exactly). So I skipped QA section preparation. And about VA section I am so terrible to even describe it. I never took sample test to evaluate for VA section and I knew that It is my weakest area. So I downloaded a barron's word list consisting around 4780 words and started gulping them all day and night. And honestly more than 97% of my all studies was focused on VA section and of that more that 99% was studying those 4750 words and rest 1% was studying RC (reading Comprehension). I hardly practice 10 to 11 RCs. That was a biggest mistake. I am very slow in reading RC( !one of the weakest area!) I think I should have registered for online testing material and Mock tests.
On test day:
I had got 2 VA section and 3 QA section. I was fast on QA section, I finished 7 to 8 minutes before the time in my 1st and 2nd QA. And about 3rd QA, I was literally forced to leave test as I was to pee ( must have gone to wash room before second session!) although I finished well but two question which I left with expected answer for further correction must have gone wrong so I considered my two answers were wrong. I scored 166 on QA section. so my QA accuracy comes to 90%(if 3rd QA was experimental) to 95% ( if 3rd QA was not experimental). And VA section, I am damn slow at it. I was always left with 8 to 10 minutes for RC and I was forced to guess answers. I think that I put less than 50% of understanding and rest just went to guess. I think that I read passage which was based on only one question and other RC I just went for guess. So I can't calculate my accuracy here as I have guessed more than 50% answers. I scored 144. It was not shocking for me as I knew that I am not even good enough to have 155+. So total score 310. I was not shocked for my VA but definitely for QA as I was hoping 170 for that.
So here ends the 1st part of my experience. !GRE!
Test date: 09/06/2014
I think that it is going too long. I will tell you this part in very concise way without skipping any important part. Coming to preparation part, all were same as GRE except the preparation time was one week less as I took test one week before GRE. My Physical Situation : I was feeling so frightened like hell, I can't even describe it. I felt the environment was so silent like White House!!. And it was so cold I think they kept AC temperature below 20 degree celsius(I am not from cold region like most of US state and Europe). I was shivering. I was not able to focus. The Test: The most important thing is that I was hardly mentally present there not even like 50% or so. I was not able to focus. In reading section I guessed answers may be 50% of them. During Listening section I was some what focused more compare to reading part but still I was baffled by other test taker as they started speaking for their speaking section. I think more than 20% of lecture I completely skipped! didn't ever hear. Speaking section was worst of all, I was hesitating a lot thinking that other will think "that the hell he is speaking". So I was speaking very slowly and quietly and even I finished before 60 seconds of time. I think I appeared for this test just for sake of appearing for it. Writing section was also same as other. But I think I was most calm in this section, may be I was feeling relieved because the test was about to end. I think I utilized myself only in writing section but still was not fully focused still if I consider then only writing section score is true score telling my ability where I stand. In sum, I scored just 64! yes you read correctly only 64. Reading 11, Listening 19, Speaking 15, Writing 19. But I dont think that I am that bad atleast I can score 20 on individual section that what I think. Anyways just consider what I have scored in GRE and TOEFL and I am looking for suggestion and I want to score 330+ on GRE ( especially 163 to 165 on VA) and 112+ on TOEFL. I have to enroll for Autumn 2015 (or even spring 2015 if still deadlines are open). If I chose Autumn then I am looking for top 15 US universities and some European Varsities. If I chose spring then I will appear only for TOEFL and compromise with B grade University which I don't mind as I am in situation of "The early the better". Consider both cases. Guidance, suggestions, comments, strategies, queries, any further information are welcome.
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GRE and TOEFL experience. Need suggestions   [#permalink] 13 Sep 2014, 03:58

GRE and TOEFL experience. Need suggestions

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