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I have had a lot of trouble with the CR problems. In fact, I

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I have had a lot of trouble with the CR problems. In fact, I [#permalink]

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New post 30 Jul 2007, 16:52



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I have had a lot of trouble with the CR problems. In fact, I think the CR section is my worst section. I'm not terrible at these problems, but I don't have a very good method to attack these.

I've tried the MGMAT approach. My feelings are mixed. I do like the approach on identifying the premises (some fact, some claim) and the conclusion. This part is vital.

However, I don't agree with the Diagramming approach. Diagraming or making a breif summary in the RC works great, but no so much in the CR.
Even after much practice, I still find myself rushing to write out a single sentence. I often don't understand the material b/c I was so rushed to write it all down. In fact, about 50% time I have to go back to look for the conclusion and the premises. To do this AND answer the Q's in 2min just doesn't seem possible.

But, just reading the passage hasn't worked for me either.

Please advise.
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New post 09 Aug 2007, 03:32
I dont think "tricks and approachs" can help much in CR.
You have got to thoroughly learn argument construction.

I think this can be done in the following ways:
-separate questions according to argument construction/type - Powerscore LSAT Logical reasoning bible does a great job for this.
-Learn how the questions are asked (weaken, inference, etc - they are getting very creative in this!)
-learn type of wrong choices used to disguise correct one (out of scope; opposite; faulty use of details, etc)
-if you are in "learning mode", dont time yourself UNTILL you are comfortable with all points above - VERY IMPORTANT!
-Dont do too many questions in one sit UNTILL you are comfortable with all points above

Also, at the heart of CR lies formal logic techniques; you may wish to buy Powerscore's Logical Games Bible to address this.
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New post 09 Aug 2007, 03:35
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New post 09 Aug 2007, 08:24
i agree with the diagramming - doesn't help me too much with these CR questions. as botirvoy noted, first you need to have the foundation to make sure you understand and answer the question at hand to be able to nit pick the details of the argument.

this is how i attack the CR questions using mostly POE:
1) read the question first
2) read the argument carefully and at the same time in relation to what the question wants you to find - something that weaken/strengthens, etc. it would be better if you had an answer in mind already before you read the choices.
3) go through the answer choices and use POE. it is important not to be swayed by questions that go beyond what the argument is saying or choices that answers other questions.

with the timing, practice, practice, practice! be familiar with the possible type of questions that may appear (including those tough mimic and identifying the parts of the argument questions!) the key is staying FOCUSED and don't feel rushed with the time or else you will miss out on crucial information. like RC, try to read ACTIVELY the first time around.. once you do more of these questions, you will see the timing is not as bad as you might have anticipated .. RC on the other hand is a different monster! :wink:

hope that helps..

Last edited by beckee529 on 09 Aug 2007, 09:16, edited 1 time in total.
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New post 09 Aug 2007, 08:56
In short,
1. Read the question carefully.
2. Identify the evidence and conclusion.
3. Try and paraphrase the answer (this saves a lot of time)
4. Attack the answer choices and eliminate the choices that are out of scope.

But this will require a lot of practice to get used to...Give it ur best!!!
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New post 09 Aug 2007, 10:09
I dont know how much reading a 200 page CR bible would be worth(depends on personal choice) but if you just read the question very carefully and before looking at the answers try to already frame in your mind what you looking for ( even if its a remote idea) can very quickly parse all the choices.
I have observed that in most of the questions at least 2 choices are always out of scope, learn to find such choices quickly,
and off course nothing can offset the gain of practicing more and more questions.

Also, always time your practice.

good luck!
  [#permalink] 09 Aug 2007, 10:09
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I have had a lot of trouble with the CR problems. In fact, I

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