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ARLee Consulting
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MBA Admissions & Career Coaching by INSEAD alumnus and former Samsung Head of HR. Visit our website and contact us for a detailed discussion about YOUR FUTURE

INSEAD MBA 11D (experience as admissions interviewer), SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS

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New post 10 May 2020, 12:38
I agree with Pablo.

My recommendation is to not stress too much about the video interview.

Through your application, INSEAD knows how you come across on paper. So the idea behind the video interview is simply to know how you come across in person. So, whether you answer from a professional or personal perspective doesn't really matter. Most questions don't have a right or wrong answer anyway. What really matters to INSEAD is the "soft" part of you, e.g. do you come across as someone who is confident, mature, introvert/extrovert... In a way, INSEAD is just trying to check whether the person in the videos is the same as the person in the application (e.g. essays, LoRs...).

I hope this helps.

Warm regards

pabpinor wrote:
chanyb wrote:
Also if i'm asked to talk about an achievement, should it be on a professional note or i can say my family for example?


Hey, this is answered few messages above.

It is not clear, I would say that use the one you like the most for each question unless it is specified.

In the end, it is for them to know you as a person and you combine both.


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New post 19 May 2020, 09:40

Thanks for all your help. I have been practicing with different questions but sometimes my answer are 45 seconds long. Is it badly seen if your answer isn't that close to 1 minute?

Joined: 09 Jan 2020
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New post 06 Aug 2020, 14:58
Hi everyone
been sporadic on the forum as I prepared my GMAT but I felt like I would share my personal experience with the INSEAD MBA application
Just completed the video essays tonight, R4
Only on the very deadline day did I complete my application so I felt a bit puzzled to get only 48 hours to prepare for the video essays

I had a thorough understanding of the application process but was absorbed by GMAT and essays.

Got 4 questions, can't remember the exact wording but something along those lines

1. How do you feel you can contribute to society?

2. Three requisites for a good entrepreneur

3. What can you bring to the program

4. Share a personal experience when you experienced cultural difference the most

How well did I do? no clue. But if have one tiny piece of advice to share, would be to practice and jump in the assessment right away if you feel you re on a roll
In the morning I prepared some key angles : potential Q&As into four sections. INSEAD, team management, personal experience, trivia (books, inspirational people etc)

While I felt comfortable digging in and addressing each flash card, the first practice essays were another story. It took me at least ten essays to start feeling confident and approaching a decent time management
Thing is I kept having the exact series of practice questions and Ive had enough
I took a nap in the afternoon and woke up dizzy and kinda moody. Still I went on to study and locked myself in a room.
Somehow practice came more fluid, questions more relatable. I went on a roll of like 12-14 questions and had the humble feeling that I was nailing it
My initial plan was to have a good night sleep and to work in the morning before starting the assessment : I thought to myself, why not take it now since I feel a bit confident ?
i went to clean up and wear a white shirt and started the assessment. A bit stressed on the first question but managed the other three better

My advice : be natural, practice, and non verbal cues are important I guess. Look at the camera, dont avoid it, be calm, if you re an INSEAD candidate you re already a stimulating individual and you have interesting things to share, good luck
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Re: INSEAD VIDEO QUESTIONS & TIPS   [#permalink] 06 Aug 2020, 14:58

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