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Kaplan GRE & GMAT Exams Math Workbook, Third Edition

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Kaplan GRE & GMAT Exams Math Workbook, Third Edition  [#permalink]

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New post 05 May 2004, 16:24
<table><tr><td valign="top" rowspan="2"><a href=""><img src="" align="right" border="0" alt="Click to buy from Amazon: Kaplan GRE & GMAT Exams Math Workbook, Third Edition"/></a></td><td rowspan="2"> </td><td valign="top" class="gcNormal">:: <a class="gclink_undecorated" href='/content/resources/reviews/index.php?changeCategory()&browse()'>reviews home</a> ┬╗ <a class="gclink_undecorated" href='/content/resources/reviews/index.php?changeCategory(%2Fbooks)&browse()'>Books</a> ┬╗ <a class="gclink_undecorated" href='/content/resources/reviews/index.php?changeCategory(%2Fbooks%2Fmath)&browse()'>GMAT Math Guides</a><br/><br/><b>Kaplan GRE & GMAT Exams Math Workbook, Third Edition</b><br/><i>Kaplan; </i><br/>Price: $12.60; Used: $6.98<br/><br/><a href=""><img border="0" src="/design/templates/gcCatalog/books/buy.gif" alt="buy from amazon"/></a></td></tr><tr><td class="gcNormal"><br/><br/>I got 99th percentile on my GMAT 750(49, 42) and used 3 books: this one, Kaplan's book with CD and Verbal Workbook. I had access to PR book and PP, but I did only tests from those. I found Kaplan's materials of quality and difficulty. Some whine that Kaplan is too hard, but that's good - if you can handle Kaplan, you can handle old good GMAT.

My favorite things about this book:
- Very short and condensed math reviews - straight to the point
- No smart-aleck advice about some stupid tricks - only math review - exactly what I needed
- Fabulous problems that illustrate a lot of traps and multiple ways of solving them
- Starts with the basics - arithmetic, integers, primes, etc - the stuff that anybody can uses a review of. A lot of applicants underestimate how much they forgot the basics and skim/skip them. I would not do that, and that book does not either.
- Finally, the number of questions and quizzes in this book is impressive. I am giving a short summary of some of the sections of the book and number of quizzes and test questions. Quiz questions are math only; Test questions are GMAT-type questions.

-Number operations (15 quiz questoins and 15 test questions)
-Number properties (15, 19)
-Averages (10, 19)
-Ratios (10, 24)
-Percents (25, 25)
-Powers and Roots (12, 17)

-Level One (20, 26)
-Level Two (15, 15)

Word Problems
-Level One (10, 26)
-Level Two (37)
-Test (40)

-Lines (6, 14)
-Triangles (16, 21)

-Quadrilaterals (15, 19)
-Circles (19, 13)
-Multiple Figures (4, 15)
-Solids (6, 8)

Data Sufficiency
-Test 1 (25)
-Test 2 (25)

- I went through this book at least 3 times (helping others) and I found that solutions don't include some of the most genius ways to handle the problems. I think the authors of the questions went beyond themselves.
- No probability or combinations review, which would be very helpful. Get something. I bombed my probability question on the GMAT.

Joined: 18 Nov 2004
Posts: 71

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New post 26 Mar 2005, 14:24
can anyone comment on the difficulty of this book? i just went thru it for a second time and hit 90% of the medium & hard questions. i know its a refresher but is the hard level of these questions similar to the hard level of other kaplan materials?
Joined: 30 May 2005
Posts: 48

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New post 29 Jun 2005, 22:21
How you people rate it against KAP800?
GMAT Club Bot
  [#permalink] 29 Jun 2005, 22:21
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Kaplan GRE & GMAT Exams Math Workbook, Third Edition

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