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Manhattan GMAT Test score

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Joined: 10 Jan 2010
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Manhattan GMAT Test score [#permalink]

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New post 28 May 2010, 04:48
This post was
Hi All,

I took my first MGMAT test last week and could manage only a 580(Q; 43, V:28). I found the Quant section to be very tough. While writing the test i took more than 25 minutes for the first 8 questions and in the end i guessed about 10 questions.

In verbal, i was able to eliminate 3 of the 5 options, but made mistake in choosing one of them. I regularly prepare for verbal using the 1000 series. But found, the MGMAT was bit tougher than the 1000 series question. I am making my own analysis on my performance and i would like to know from you guys if there is any specific method that i can follow from now on to improve my score further in the future tests.


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Re: Manhattan GMAT Test score [#permalink]

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New post 28 May 2010, 06:16
This post received

I also find MGMAT questions much tougher than the official ones. Anyway, I think they are great to improve quant and timing. If you are used to find hard questions then you will be more comfortable with the real thing.

I started with a 590 in my first MGMAT test, and my last one has been 730, same score as my GMAT Prep2 test (I haven't taken the real GMAT yet, planned for next Wednesday),

I suggest you to study the MGMAT guides, they are great! Also, you may take the MGMAT test untimed, so you can work in each question peacefully and learning a lot.

Manhattan GMAT Student Services Associate
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Re: Manhattan GMAT Test score [#permalink]

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New post 28 May 2010, 07:10

Definitely don't use our CAT tests to practice doing hard problems! That's what the OGs are for! Part of what the GMAT tests is timing, so you should make sure to practice that as you take the test.

In fact, the first thing I would suggest for you to do is to start limiting yourself to two minutes a problem, or three at the very most. Otherwise, you'll be guessing for the end of the test, which can severely lower your score. The GMAT also penalizes you very heavily for unanswered questions - another reason to practice timing!

Other than that, I would try and get some content down. Once you know the material that the GMAT tests, you'll be better able to apply that content to the problems on the test.

Here are some articles you might find useful:

How to analyze your MGMAT CAT: ... rogram.cfm

Strategic Time Management: ... g-pace.cfm

Planning and Executing your GMAT preparation: ... t-prep.cfm

Hope you find those helpful! There is a lot of good advice in them.

Caitlin Clay
Student Services Associate
Manhattan GMAT

Caitlin Clay | Manhattan GMAT Student Services Associate | New York

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Joined: 30 May 2010
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Re: Manhattan GMAT Test score [#permalink]

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New post 30 May 2010, 10:46
Hello All,

I have been preparing for GMAT for quite a while now, but i have joined this club only recently; in fact, this is my first interaction. I had taken real GMAT on 4th May this year; got a score of 650 ( q49, v 31)

My target was to cross at least 700: no wonders, as most of the people have this target.

To MGMAT instructors,
I have enrolled into online CATS of MGMAT. AND i have taken 3 tests so far, scoring same on all three.

1 . 680( q47,v35)
2. 680( q47,v36)
3. 680( q48,v35)

In spite of considerable efforts that i am putting into preparation, i am hardly able to improve my score. I really need some advice, especially in verbal section -- need to reach a sound 40. Also, i have an assumption( obsessed with CR & SC) here -- i will somehow reach 50 in quant of the real GMAT.

I have completed MGMAT CR guide, and have almost completed MGMAT SC guide, except for last three chapters of harder questions. My main problem is that when i do practice problems separately, my accuracy is ok ( more than 80 % for SC & CR), but while taking a CAT -- after completing the AWA & Quant section , my accuracy drops to 60-65 % in CR & SC.
Only reasons that i could figure are : the lack of the stamina while attempting the last section of exam , and pressure to not take more time for SC & CR questions.
Any advice of CR & SC may be greatly helpful; so , please pour in.

AS for RC part, this is my weakest section - i have hardly achieved 45-50 % accuracy in 3 MGMAT CATS RC so far; and my strategy so far has been to complete SC & CR on time, so that i can spend extra time on RC and get some more questions correct. My reading speed is really bad -- and i realize that its almost impossible to increase speed in a short span of time. Any advice on RC will be more than welcome.

I really want to score more than 700 on each of rest three MGMAT CATS;

MGAMT instructors, help in strategy or otherwise, is desperately needed. I cannot take real GMAT for third time.

I am planning to take the GMAT for the 2nd time on 29 june; i have left the hope to get around 750; anything around 700 - 720 will contend me. But my consistent 680s on MGAMTs are not really encouraging.
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Re: Manhattan GMAT Test score [#permalink]

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New post 30 May 2010, 13:16
Welcome to GMAT Club.

While you are waiting on a reply, take a look at these resources:

1. GMAT Fiction
2. gmat-club-s-reading-comprehension-strategy-guide-83101.html

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Manhattan GMAT Instructor
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Re: Manhattan GMAT Test score [#permalink]

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New post 05 Jun 2010, 23:42
Hi guys,

The issues you're struggling with --getting down to 2 and choosing the wrong choice, timing, stamina--are not uncommon at all. While I can't give you a magic pill in this post that will make those problems go away, I can suggest some general strategies that might help.

I encourage all my students to think of the process of preparing for the test as training rather than studying. If you were an athlete getting ready for an Olympic event, your trainer would probably have a targeted plan that alternated between concentrated detail work on form (for the GMAT, this means getting your foundation skills up to speed and working carefully and methodically through some problems, without the clock) in addition to the actual "rehearsal" of the full event (CAT exams). There would probably be some middle ground practice too-- maybe not as long as the full event, so you could concentrate on form to some degree, but with enough length and time pressure to stretch those muscles (for my class this means timed sets in the Official Guide and our online question banks for identified problem areas). And always assess assess assess! You should spend at least, if not more, time evaluating why you got something wrong (or right, but not as quickly as you'd like) than you spent actually doing the problem. It can be very tempting to burn through materials because it feels like "doing," but the greatest jumps in score improvements I've seen have come from those who were not only hardworking, but highly self-aware and willing to take the time to go through the tedium of evaluating their mistakes to make sure those mistakes are not repeated in the future. Getting problems wrong during your study is a *good* thing! It means you have caught a hole in your comprehension that you can work to fill before the test day that actually counts.

In terms of stamina/time management during the CAT itself--again, think of it as a training. You *must* take the full tests to build up stamina. Kudos to Sacnoor for taking the AWA section and identifying that you are worn out because of it--that's good self-awareness and you can act on it to improve your stamina! Don't feel bad if you don't have the stamina now --that's what your training period is for-- and the more you practice in that sweet spot in which you are challenged without burning out the more the test will yield. (VERY IMPORTANT: only you know when you are pushing too hard--burnout is very real and very dangerous so keep an eye out for it.)

For Mahesh: I would recommend devoting serious time to examining those problems that you missed (and the ones that you got right but aren't sure why). Every one is an opportunity to learn more about the rules of the GMAT game--make sure you can identify why the correct answer was correct, and why the others are incorrect. If you don't understand why, post the question here on the forums for some help. If you can't articulate to someone else why the answer is the answer, you haven't fully mastered the question.

For Sebnoor: First off, you seem to already have some great self-observations. Push this farther!
Are you using the splitting/resplitting technique in the SC guide? The technique is just as important as the grammar content, and you can really bank time in the SC area by using splits. It's quite possible to answer some SC questions in 20 seconds--a huge help later on when you need that time for reading passages and CR arguments.

You're right that reading is one of the hardest areas to improve in, but it can be done. The trickiest part is finding the right balance between comprehension and speed. (That's an obvious observation, I know.) After you've completed a CR or RC problem/section, review your diagramming/notations to see if you did too much or too little and adjust to that information the next time around. And for those who are less comfortable with reading, it is that much more important to stay active. If you feel at any point as if the words are washing over you, *stop* and reach into your bag of techniques to get your attention back on track. Are there structural elements you can hang your hat on? Is this particular part of the RC passage rife with details that are not critical to understanding the gist of the passage itself? Etc... And finally, remember that it's about the question! Be just as specific and ruthless in your hunt for what is wrong about answer choices as you are in the SC section.

This has turned into a crazy long post so I'll stop here. Hope this helps. This test is a very well written game with a very specific set of rules--the great thing about it is that the more you play and learn those rules, the easier (and possibly even more enjoyable) the game becomes. Good luck!

JP Park | Manhattan GMAT Instructor | Los Angeles

Manhattan GMAT Discount | Manhattan GMAT Reviews

Joined: 07 Feb 2014
Posts: 3
Re: Manhattan GMAT Test score [#permalink]

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New post 12 Mar 2014, 06:54

I had my exam on Nov 21, 2013 and I scored (Q:42, V:23, 540) When I took MGMAT CATs, my scores ranged from 530-610. I have my exam on few days and this time I am consistently scoring 590 in almost every exam I take. I just wanted to know is this score representative of the actual GMAT test? And is Quant of MGMAT CATS difficult?
Joined: 19 Feb 2013
Posts: 5
Concentration: International Business, General Management
Schools: IMD '16, Cass '15
Re: Manhattan GMAT Test score [#permalink]

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New post 27 Apr 2014, 09:45
I gave one of the online MGMAT's CAT and was highly surprised to see that that even after getting 25 qns in the range of 700-800 & 11 qns in the range of 600-700 in verbal, I finally ended up with a meagre score of 29. :shock:
What I'm trying to get at is if a test taker is not performing well in a section and assuming that the test is adaptive then the way the difficulty of questions are selected in MGMAT's CAT appears a bit faulty. I felt that the test wasn't even adaptive to begin with and the pool of questions was selected as soon as I started the test (hope I'm wrong here).
While I was giving the test and by judging from the difficulty level of the questions I felt that I had performed pretty well in the verbal section, but it just turned out to be a fool's paradise.
All in all I'm a bit disappointed with the MGMAT CATs and I'm looking forward to explore other tests that can somehow mimic the real GMAT more closely.
Feedbacks are welcome.

Re: Manhattan GMAT Test score   [#permalink] 27 Apr 2014, 09:45
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Manhattan GMAT Test score

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