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Debrief posted on  Feb 01 2018 [#permalink] Marriott
Skype Interviewed on: Jan 12 2015 Final Decision: Admitted

"I was interviewed by professor McQueen (for Finance track). "He know what he's doing" was the thought I had during the interview. Knowing how to read you really well, but still trying to support your answer when you were stuck were the two things I valued from him. I was asked professional-related questions which I could answer quite well thanks to my background. Behavioral questions are standard. With BYU, though, you should be prepared to read & understand the School's honor code policy. Overall, experience with interview was good, I think mainly because of the interviewer. The questions was pretty much the same like other interview questions I had from different schools."

jackthomas from Viet Nam GMAT 750; Investment Banking
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