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Mays (Texas A&M University)

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Debrief posted on  Jan 30 2019 [#permalink] Mays, Full Time MBA
Skype Interviewed on: Jan 28 2019 Final Decision: Waitlisted with Interview

"Interview was with Katharyn Stober 1)Tell me about your hobbies 2)Why MBA 3)Why Now 4)Why Mays? Other Schools? 5)Discuss your career progression 6)Explain a time when you had an Idea but people were against it? 7)Your Leadership Style 8)Discuss a time when you went out of your way to help someone. 9)Any Questions for me? Total Duration = 28 mins. Really Smooth. If you are thorough with your work and have had some leadership roles, there wont be any problem. It was straight Q n A. Not much discussion about my answers."

Mick1005 from India GMAT 690;
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Debrief posted on  Feb 01 2018 [#permalink] Mays
Skype Interviewed on: Nov 30 2016 Final Decision: Admitted

"Had my interview on the 1st of Dec with Pedro Garza. It was a 45 minute interview. Pedro was very straight forward and direct. Interview was slightly more formal than conversational. Questions: 1) tell me about you, not about your professional background but things besides that. 2) walk me through your professional experience and reasoning behind career decisions as you moved roles and companies. 3) why MBa 4) why mays 5) situation where you failed 6) post MBA goals, which companies? 7) back up plan if primary goals don't work out 8) challenge while managing a team / team conflict 9) which other schools and how did you decide? 10) any questions you have? Hope this is helpful."

Zizad from India GMAT 730;
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