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MGMAT CAT Score Accuracy

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MGMAT CAT Score Accuracy [#permalink]

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New post 09 Feb 2010, 20:44
First off, I'd like to say that if it wasn't for the MGMAT series I'd be completely lost. Great books, well worth the investment. They explain things in such a precise way, building concepts step-by-step. My learning style is completely in-line with how the books teach. So, for those considering it - just buy the whole set, even if you feel strong in one particular area. Just buy them, IMO the best guide out there.

I've been through all the quant books and SC twice. Decided it was time to try a CAT - to see where I stand.

I started it up last night, got thru the AWA and moved on to the quant section. Now, for reasons unimportant to your guys, I was in a bad mood last night and was having trouble focusing. I got about 25 questions into the quant section before I just exited, skipping the rest of the section. I was getting frustrated and just guessed in order to move on to the next question probably 5 or 6 times. I also was pushing a torrid pace as I had 38 minutes left by question 25 when I bailed.

Tonight I regrouped and polished off the verbal. I stayed focused and was more in the zone tonight. However, I still finished 25 minutes early. I had the same problem with blitzing through the test on the LSAT (I swear if that test had 30 minute sections not 35 I'd be 99 percentile, but I digress)

So after blowing the quant and working out some obvious sticking points in verbal I didn't know what to expect score-wise. I got a 570. Nothing to write home about but all things considered a decent starting score for my first full prep test.

But given what happened can I still count on this socre as relaible? IS MGMAT a reliable indicator of real test scoring?

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Re: MGMAT CAT Score Accuracy [#permalink]

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New post 09 Feb 2010, 21:41
based on my personal experience, i think the scoring (the actual number) is a fairly accurate indicator of what you will score in the real gmat, but the questions themselves are not necessarily an accurate indicator of the types of questions you might get on the real gmat. I just took my gmat the other day after taking all of the mgmat practice cats, and i scored very similar to what i was scoring on the practices. however, the types of questions i got were, for the most part, not that similar to mgmat ones. gmatprep is obviously the most accurate, since its cats consist of prior real gmat questions.
hope this helps a little!

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Re: MGMAT CAT Score Accuracy [#permalink]

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New post 10 Feb 2010, 07:39
i suggest you take another test in one sitting. due to your mood you might've under performed even on the questions you were seriously working on before you just decided to randomly answer them. Also look at your math scoring sheet to see how many questions you did get right on math before you gave up on it. Also here: is something that might be useful - not sure how accurate the estimations are but i will probably find out tomorrow....

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Re: MGMAT CAT Score Accuracy [#permalink]

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New post 10 Feb 2010, 09:44
MGMAT is a fairly reliable indicator - you can see correlations here:

Move the "performance under pressure" (bottom) slider around to see the variance in the best/worst case scenario.

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Re: MGMAT CAT Score Accuracy [#permalink]

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New post 11 Feb 2010, 10:12

First off, thanks for the high commendation of our books! We really appreciate hearing such positive feedback, and I will definitely pass on the good words to our curriculum development team.

In terms of the accuracy of our MGMAT CATs, we usually say that your score is accurate within a Standard Deviation of about 50 points. The actual GMAT is more like 30, as are the two GMATPrep exams.

I am guessing, as other posters commented, that your bad mood influenced your overall score, but I would still suggest going over your answers and seeing where your weaknesses lie before you take another test.

Also, in terms of time management, I would suggest this article: ... g-pace.cfm it's geared more at people who run out of time, but there are some good tips for overall time management as well.

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Re: MGMAT CAT Score Accuracy [#permalink]

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New post 06 Mar 2010, 06:03
I want to share several thoughts about MGMAT CATs (strictly IMHO, of course):

    - Math section is not merely difficult, it's insanely difficult. I was really struggling to finish the problems within 2 minute limit per question (In GMATClub Math Challenges I constantly score 85%+ percentile, 4-5 mistakes per test at most, with about 10 minutes to spare).

    -They test your knowledge of really tricky parts of GMAT curriculum and they do it good. You should really know the concepts and tricks - OR you'll end up spending 3-4 minutes to figure out questions, finishing CAT with disastrous results

    -CAT algorithm constantly throws at you hard questions. You're quickly at 700-800 level and you're kept there, unless you mess up several questions in row. After messing up - one correct answer and you're again at 700+.

    -Scoring algorithm considers the level and questions and is quite generous in regard to the number of mistakes. For instance, I got Q51 with 6 mistakes and V45 with 9 mistakes

    -Verbal section is no big deal, but quite representative of "real-life" OG questions

    -I doubt that Math section is similarly representative of real thing.

    -Explanations are great, there is a real value in reading all of them (no matter you got particular question right or wrong)

    -MGMAT forum is also great - a lot of old questions discussed by professional instructors.

I've scored 780 and 760 in MGMAT CATs, more of them to go, yet I have absolutely no idea where do I stand. While doing these test I had a feeling of failing miserably and these scores were utterly unexpected

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Re: MGMAT CAT Score Accuracy   [#permalink] 06 Mar 2010, 06:03
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MGMAT CAT Score Accuracy

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