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my debrief - 700, q49 v37

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Joined: 05 Mar 2013
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my debrief - 700, q49 v37 [#permalink]

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New post 03 Feb 2014, 14:57
while it's not the highest score and i wish i scored higher, i'm just glad to get this over with. sorry if my post is very long

ive been a lurker for a little bit and would use forums mostly to look up explanations.

ive had a very long process, initially starting in 2008, but my job got in the way and for a while, i just focused on work and was lazy about not applying or taking the test which i totally regretted

2008, i think i got a 610, with barely any studying.

in 2013, i decided around Feb that i wanted to take it again it worked out that after 5 years your old scores dont supposedly count and set a date for i think june 24th, got a 650, i think a q45 v35. i did some MGMAT practice tests and the 2 free GMAT Prep tests. i forget the subscores, but MGMAT tests were between 600 - 660 and GMAT Prep, both tests were either 640 or 650.

took some time off then started studying again in oct, reviewing MGMAT books and doing OG (maroon book) problems assigned in MGMAT

then i went home for christmas and didnt study for about 2 weeks.

when january came around, all i did was problems from the OG Quant and Verbal Review 2nd edition.

i realized that i was trying so hard to memorize every single equation and problem and all of the rules for number properties etc, where all i needed to really do is focus on doing actual problems

I reset GMAT Prep and took the first one and I got a 640 in early Jan before I started doing questions.

Then on Jan 11th i took the 2nd gmat prep and got a 700, Q48 V40.

This really gave me confidence.

I then finished problems from the OG Quant and Verbal 2nd edition and bought the Exam Pack which gives 2 extra tests.

Then on Jan 18th, i got a 680, i think it was Q48 V35, and then on Jan 25th took 2nd exam pack and got 660. Slightly discouraged but also just kept on doing and reviewing problems.

the night before my test on Feb 1st, i went out to dinner, tried to go to bed early, but i couldnt sleep due to nerves. at first i couldnt sleep b/c i was full, but then my nerves took over and i felt like i was full all night long when it was in fact nervousness. i would advise not eating too much the night before, but i didnt plan on it, i think my nerves literally slowed down my digestion. i tossed and turned all night, i finally went to sleep after 6 AM and woke up around 9 AM. i wasnt sleepy and yawning tired, but i was obviously not rested. i was going to cancel my exam so i logged onto and the web option to cancel was not there and the message said it was b/c it was the day of the test and to call to reschedule my test. so i call the number, but the dumb GMAC office is only open on M-F. so after panicking a little bit, i decided i'd take the test anyways. i wasnt really thinking of canceling my score b/c i still would like to see how i did

i get to the test center 30 min. before, but the entrance is closed b/c of construction and says to use the back entrance, which i did, but pearson should really update GMAC so that they can inform test takers. got to the center 20 minutes before my time and gathered myself and checked in.

essay wasnt bad, as a lot of people on here, i used chinese burned template and got through that fine.

IR was fine, i got a 6, was not really concerned with that portion.

then i took my break. i had a drink, went to bathroom, then had a piece of chocolate. when i got back to my desk, the timer said i went over the alloted time by almost 2 minutes and 40 seconds, which i thought was total BS. clock goes a little faster i think than normal stop watch. (i find that to be bs b/c then 3 other people who started the exam around the same time as me must have also gotten screwed over with time. i assume they were taking gmat b/c they started around the same time and both breaks matched mine exactly, but i could be mistaken)

so i started quant at a slight disadvantage. i didnt panic though and finished on time, slightly rushed. i felt like i did poorly though as there were a bunch of questions i felt like i had to guess, like a lot of y=mx+b equations where you had to find a point on the line and 1 or 2 graphs where you had to draw or visualize a quadratic/hyperbola

i then took my 2nd break, this time, i ate my banana really quickly then got back to the desk with 3 minutes to spare from my break, so i was happy about that. i went through verbal, it wasnt too bad, i thought hardest portion were sentence corrections. CR and RC werent what i would consider very difficult, but they were manageable.

when i got to about question 31, i was feeling like, i hate this test, just want to get it over already, but went on and finished again within time, and not rushed.

i finally clicked through and when i wanted to view my scores, i clicked yes and stared at my keyboard, then finally viewed it and was shocked to see a 700!

and this was all after not getting any sleep the night before and missing over 2 and a half minutes on the quant section.

i then checked out and walked home and was almost in a daze and exhausted, but still not able to sleep! that night, i did sleep great though!

even though i had a lot of books, MGMAT, princeton, kaplan, veritas i pretty much did MGMAT exclusively. since i have taken the test a few times, i did take an MGMAT course and found that to be helpful but not necessary.

i would say Powerscore CR Bible is a must. That made me turn on the light to understanding CR questions.

My advice would be to do OG problems. I was afraid that i would run out of OG problems but even if you do, you can learn from them. I was also discouraged when getting questions wrong and that didnt help my confidence. You just have to "do" problems.

So for explanations, i used forums and The problem with forums is that there is a lot of noise. But this is the pattern i found, obviously, expert/teacher responses are best, ignore others pretty much. like Ron from MGMAT says, the official answers are correct, dont bother wasting time questioning them. i found myself doing this a lot for CR, but once i got Powerscore and understood the questions better and stopped fighting the test and my arrogance that the answer couldnt be right, it helped a lot. just take the answer as is and try to learn as much as you can from it.

gmatclub had better explanations for quant problems, especially bunuel.

mgmat was good for SC and CR, especially Ron

beatthegmat was good for mostly quant - the experts there were good, but i just used this website less. Mitch had good replies

i also read these blog posts by chris berman. this really helped ... nprep-com/

timing is always stressed, but reading his posts made me realize how to approach the gmat. like most people, i tried to get most questions correct and this is to your disadvantage. guess questions and move on. this also helped greatly with my time. and is what pretty much allowed me to go from q45 to q49.

for CR, the bible is what helped most

for SC, i focused on comparisons and modifiers. whenever "than" is in a sentence, look to see what is being compared. when there is a modifier, look to see what it is describing.

exam pack, test 2 repeated 2-3 questions from exam 1. 2 though were same question with different set of answers. also when looking up expert replies to questions in exam 2, i found 2 verbal questions, 1 math and 1 CR i think where more than 1 instructor said that it wasnt a good GMAT question and was surprised that it was an OG question. probably a reason why the question has been retired, but kinda bad that GMAC would then have students study off of it. another fishy thing is that on the site to view scores, my 2008 score was still saying reportable, so i even emailed GMAC and they said that it wouldnt be reported, but i feel like they should change its status if that's the case

while a small part of me wishes i could take the test again, this time with more sleep and without missing time, i am done with this test and will apply this fall

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Re: my debrief - 700, q49 v37 [#permalink]

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New post 04 Feb 2014, 22:45
Well done, very good score...

I think now all the scores are reportable, I believe they changed the most recent 5 year rule. So that's why you are seeing your 2008 score as reportable. All in all, I don't think schools care about older scores and they tend to consider your highest one even if they are not so far apart.

Kudos (+1) if you find this post helpful. :)

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Re: my debrief - 700, q49 v37 [#permalink]

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New post 13 Feb 2014, 12:06
Congrats on your score! And yes, I do agree it's a little strange about the 2008 score. I will have to look into this as well, as the 5 year rule is one I've been telling to students. Thanks for the heads' up about it!
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Re: my debrief - 700, q49 v37   [#permalink] 13 Feb 2014, 12:06
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my debrief - 700, q49 v37

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