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NYU Langone Fall 2008

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NYU Langone Fall 2008 [#permalink]

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New post 11 Feb 2008, 10:20
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This post was
So, I think it's time to start a Langone Fall '08 thread seeing as the Spring thread has pretty much run its cycle. The following is what I have been able to scour from that thread. Of course there will be more profiles of those who were accepted.

If any of you guys, or past Langone applicants have any advice, we Fall 08 applicants are all ears. Thanks in advance.

Male, US Citizen
~8 yrs work exp (with progression into management roles)
720 GMAT (48Q/41V/6.0 AWA)
3.5 Undergrad GPA

670 43Q 40V
3 Years work experience, Fashion
3.0 GPA

650 GMAT, Indian Male, IT, 10 years of Experience.

650 GMAT
Financial Systems Manager
10 Years Exp.

730 (q51 v38 A4.5).
1.5 years of experience in software engg.
Masters in EE from columbia graduated in 2006.

Washington Square - Weekend option program (my 1st choice).
GMAT: 680; Q 44; V 38; AWA 6
GPA: 3.1 - BS in Business, Concentration in Finance
5yrs Experience - I-Banking

GMAT: 700; Q 47; V 39; AWA 4.5
GPA: 3.59 - BS in Computer Science
4.75 yrs Experience - IT/Systems Project Manager
Preference: Washington Sq - Weeknights, Weekends

7+workex, 720 GMAT and 3.0 GPA.

submitted appilcation on Sept 12
GMAT: 630 (Q: 45/78%, V: 31/61%, AWA: 6.0/95%)
UGPA: 3.2 / Engineering & Business / Average school
Some masters-level course work
WE: 1 yr tech consulting, 3 yrs Tax/Transfer Pricing analyst at a big Pharma

GMAT 650
IT Management
9 Years Experience
Undergrad GPA not known - Foreign Degree.

Applied on Sept 12. Female/Indian (though native US)/GMAT 670

GMAT - 710
UGPA - 3.2
WE - 10 years, Financial Services
Applied on September 12th. Received request for additional information on October 15th. Decision - today, November 6th.

640 GMAT, 3.5 GPA Undergrad only, 3 years of experience in IT, and lots of volunteering.

GMAT: 690, AWA 5.0 Indian male 4.5 yrs of work exp on IT - work exp comprises of a full time position with a major investment bank in NY

GMAT - 740
GPA - 3.74
Exp- 11 Yrs in IT Consulting ...
Washington Sq Weeknight

Indian Male
GMAT: 690 (Q:47 V:38)
10 Years of work experience in IT
M.S GPA 3.32
I had submitted my app on 09/15.

gmat: 690
gpa: 2.9 (sh1tty i know)
WE: 4.5 (last 2.5 with an Investment Bank)

gmat 580
gpa 3.4
4 years in banking
excellent recs and career progression but terrible gmat.

sujayb dinged
Male, 36
12 yrs IT
Undergrad : 63% from Indian Univ.
GMAT: 700 (Q:51, V:36, AWA:5.5)
Recos: Pretty decent (from current supervisor and a previous supervisor)
Option: Weeknight Washington sq and Weekend Washington Sq.
Applied : Sept 13th
Notified: Oct 30th

UGPA: 3.35
GMAT: 660
WEXP: 5 Years in Entertainment Industry
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Re: NYU Langone Fall 2008 [#permalink]

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New post 01 May 2008, 14:17
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Fall 2007 Langone Admissions - Analysis of the wait

Fall 2007 general facts:

- Applicants: 1077*
- Admission rate: 46%
- Admits: 495*
- Percent of admits who enroll: 92%
- Final class size: 456

* I calculated these results from the info in business week, the others I just copied.

Timeline facts:

~ 15% of admits notified in first 4 weeks.
~ 50% of admits notified by 2nd week of July.
~ 90% of admits notified by August.
~ 65% (290) of admits notified between July 4th and Aug 3rd, making July the busiest month.

The Timeline:

May 15: Deadline passes / App review begins
May 23: First GMAT club member admitted (checkitout)
June 19: 75 students admitted (according to the admitted student d-base)
June 27: 108 admitted
June 27: First GMAT club member rejected (RCReddy)
July 04: 130 admitted
July 13: 230 admitted (huge jump!)
July 22: 262 admitted
July 24: 288 admitted
July 25: 306 admitted
Aug 03: 420 admitted
Aug 09: Some waitlisted folks get in.
Aug 09: 440 admitted
Aug 17: 447 admitted
Aug 20: Several reject notices went out.

Note 1: It takes a few days for an admit to pay the deposit and show up in the database.
Note 2: Data is from the gmat club ‘NYU Langone Fall 2007’ thread

Observations and assumptions:

- Most of those who are admitted in the first 4 weeks have super strong profiles.
- Having a high gmat score does not mean you’ll know sooner. Aurora73 gets in on Jul 18th with a 760 gmat.
- Submitting early or late seems to have no effect on when you get notification.
- Notifications typically come on Tuesdays and Fridays (needs confirmation).
- 2 gmat clubbers get off the waitlist in early August.
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Re: NYU Langone Fall 2008 [#permalink]

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New post 02 Jun 2008, 08:50
This post received
Here is the entire applicant pool as it currently stands on this board. There are stats at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

OUR RECORD (Acceptances – Dings – Waitlisted Candidates)

Accepted May 28th:
GMAT: 700 (44V, 42Q)
UGPA: 2.99 (BS in Chemistry); but took a few grad classes recently and received GPA 3.7
7 yrs. of WE -- in general, 6 yrs. in molecular/cell biology and 1 year in private foundation as consultant for scientific/medical grants
lots of volunteer work, extracurriculars, etc.
Asian female, born in US (father from India, mother from Philippines)

Accepted June 3rd:
Gmat: 680 (48Q, 34V), 6.0 AWA
GPA: 3.35, Chemical Engineering, Rutgers College of Engineering
Work Exp: 10 yrs in Pharma Industry with good job progression with management experience.
Extracuriculars: This is the weakest item on my application, just a member of a few clubs and societies.
Recommendations: 2 from supervisor and former supervisor - both were very good.

Accepted June 4th:
Area of interest in MBA: Leadership and Change Management, Quantitative Finance
GMAT: 740, Q49/V41, AWA 5.0
GPA: 3.0 B.E., Double major in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics at a top 20 school
Work experience(WE): 6 years experience as a Quantitative Analyst at a top hedge fund. Currently supervising two other analysts.
Nationality: American
Age: 29 at matriculation
Gender: Male
- New York Society of Securities Analysts member
- International Association of Financial Engineers member
- Fraternity House Manager in college
- Engineer Council member in college
- Volunteer Students for Science in college
- CFA Charterholder (passed all three levels without failure in two total years)
Great recs, essays and resume. I’m weak in community service and GPA but the CFA makes up for the GPA to some degree.

Accepted June 4th:
31, WM.
IT at a Financial Services firm. Have led teams of up to 6 and restructured troubled divisions, recently migrating towards strategic planning.
GMAT: 530 (first attempt, no study), 620 (second attempt, 3 hours study.....MORAL: PREPARE FOR YOUR GMAT!!!!)
undergrad GPA (first go around): 2.7 (the top US engineering school)
undergrad GPA (second go round): 3.9 (Not-so top engineering school)
Grad GPA: 4.0 (same not-so top engineering school)
Numerous awards, solid extracurriculars (with leadership). I believe my essays set me apart from the pack. Do not underestimate their importance.

Accepted June 18th:
720 GMAT
3.4 GPA - MS Computer Science
70% BS Computer Science (Indian University)
6 years work experience

Accepted June 18th:
GMAT: 650 (Q41, V38)
Undergrad: BS in Marketing, 3.79 GPA
Work Exp: 2.5 years in a large market research company - started as an analyst right after graduation, huge job progression this past summer as I just became a Product Manager
Other stuff: A few honor societies in college, chosen to be in an extracurricular cross functional team at work

Accepted June 18th:
Age 23
GMAT: 680
GPA: 3.86
WE: 2 yrs IT

Accepted June 18th:
Weeknight Option
Indian Male - 25
Gmat: 700
GPA: 3.0 - Computer Science Degree
Work in a Big Bank (3.5 Years) - Technology

Accepted June 25th:
GMAT: 750 (47Q 46V 5.0 AWA)
Undergrad GPA: 3.3
Work: 7 years as a Quality Engineer
Demo 31 y/o white male, US citizen

Accepted June 25th:
30, WM
GMAT 680
Undergrad gpa 3.62 Physics
MS gpa 3.9 in EE
I have been working as an engineer for 5+.

Accepted June 25th:
White Female/ 26
700 GMAT
3.5 GPA - Independent Study at NYU (attended for last 2 years of undergrad- was a transfer)
Only 1 job, in finance industry but not finance, under 3 years work experience but rapid growth
3rd essay was not creative

Accepted July 2nd:
American Female
GMAT: 710 (47Q/41V)
UGPA: 3.9, strong extracurriculars (back then at least)
will be 3 yrs work experience in September - 1 yr Big 4 audit, currently Tax/IT at Fortune 50 company.

Accepted July 2nd:
Washington Square - Weeknights
GMAT: 680; Q 45; V 39; AWA 5
GPA: 3.0 - BS in Business, Concentration in Finance (State School)
7 years experience - Investment Mgmt - Now Sr trader for mutual fund firm
CFA Charterholder and on Executive Committee of volunteer non-profit org
A little nervous about undergrad GPA. Hopefully CFA and volunteer work will overcome that.

Accepted July 2nd:
27yr old Korean male
GMAT: 640 / AWA 4.5
GPA: 3.3 (International Criminal Justice)
Work: 6-Years - I've been in the Banking Compliance field (specifically Anti-Money Laundering) with decent progression.
Other: 6-years of reserve military experience/2-years of overseas war-time experience.
I feel confident about my essays and my recs; however, I thought I could've done better with the 3rd essay in terms of creativity. Hoping the military will really give me an edge.

Accepted July 2nd:
28-yr-old WF
GMAT: 700 (42Q/44V/5.5)
GPA: 3.7
WE: 6 years in book publishing (not a traditional pre-MBA field, I know, but I'm hoping that will work in my favor) with strong career progression and great management experience

Accepted July 2nd:
GMAT: 700
GPA: 3.4
Exp: 5 years, finance

Accepted July 2nd:
GMAT 650 (tood it twice and i improved considerable)
underg. GPA 3.9 (from international engineering school)
grad. GPA 3.95 (same school)
several extracurricular activities
6 years of working experience (good progession on titel and salary)

Accepted July 2nd:
30, WF
GMAT 600
Undergrad gpa 3.89 in civil engineering
MS gpa 4.0 in civil engineering
WE: 7 years

Accepted July 3rd:
30 y/o asian
Pharma industry
8 years WE (3 in financial, 5 in pharma)
3.9 UG GPA at state school
3.6 Grad GPA

Accepted July 3rd:
Age: 28
GMAT: 660
GPA: 3.9, BA in Economics from St. Francis College, Summa Cum Laude
Exp: 3 years Corporate Finance (2 yrs in an Energy Company, 1 yr in Cap Markets)

Accepted July 9th:
WE: 4 yrs
GMAT: 700
Good Essays and I think my Essay4 was the best of all my essays.
Highly recommended.
Bachelors in CS and a Masters in CS.
International applicant though I live in NY

Accepted July 15th:
28 yr Male Indian Techie, 700, Fin., 7 years WE.

Accepted July 16th:
Age 28
5 years work experience
3.3 BS GPA from top 5 US Eng School
3.9 MS IT
Work as Engineer Consultant

Accepted July 16th:
33 yr old, Indian male techie with a Green card
GMAT: 730 (V42, Q49)
GPA: First Class, did not make an attempt to convert to GPA
MS in Industrial Engineering in a US school: GPA: 3.34
CPIM(certified in production and inventory management)
Also completed a Manufacturing technology course at UC Berkeley with an A+
Work ex: 8 years in software dev(now lead mid-large scale dev initiatives as a project lead)
xtra curriculars: nothing great

Accepted July 16th:
*Was asked to interview*
36 y/o white male
Pharma industry
8 years WE (6 in medicine, 2 in pharma industry)
3.9 UG GPA at state school
3.75 Grad GPA from Ivy
New York City resident

Accepted July 16th:
GMAT: 710 (48Q/40V), AWA: 5.0
Undergrad: BTech Mechanical Engineering, India. Grade: 1st Division w/ Distinction
Grad: MS Computer Science, GPA 3.8
Post Bacc course in Finance from Columbia Business School
7yrs in Software Consultancy and Pharmaceutical IT compliance. Currently with a big pharma.

Accepted July 23rd:
28- WM
650 GMAT (took it twice, first 580)
2.9 GPA from a state school in Finance (ranked in the lower 500's)
6 year Work experience (5 in Mortgage Sales, 1 in Financial Services- non manager)

Accepted July 23rd:
gmat: 610 (high verbal low quant)
ugpa:3.6 from umich
degree: Music
have worked in the entertainment industry for the past 4.5 years
I have a very creative 3rd essay and I have strong recommendations including one from my CFO who is a Stern alum
I am female

Accepted July 23rd:
34 year old WM
640 GMAT
2.8 GPA from a top liberal arts college
12 years of work experience in real estate

Accepted July 25th:
GMAT: 680 (41V, 42Q) AWA 5.5
GPA: Undergrad GPA: 3.65 (BE in Comp Eng) Grad GPA: 3.9 (ME in Electrical Eng)
Work Exp: 3 yrs of WE in Defense Industry, started out as a design engineer, currently deputy engineering manager.
Extra-curricular: Not much after college, I do provide mentoring to local high school students through work.
Nationality: Indian
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Accepted July 25th:
Program: Weeknights (Westchester)
GMAT: 670
Under Grad: Indian Institute of Tech, GPA (3.0)
Age: 31, male
Apart from other odds, I nearly took 2+ weeks after deadline to submit other papers.

Accepted July 25th:
Applied for weekend option 1st choice/ weeknights 2nd
GMAT:640 (47Q, 31V, 5.5 AWA)
Female, 27
3yr IB experience, decent career progress

Accepted July 25th:
GMAT 690
GPA 3.36
5 yr WE

Accepted July 31st:
GMAT: 710
Undergrad GPA: Top 5%
Background: Various industries
Current Industry: IB
Age: 30+
App Submitted: Last minute on 5/15 (only 3 essays written)
First Preference: Weekend Option

Accepted August 1st:
Top GMAT: 650 (Q - 53% V - 95%)
Undergrad: 3.0 (Ivy) Started as pre-med, got creamed early, changed majors and then had a nice progression upwards.
JD: 2.9 - Again started off slow, and finished up strong.
WE: 5 years post JD
Career Progression: Strong, won some major cases that were in the paper, recently hired to do work on the crane collapes etc. Nice salary bumps.
Applied in May, but retook GMAT a few times (590,620,650) so I'm just complete now.

Accepted August 4th:
* Was asked to interview*
Male - 30
GMAT - 670
Undegrad GPA 2.9
Grad GPA 4.0
8 years Telecomm experience in top fortune 500 companies. Currently working in a big Financial


Dinged June 18th
720 (48Q 41V; AWA: 6)
Two simultaneous BA's from Columbia (Poli. Sci.) and a religious school
Both GPA's 3.1
WE: 2 years in legal
Demo: Ukrainian-American (see nick)
Extra-curr.: One activity for 6+ years in Russian community, directly related to what I want to do but not profitable at this time. Just founded my own group at Columbia, so leadership there.

Dinged July 22nd
26 y/o Chinese male
Ivy undergrad (Finance and Hospitality mgmt) (GPA 3.8)
GMAT: 610 ( 48Q, 27V) Yeah low verbal. This is the second time I took it. First time I got a 570.
5 Years of work experience ( FX Sales and Trading)
-2 year sales and trading analyst program at a top tier bank
-Promoted to Associate and trained with the MBA hires
-Took on an Associate Director positon at another international bank.
I am pretty involved in the community(local HS afterschool programs, mentoring programs, etc). I am involved in a lot of non-profit organizations in metro NY.

Dinged July 23rd
32 year old (non-indian) south asian male ( perhaps my app got lumped with other "M-I-Ts" and stood weak comparatively)
GMAT 630
GPA 2.7 - mathematics major, top 100 private university
6 years trading exp.
1 year independent consultant (entrepreneur) in developing financial analytics for hedge funds.

Dinged July 28th
profile: M-I-T
Age 28. 5 WE in Medical Technolgy Field. (recently promoted to a project manager)
Recos: Excellent.
application: On the last date. 3rd Essay not creative.
Weekend Only.

Dinged July 31st
-30 Year old, Korean Male (US Resident)
-Undergard: Top 25 school: GPA - 2.55 IS major
-Grad: Reputable school: GPA 3.91 - IS major
-GMAT: 660
-9 Years Experience in IT. Decent career progression, but in my 5th job. Currently, Project Manager
-low to medium extra curriculars.
-My company will fully sponsor - not sure if it makes a difference in admission.
-I have fairly interesting background, as far as growing up in many countries etc..

Dinged August 11th
GMAT: 760
WE: F500 4 years
Good extra in school and also in community
Moderate GPA 3.1 in under from top school outside U.S.
Two MSs in US from reputable school with GPA over 3.5
Currently in financial risk field for about a year, before was engineer and data analyst
Not in NYC area, but willing to relocate soon

Dinged August 19th after being waitlisted July 29th
-Weekend option
-6 years of WE
-720 GMAT (88% V, 89%Q, 5.5 AW)
-2.5 UG GPA (uh, a long story.....)
-Some extra-cur during UG, but nothing extremely exciting
-Took several graduate level courses as a non-matriculating student after college: 2 engineering courses with a 3.0 GPA and then 4 MBA courses with a 3.8 GPA.

Dinged August 19th after being waitlisted July 30th
Indian Male 31 years
IT 8 years work experience
GMAT 640
Plan to retake GMAT

Dinged August 20th
UGPA: 3.8
Masters GPA: 3.6
5 yrs Environmental Engineering with progression to Sustainable Business Strategy

Dinged September 4th after being waitlisted August 1st
36 yrs old.
GMAT 750
Graduate GPA 3.87
Under: don't know. different system.
WE: 12 yrs International business
Member of ISM or Qigong club, etc.


Waitlisted June 24th
Add me to the wannabe list for weekend program
1) GMAT : 690 Q49 V 34 (AWA 4) (5 yr old GMAT score!)
2) 8 yrs work ex (Information Technology)

Waitlisted July 25th
*This candidate was called by the head of AdCom and told they were a perfect fit for the EMBA program*
-gmat: 620 (Q:49, V: 27)
-undergrad gpa: 3.12 (CS major)
-grad gpa: 3.8 (CS major, with with graduate citation)
-12 Years of work experience (IT consultant; IT manager; Currently working at a big investment bank as a senior network security analyst/ global leader, a lot of global experience with counterparts worldwide. I believe I have good career progression. My salary has increased 5x since I started my career.)
-company 100% sponsor for mba
-promotion and event coordinator at a Chinese Kung Fu club
-professional certifications: CISSP, CISA, MCSE, CCNA, SCSA, CNE, PCLP

Waitlisted July 28th
690, 85%, 9+ IT with over 6 years in Financial Services industry

Waitlisted July 29th
Male- 32
Pharma Industry (Marketing Research and Analytics) - WE 6.5 yrs.
Good career progression. Got awards consistently for the past 3 yrs.
GMAT- 650
Low community involvement.
BS in Pharmacy
Masters GPA- 3.44
Preference was Westchester weeknight option only.

Waitlisted August 1st
GMAT: 600 (yeah, I know) - AWA 6
GPA: 3.3 from a SUNY
WE: 8 years (career change from hospitality to finance)
Age: 30+, female, born and raised in US (was wondering if "hick" was a category?)
Work progression: Best thing I got - moved up pretty fast in 3 years
Extracurriculars: Close to second best thing I got - varied and wide during every stage of my life
Recommendations: My recommenders didn't let me read them but I assume strong since I got this far!

Waitlisted August 1st
GMAT: 620 (very bad, i know. but i saw some 630 and 650 got accepted...)
WE: 8 yrs in sales & mkt, 2 yrs oversea exp
undergrad GPA: unknow, foreign degree
grad GPA: 3.4
Washington SQ weekend

Here is the rest of the applicant pool on this thread:

GMAT: 730
GPA: 3.78, BS in CS
Exp: 5 years IT in IB
Level 3 CFA candidate

Profile: MIT (Male Indian Techie)
GMAT: 710 (Q50, V35, Awaiting AWA)
GPA: 3.5, MS in Computer Science
Undergrad GPA: 82% (Not sure what the GPA equivalent of that is)
Exp: 12 years in IT (8 years in Financial Services IT)
Current Role: IT Project Manager for Wall Street firm. Currently managing a mid sized (10 people) global team
Age: 34

My stats 680/GPA 3.9/ work experience 10 years IT.

660 GMAT
3.5 GPA (top tier school)
5 yrs WE in consulting

650, 3.25, 4 years IT
Submitted 04/08/2008

640 GMAT, 3.9 Masters GPA, 4 years marketing and tech background.
3.4 in MIS
retook GMAT in late July with app under review and got a 690

GMAT 620: Q40 V35 AWA: 5.0
Undergraduate GPA: 3.67 (Biochem. major from a state uni)
Graduate GPA: 3.4 (Biotech Masters from IVY league school)
Work exp: 5.5 yrs in consumer goods industry.

GMAT: 560
GPA: 3.5 from an engineering school (US)
WE: 4 years in 3 firms including consulting
started out as an analyst in consulting now a strategy manager with a top financial services company
Good recommendations and essays.

Notes: The average GMAT on this thread is 675 which is close to the accepted average. The average undergrad GPA is 3.41 for those who listed GPA
There are 14 people holding masters degrees with an average grad GPA of 3.71, 2 CFA charterholders, 1 CFA level 3 candidate, and 1 JD.
36 people on the thread are in, 7 people have been waitlisted and 9 people have been dinged.
Best of luck to all!!

Here are all of the numbers as of this post:

U-Grad GPA:

Grad GPA:

The Wait:
6/13 - 67-----6/25 - 124-----7/8 - 202------7/18 - 268-----7/30 - 362-----8/11 - 417
6/16 - 75-----6/26 - 142-----7/9 - 217------7/21 - 282-----7/31 - 375-----8/12 - 423
6/17 - 79-----6/27 - 143-----7/10 - 217-----7/22 - 285-----8/1 - 375------8/13 - 438
6/18 - 98-----6/30 - 150-----7/11 - 217-----7/23 - 295-----8/4 - 393------8/14 - 438
6/19 - 104-----7/1 - 164-----7/14 - 254-----7/24 - 304-----8/5 - 391------8/15 - 435
6/20 - 104-----7/2 - 168-----7/15 - 262-----7/25 - 304-----8/6 - 402------8/18 - 436
6/23 - 104-----7/3 - 172-----7/16 - 268-----7/28 - 328-----8/7 - 406------8/19 - 435
6/24 - 124-----7/7 - 183-----7/17 - 268-----7/29 - 339-----8/8 - 417

This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient but I do love Fig Newtons!

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Re: NYU Langone Fall 2008 [#permalink]

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New post 10 Jun 2008, 12:21
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MBALooking wrote:
Hello all - is it just me or is it a bit unusual that there hasn't been more news over the last few days? By this time last year, there was a steady stream of folks hearing back but that doesn't seem to be the case. Perhaps the higher application volume is slowing their review? Whatever the case, it seems odd that they're taking so much time.

I know the wait is frustrating, but NYU seems to be on par with past performance. However, without a report on how many people are in the new student database, we really don’t have an objective way to tell how things compare to last year.

The action will pick up late this month / early next.
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Re: NYU Langone Fall 2008 [#permalink]

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New post 16 Jun 2008, 08:54
This post received
I have access to the database. I'll give updates on Fridays around 5 PM regarding the total admitted. If I check and see a big bump in the total on a particular day, I'll post that too. As of right now, there are 67 students in the database including me. Here is the breakdown by industry:

Industry Total
Accounting/Control 2
Advertising 1
Consulting 3
Engineering 7
Finance-Comm Banking 2
Finance-Corp Finance 5
Finance-Other 7
Finance-Sale & Trade 5
General Management 3
Hum. Res./Personnel 1
Information Systems 8
Marketing 5
Operations/Prod 2
Other 9
Research & Develop 1
Sales/Business Dev 3
Strategic Planning 3

I'm not going to list undergrad schools of those admitted or employer information because I think that would be over stepping my bounds. It has all of that information in the database though. It's really interesting.

This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient but I do love Fig Newtons!

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Re: NYU Langone Fall 2008 [#permalink]

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New post 23 Jun 2008, 15:04
This post received
Hang in there. Speed of the response is not the most important factor here, as I learned. Don't give up, we're all rooting for you.
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Re: NYU Langone Fall 2008 [#permalink]

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New post 24 Jun 2008, 14:24
This post received
There are 124 people in the database now.

This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient but I do love Fig Newtons!

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Re: NYU Langone Fall 2008 [#permalink]

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New post 25 Jun 2008, 13:02
This post received
Tenore wrote:
I am IN!!!

Me too! However, my status on the site was not updated until I received the email- I checked 1 hr before and saw the standard message. I have under 3 years of work experience- so I am glad to be in!
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Re: NYU Langone Fall 2008 [#permalink]

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New post 26 Jun 2008, 02:35
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Congrats Lgold! :-D Glad to see some hope for the youngin's! I think that is the aspect of my app that I'm overanalyzing the most right now...
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Re: NYU Langone Fall 2008 [#permalink]

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New post 27 Jun 2008, 15:24
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langonefall08 wrote:
Can someone please give us the updated database count ?

Thanks in advance....

It looks like it hasn't changed from 142.
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New post 30 Jun 2008, 15:24
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I suppose I still have to wait. This is what my status page says...well, I took out my name and address.


Dear ________,

Thank you for applying to the Langone Part-time MBA program at NYU Stern. We have received your application and it is currently being processed and presented to the Admissions Committee for review. Should the Committee require additional information, you will be notified via email.

Please note that if you submitted a complete application by May 15, you will receive notification on or before August 1. If your application is not complete by the deadline, your notification may be delayed.

It is the responsibility of each applicant to update NYU Stern immediately with any changes to his or her contact information. Updates must be made via this Application Status Check Website.

MBA Admissions has the following address and email information on file for you. If any of this information is incorrect, click the Update button to make changes.
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New post 01 Jul 2008, 12:33
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still at a 150....hang in there.
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New post 02 Jul 2008, 07:40
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I just received the notification...I'm in for Washington Sq weeknights!!!

Good luck to everyone who is still waiting to hear...Now I can regain my sanity...
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New post 03 Jul 2008, 11:09
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rskaushik wrote:
It would be great if I could get suggestions

I'm glad that atleast one male indian techie got some response. You might want to check the business week forum because a number applicants there have got a similar request. But to me your response looks okay....I mean I dont know what else you can say....

And a big congrats to all the admits....can someone congratulate me on my predictions !!!!

Have a good one, all!!
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New post 07 Jul 2008, 20:19
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jerseygirl wrote:
Thanks for the reassurance. In theory, the adcom reviews all the on-time applications first, right? I must have been waiting too long for a decision and ideas just start popping up in my head!

I wish I could say yes, but the past people who have applied late have been accepted early and vice versa. A poor girl who applied early with a 760 gmat didn't hear until late july in one year's thread.

In my best guess, the truly exceptional candidate …the ivy grad wit a 3.7 GPA, 730 gmat and a management job at a top 10 IB… will get in early. In fact, if such an app applied today, he’d probably get an admit the following Wednesday. As to the rest of us, it seems pretty random.

Being in an underrepresented group (females) and having a very good gmat score puts you in a good position, even with your GPA. Nothing is certain, but I wouldn’t worry too much.
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New post 10 Jul 2008, 08:17
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So I decided to make a chart mixing CFA’s report on the admitted student database with my data from 2007. This should give us an idea of how adcom has paced itself this year vs. last year and should give us a little preview of what is to come...

DATE ---- 2007 ----- 2008
6/13 ..... nr ...... 67
6/19 ..... 75 ...... 104
6/27 ..... 108 ..... 143
7/04 ..... 130 ..... 172
7/09 ..... nr ...... 217
7/13 ..... 230 ..... ???
7/22 ..... 262
7/24 ..... 288
7/25 ..... 306
8/03 ..... 420
8/09 ..... 440
8/17 ..... 447

Also, is should be noted that, in past years, mass dings / mass waitlist notices usually came in late July (along with a -lot- of admits). I speculate that the adcom will only ding / wl someone prior to mid-July point if they are missing something essential, like work experience or minimum level academics (for instance, a gmat of 510 or a job flippin’ burgers will probably earn an early ding).

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New post 11 Jul 2008, 08:01
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Sorry if I offend anyone but I really wanted to know why you all are so anxious/excited about getting into NYU Langone, a program that won't give you any valuable assistance from their career services and treats the Langone students as their ATM machines and second-class citizens?

Did you stop to consider the fact that we are not all career switchers?

Langone isn't set up with career switching in mind. In the essay about why a PT MBA makes sense, they are looking for why it makes sense for you to advance with your company. In other words, why are you going PT and not FT? When I was at the information session, the speaker specifically said that one of the main things they look for in your essays is why your company supports your decision to go PT. What value will the MBA add in their eyes? There are many reasons to go PT over FT but one of the main ones in Langone's eyes should be advancement in your current profession. If you want to switch jobs or careers, go FT. Since they look at the PT people as people with jobs who aren't switching careers, why should they pour resources into the career services center? NYU doesn't look at the PT people as second class citizens at all. They do a great job helping working professionals achieve the goal of advancement in their current profession. If, however, you are a PT MBA career switcher, you can find your own recruiter very easily. If you're proactive, you can get this done on your own. It's all about personal motivation.

This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient but I do love Fig Newtons!

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New post 11 Jul 2008, 08:13
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Whylangone wrote:
Sorry if I offend anyone but I really wanted to know why you all are so anxious/excited about getting into NYU Langone, a program that won't give you any valuable assistance from their career services and treats the Langone students as their ATM machines and second-class citizens?

Because it’s NYU.

The Langone core program is incredible. I have my courses pretty much mapped out, and I can’t stop from having a little giddy excitement from reading the syllabi (although my girlfriend feels I am crazy for this.) Moreover, what is better than presenting a case analysis and then having that reviewed by classmates that are just as competitive and passionate as you? If the people in this thread are any indication, Langone will be worth it just because of the student body.

What strikes me most in the new student tour is how the Langone program seems to draw all the strength from Stern full time, yet maintains its own discrete identity. Furthermore, the adcom seems to pay particular attention to creating a class that has a wealth of professional experience among a variety of fields. In fact, I believe that Langone’s reluctance to help those with career placement is linked to the fact that it tends to admit students that have good positions in good companies. Some top companies have multiple representatives in the 2008 database, and I am sure the company is paying tuition. Would it make sense for Langone to help these students leave their sponsoring company?

Langone seems to be a means for successful professionals to refine themselves and take their careers to the next level. It is not a career or job switcher’s school.

Of course I am just a newly admitted student, but my early impressions are that Langone is all that it’s billed to be. People are still killing themselves just to get in, so I must not be too far off the mark.
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New post 14 Jul 2008, 14:03
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rskaushik wrote:
Would someone please let us know the latest database count?

The latest is 237. It seems like it was updated this afternoon.
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New post 16 Jul 2008, 11:24
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Congrat to you.

I am at same age. But I didn't get any response yet.

nycUWS wrote:
Hi, all - just discovered this board AFTER I interviewed, and have been browsing it over the past couple of weeks. Anyway, I also received notice of acceptance today, to the Washington Square Weeknights option.

36 y/o white male
Pharma industry
8 years WE (6 in medicine, 2 in pharma industry)
3.9 UG GPA at state school
3.75 Grad GPA from Ivy
New York City resident

I had an interview with the admissions committee about two weeks ago, which apparently went OK. Looking forward to meeting my classmates in September! Good luck to those who continue to wait...I know how difficult it is...
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