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People who receive unsolicited advice from someone whose

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People who receive unsolicited advice from someone whose [#permalink]

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New post 09 Jul 2010, 22:57


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People who receive unsolicited advice from someone whose advantage would be served if that advice is taken should regard the proffered advice with skepticism unless there is good reason to think that their interests substantially coincide with those of the advice giver in the circumstance in question.

This principle, if accepted, would justify which one of the following judgments?
(A) After learning by chance that Harriet is looking for a secure investment for her retirement savings, Floyd writes to her recommending the R&M Company as an especially secure investment. But since Floyd is the sole owner of R&M, Harrier should reject his advice out of hand and invest the savings elsewhere.
(B) While shopping for a refrigerator, Ramon is approached by a salesperson who, on the basis of her personal experience, warns him against the least expensive model. However, the salesperson’s commission increases with the price of the refrigerator sold, so Ramon should not reject the least expensive model on the salesperson’s advice alone.
(C) Mario wants to bring pastry to Yvette’s party, and when he consults her Yvette suggests that he bring his favorite chocolate fudge brownies from the local bakery. However, since Yvette also prefers those brownies to any other pastry, Mario would be wise to check with others before following her recommendation.
(D) Sara overhears Ron talking about a course he will be teaching and interrupts to recommend a textbook for his course. However, even though Sara and Ron each wrote a chapter of’ this textbook, since the book’s editor is a personal friend of Sara’s, Ron should investigate further before deciding whether it is the best textbook for his course.
(E) Mel is buying fish for soup. Joel, who owns the fish market where Mel is a regular and valued customer, suggests a much less expensive fish than the fish Mel herself prefers. Since if Mel follows Joel’s advice, Joel will make less profit on the sale than he would have otherwise, Mel should follow his recommendation.

Please explain how to approach these kind of questions in less that 2 mins!
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Re: unsolicited advice [#permalink]

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New post 10 Jul 2010, 00:42
This post received
Time taken: 1:41

If A gives B unsolicited advice, and A would benefit from the following of said advice, B should be cautious about accepting it, unless B himself would also benefit.

Which situation is justified by this reasoning?

NOTE: Since the choices are long and you need to parse them quickly, always look for giveaway words. Extreme versions of the argument are a common trap answer on the GMAT CR section. If the argument recommends caution, you should look for a choice that emulates this moderate approach and eliminate those that offer an outright rejection or skip another consideration like this.

A. "reject her advice" --> outright extreme version of the argument.

B. Perfect. A advises B, unsolicited, and the advice is advantageous to A. So B should not follow the advice solely at A's behest. i.e. Ramon should not change his mind about buying the cheap model solely on the salesperson's advice, since she stands to gain from this decision.

C. It would be a stretch to accept this as a situation as analogous to a "ulterior motive" so to speak. It's Yvette's party and it is acceptable that she would request something she prefers. More importantly, these brownies happen to be Mario's favorite too so it's a win-win situation; this is something the argument allows for as being alright.

D. Again, both Sara & Ron wrote a chapter. If Ron himself wrote in it, he surely has some stake in using it as the course textbook. The editor friend is probably not going to be a part of this decision. Another killer for this question is that it involves a third party who could stand to gain while A and B themselves are favoured entities. This alters the circumstances slightly beyond the scope of the argument.

E. This flips the argument to say that if someone advises you and they stand to lose from the outcome, you should accept their advice. This is absurd logic and is not allowed. It is analogous to "If X --> Y then not X --> not Y" The only acceptable manipulation is the contrapositive which does not arise in any of these choices.

Pick B.

On test day you should have stopped at B, though. When you find something that fits the bill, you are likely on the button and shouldn't invest any more time in these wordy choices.

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Senior Manager
Senior Manager
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Re: unsolicited advice [#permalink]

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New post 10 Jul 2010, 21:36
good explanation ..

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Re: unsolicited advice   [#permalink] 10 Jul 2010, 21:36
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People who receive unsolicited advice from someone whose

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