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Please check my essay and give comments

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Please check my essay and give comments  [#permalink]

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New post 23 May 2017, 22:40
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The invention of the Internet has had negative effects on your civilization. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Nowadays, people have been using the internet for socializing, researching, playing, and so on. People can easily voice out, or in terms of internet: “share” or “post”, whatever they want online. In my own perspective, I can see that the internet could result for the civilization to have a lot of negative effects for 3 reasons.

First, the internet is a very accessible. We can access the internet with the use of our personal computers and other handheld devices such as smartphones. People can easily share their opinions whether they were valid, hurtful, or uplifting. Thus, people who have an opposing or different idea could refute causing for the two opposing sides to disagree and have an argument. For instance, I was once a fan of a very famous singer named Taylor Swift. I usually share his famous quotes all over my social networking sites. However, there was a person who commented on my post because he found him “untalented”. As a result, I refuted to defend my own side while using hurtful remarks. Thus, I realized that I was just trying to ruin our bond or civilization because it felt like I was aloof with him along with the other haters.

Second, we can easily fabricate what we post on the internet. For example, one person could post a picture of a girl vomiting and put a caption that says “Georgina vomiting after drinking 5 bottles of alcohol”. When actually, all she ever did was just eat something at the cafeteria but because of the food that she ate got all mixed up and caused her stomach to be upset. As a result, she puked. But if you captioned the picture like that, many people would believe it as people usually “believe what they see”. Many people would now think that she is a drunkard.

Third, millions of children are getting obsessed with the internet could learn bad things.. Like I’ve said before, the internet is very accessible. So, if we don’t limit or supervise our children when they are surfing the internet, we may not know what they are reading, listening, or watching about. They could learn numerous of things that they should only know when they are more open minded or mature. For example ,a 6 year old could learn about violence like: punching random strangers, pranking them, and so on. Thus, I think it could result for the civilization to even fall apart.

Even if we could not imagine our daily lives without the internet as it has a lot of pros and cons, I think we should be aware of the massive, hurtful negative things it could do to our civilization. In conclusion, I think the internet could be bad in terms of civilization because it could be easily accessed, share fallacious information, and make children obsessed.

any comments would be really appreciated. thank you sooo muchhhhh
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Please check my essay and give comments   [#permalink] 23 May 2017, 22:40
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Please check my essay and give comments

  new topic post reply Question banks Downloads My Bookmarks Reviews Important topics  

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