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Please rate my essay

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Joined: 09 May 2013
Posts: 19
Location: Russian Federation
Concentration: Strategy, Finance
Schools: Duke '19 (A)
GMAT 1: 690 Q50 V34
GPA: 3.84
Please rate my essay  [#permalink]

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New post 21 Sep 2016, 08:53
Essay # 1.
The lecture and the passage discuse benefits and disadvantages of appearance of professors on TV in different shows.
The passage gives positive aspects of this apparances whereas the lecture gives negative aspects of it.
On one hand, the lecture states that the possibility to speak on TV will bring only negative aspects to life of a scholar because colleagues will think about him or her as about not serious person. As a result, the professor will not be invited to serious conferences, will not receive funds for researches and additionally will waste his or her time for nothing instead of spend time with students and his or her works. But on the other hand the passage states that such appearance will increase reputation of a professor and his or her university. The professor will be seen as a authority in some fieild and has possibility to share ideas with unlimited audience. The univercity will improve its reputation, and increase donations and number of applications from promissing students.
As the lecture states, the public will not gain from the appearance of the professor in TV show because he or she can not present his or her ideas in serious way because the format of TV show is not done for it. All information will be presented in simple way to be adopted for all levels of the public. That is why the same data can be presented by TV reporter with no changes or lost in content. But the passage assumes that the public will gain from the real expertise and insight of the professor and his or her thoughtful and deep knowledges.
In conclusion, two sources show two opposite faces of a medal for discussed appearance of scholars on TV.

Essay #2. "Young people enjoy life more than older people do."
I disagree with the statement that young people enjoy life more than older people for few reasons.
First of all, I think that an old person is more mature and has more experience, and it leads to less entensive negative feelings about not important and negliable things, such as minor problems or a disagrement with boyfriend or girlfriend. Some things can be easier than young person used to thing. Older people tend to be less nervious and spend less emotions for stuff that they do not care much because these things are not vital or even significant in their lifes. For example, can you remember how youngs nervious about first kiss or date? Can you remember how an old person nerviouses about such things?
But should we assume that old people do not have feelings at all? Of course, we should not. Should we infer that old people have not bright emotions? Not, we should not. People with number of years behind have hearts and souls the same as they had when they were eighteen or twenty years old. I suppose their feelings become even better because these type of people understand their feelings deeper. Older people weight emotions higher and appreciate every moment as a moment, which costs more, whereas youngs can not understand the value of the moment, and spend very expensive time for nothing special or memorable that can bring real joy.
I am sure, someone will tell that older people can not be happy due to health. If you are young, you are healty person. I am not sure this equation is correct in any time. The basis of healt is not only years lived, but the way these years were lived. Healthy life, food and regular exercises can help to anyone to protect his or her old years from illnesses and problems with body. In this case, the difference between twenty years body and sixty years body is nor huge, and will not disturb from enjoy of life.
In conclusion, I think older people enjoy life not less, and may be sometimes more, then young people for the above-mentioned reasons.
Joined: 27 Oct 2016
Posts: 8
Re: Please rate my essay  [#permalink]

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New post 07 Nov 2016, 06:40
Essay # 1
Great opportunity to expand this topic on inner level. Try to think deeper and more creative, and you'll have success.

Essay # 2
This one is kind of weak. I think you need to look up for other angels for expanding this topic.
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Re: Please rate my essay   [#permalink] 07 Nov 2016, 06:40
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Please rate my essay

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