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Profile Evaluation Request

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Joined: 06 May 2020
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New post 07 May 2020, 22:39

Going through my profile details below, it could be observed that there is not much extracurricular. It could be attributed to only one reason my confusion :| . I have always been inclined towards the technical front of my field and as such have done lots of overtime. Over the time in my career progression I realized that I wanted more. Hence, I am now, over past few months, doing research over MBA Programs.

Nationality : Indian
X(std) : 88% CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education)
XII(std) : 75% CBSE (electives Physics,Chem,Math with Information Practices)
Graduated with B.E degree in 2014 from Nagpur University(AIU & ACU affiliated) with 64% in the four year course of Computer Technology.

Immediately joined Tech Mahindra Ltd. as Associate Software Engineer. Worked for 4.5 years and promoted to Software Engineer.
Joined Infosys Ltd. soon and I am currently working here as Technology Analyst. Right now my experience is 6 yrs.

In both the organisations I was a part of team having 7-8 members. Though, I didn't have the role of a Lead, I have groomed few juniors/freshers under me. Guiding through the business as well technical fronts. Assigning tasks on day-to-day basis and also assisting in completion of it. I have also worked on various technologies : starting from legacy tech - Mainframe to Java.
Joined: 07 May 2019
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New post 11 May 2020, 06:22
Hello everyone.
I am from India. I have done my Bachelor's in Pharmacy with low CGPA of 6.75/10.I have scored 750 on the GMAT and I have participated at various platforms. I have done my Master's in Pharmacoeconomics and Health Economics From German University with CGPA of 3.5/5. I was the Sports Secretary of the college and lead the team of 20+ Volunteers. I have done 2 Internships. And I have work experience of 3 years into Pricing and HEOR at ISPOR. What are the possibilities of getting it into Harvard MBA?

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Avanti Prep Admissions Consultant
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New post 11 May 2020, 08:48
Hi AmbivrtOptmst... and hello to neetabhanushali as well, as it seems you've posted your profile review request within @AmbivrtOptmst's thread. No worries, and thank you both for your posts. I will try to provide some guidance to both you. (Please also be aware that any prior responses to your profile review(s) in this thread did not come from a representative of Avanti Prep.)



Beyond that, AmbivrtOptmst, it's great to hear about your work experience, and you seem to have made strong progressions in your field with a well-regarded company in Infosys. At the same time, it's a little difficult to give you a complete response without more information. Have you taken the GMAT or GRE? When do you plan to do so? What score do you estimate you can get? Where are you interested in pursuing your MBA? And what are your intended post-MBA goals? The pool of applicants from India is very crowded and competitive to begin with, and even more so for software engineers, so as you unpack your experiences and think through stories, you will want to really introspect about the evolution of your skills, interests, and experiences beyond simply "the technical." You will also want to deeply consider how who you are and what you've done to this point (mostly technical) plus the MBA equals, leads to, or enables your [super specific] post-MBA goals (once defined). (Please read more via the links below.)

Extracurriculars and leadership experiences can certainly add value and help differentiate you, but admittedly not everyone is going to have those experiences. Again here, I would encourage you to think deeply about the experience you have had, and what underlying leadership, impact, and organizational or community engagement those experiences have entailed. The application process requires deep introspection in order to properly unpack the value of your experiences, and then synthesize them into compelling stories, anecdotes, essays, recommendations, etc. If you feel really really thin in this area, then consider what actions you can take in the coming months (or coming 1.5 years if you apply in a future year). If you're superficially or tangentially involved with any initiatives inside or outside of work, then consider ramping up that involvement -- going from a "member" to a "leader," creating something, organizing an event, etc. At work, consider whether you can raise your hand for special projects outside your normal scope of work -- perhaps more community-oriented or perhaps more business-oriented in nature, depending which application "gaps" you are looking to fill.



neetabhanushali, you've got a nice GMAT score, so congratulations on that! The fact that you've earned a previous masters in Germany is good from an international experience and subject matter expertise perspective, so congrats on that as well (though I would at the same time note that you will in your applications need to express why you now also need an MBA). Please be aware, however, that HBS is one of the two most difficult MBA programs in the world to get into. So while your GMAT score and international experience are a good start, almost anyone should view HBS as a major reach / long shot. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try, or shouldn't include HBS as part of your broader application strategy. As I often say, a good application strategy should test the upper limits of where you can get in. But objectively speaking, if you were to include HBS in your school strategy, it should almost certainly be viewed as a major reach or long shot. That's not a knock on you -- it's simply the case for almost everyone.


Here are a few contextual data points for both of you to consider as you deepen your understanding of the application landscape:

According to one GMAT Club study, Indian applicants with a 750 GMAT have only 11% acceptance rate across the entirety of the U.S. Top 20. And according to a good (if unofficial) MBA Data Guru study from a few years ago, Indian applicants with a 750 GMAT have around a 5% acceptance rate at Wharton. Harvard is much much harder to get into than the average top 20 program, and it's a good bit harder to get into than Wharton as well. There are plenty of other studies out there too in which you will find a huge skew among Indian HBS admits toward prestige pre-MBA professional experience, premier undergrad programs, and truly unique or exceptional community engagement / leadership experience.

This is another good GMAT Club post for both of you to read. It's more qualitative but serves as a nice complement to the links I've shared above, and I believe it's one of the better summaries out there in terms of outlining approximate school tiers for your applicant pool, which can help inform your research and school strategy. As the data in the posts above suggest, your applicant pool(s) are unfortunately the most crowded and competitive out there. So understanding how that affects the admissions landscape, your chances, and your potential school strategy is very important.

Finally, for further reading with respect to how to consider many different aspects of your profile -- and how to differentiate yourself so that in this super competitive field, you have strong applications (and not just "good scores"), please check out this blog post. It covers several cornerstones of the application process, including career goal specificity, school specificity, school research and engagement, and the "passion and purpose" behind your goals (among other things). It can be a helpful guide as you consider how thoughtful and specific these items need to be. Please also keep "community engagement" in mind, whether via your organization or through direct leadership activity in the community.

Best Regards,
Greg Guglielmo
Founder | Avanti Prep
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Profile Evaluation Request

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