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Joined: 04 Jan 2020
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New post 30 Jun 2020, 13:24
Please see below for a glimpse of my profile. Any feedback is appreciated!

· Demographics (nationality, gender):

U.S. Citizen, White Male, Age 27 by matriculation

· Education (undergraduate institution, GPA, major - high school/entrance exams not needed):

Penn State University, 3.6 GPA, Bachelor's Degree (double major in Management Information Systems and Finance)

· GMAT or GRE (include section breakdown):

730 (49Q / 40V / 6IR) - planning to retake and shoot for 750+

· Work experience (highlight amount of work experience, industries, roles, promotions, special accomplishments, international exposure)

3.5 years now / 4.5 at matriculation for a mid-tier consulting firm (not quite B4 but we compete directly against them). Exposure to wide breadth of industries. Most of my projects have been around process improvement, merger integration, portfolio optimization, program management, etc. Two promotions to date (Associate > Sr Associate > Supervisor), which is basically a role "junior manager" role between Senior Associate and Manager. Promoted faster than average and recently received maximum performance rating in year-end evaluations (top 10%). Significant international experience - worked on a project (and lived) in Eastern Europe for 6 months and I plan on making that a big piece of my story. I know it's not MBB/B4/ACCN but I have plenty of stories/accomplishments to highlight to show that I've been a high performer and a "big fish in a small pond"

· Extracurricular activities (highlight notable undergraduate and post-undergraduate ones):

Board of Directors / Director of Mentoring Program for local nonprofit that helps underprivileged/ESL high school students with career/college prep (resumes, scholarships, interviews, etc.)

Heavily involved in firm recruiting - attend campus career fairs, conduct first-round interviews for my group, participate in panels, give intern presentations, etc.

Lead a couple sub-committees within my firm, heavily involved in a variety of firm initiatives

Ongoing mentor for my undergrad business school

· Post-MBA goals:

Transition from management consulting to strategy consulting. Most of the work I do now is related to enhancing the efficiencies of the back-office functions of a business (e.g. Finance/Accounting/IT/HR, etc). We help companies implement their strategy but typically play very little role in dictating it. I want to move to the strategy side and learn to look at a company's business environment from a wider lens. I want to develop a broader skill set that encompasses all business functions and work with organizations to set their direction instead of following it.

My short-term goal is to work for a MBB/T2 firm for a few years and broaden my skill set. I think developing strategy experience will complement the hands-on implementation experience I already have and help make me more well-rounded. Long term, I'd like to work in upper management for an organization whose purpose I find fulfilling (perhaps EdTech or a non-profit dedicated to mentoring/education)

· Target schools:

Reach: Kellogg, Booth

Target: Fuqua, Ross, Tuck, Darden, YSOM

My biggest concern is that I'm going to be thrown into the "White Male Consultant" bucket and I don't really have anything particularly strong to help me stand out. I think it'll come down to my ability to effectively craft my story and essays to highlight how my WE has differentiated me from the typical consultant. That being said, a few questions:

1) What do my chances look like at the M7 schools? Kellogg is the #1 choice

2) Are my Target schools within reach? Do I have a shot at a merit scholarship?

3) What impact do you think a 750+ GMAT would have on my chances for M7 and my chances for a merit scholarship at a T15
mbaMission Admissions Consultant
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Joined: 26 Mar 2020
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New post 01 Jul 2020, 09:09
Hi SnooDoughnuts9012,
Thanks for posting your profile. I think you have a lot going for you - solid academics (GPA and a 730 GMAT is already competitive), robust work experience (with promotions and team management responsibilities), community leadership (mentoring, firm recruiting), and international experience to boot. In my 8 years working with candidates, many of whom are consultants, just as I was pre-GSB, I think many of these stories can help you differentiate yourself! The key is to weave these stories to present a coherent, compelling narrative of who you are, what drives you, and what your interests are. To answer your questions -

1) I think you have a strong shot at the M7 schools, including Kellogg. That said, be sure to explain your career goals well. For example, with your current background, would you be able to transition into MBB without a MBA? If so, what value would b-school add to your profile?

2) Yes, I think your target schools are within reach based on your profile. Yes, I think you would also qualify for many merit scholarships, although you'd have to look at each scholarship's criteria.

3) I think a 750+ GMAT can give you a slight edge, but high GMAT scores on their own don't really get a candidate into these top programs. If you think you can get a 750+ GMAT without too much incremental effort or time, I'd say Go for it. But if it comes at the expense of your putting together strong essays to differentiate yourself, then your time would be better spent on the essays.

I hope this is helpful! Best wishes for your MBA journey!

Debbie Choy
mbaMission Admissions Consultant

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