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Profile review - SEAn male for UK programs

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Joined: 21 Jan 2019
Posts: 9
Location: Philippines
Schools: Oxford'17
GPA: 3.63
Profile review - SEAn male for UK programs  [#permalink]

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New post 13 Apr 2019, 09:01
Hi Admissionado, I would love a profile review. Will apply to Oxbridge MBAs next year (4 years WE at matriculation, age 25) so I'm wondering what my chances are right now and what I can do to strengthen my application to make me competitive for scholarships.

Background and nationality: Citizen of a South East Asian (SEA) country. Ethnicity is mixed: SEAn and East Asian.

Age and gender: 23 male (Will apply at 24 so 25 by matriculation)

Undergrad Information: Top 2 university in my country, does not rank well globally. Majored in a quantitative business course. GPA converts to slightly below 3.65 (no grade inflation).

GMAT: Yet to take. Practice CATs hover above 700, but I'm targeting a 730 at least.

Work experience and leadership: 2 years (as of right now) in a middle market bank working in Equity Research as a covering associate (so 4 years by matriculation if I apply next year, with a promotion to analyst by then hopefully). Very client-facing. Also informally work (multiple non-hands on roles such as some asset management and HR recruiting) in a diversified family business that's considered medium-sized in my country. Eight digit annual revenues in USD.

International experience: Have gone to business trips to other Asian countries. Constantly in contact with international buy-side clients across the globe.

Community and others: Had strong leadership roles in a charity-based UG org. Semi-active after as a consultant to the org. Plan to be a lot more active.

Post MBA goals: I will run the medium-sized family business one day, and an MBA would help with the network, learning, and reputation. These things are important because: 1. we have been dealing with more international clients lately, 2. reputation helps in making deals and gaining clients, and 3. reputation helps because I plan to IPO one of the companies we hold.

Anything else? Took summer courses in top unis in UK and an East-Asian country.

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Joined: 30 Nov 2009
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Location: Chicago, IL
Schools: Brown University, Harvard Business School
Re: Profile review - SEAn male for UK programs  [#permalink]

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New post 14 Apr 2019, 13:45
I think you've got a good shot at top schools in the UK, especially if you can score a 730. South East Asian is a somewhat unique demographic, you've got a solid GMAT that will outweigh the fact that your school might not be as well known, and it sounds like you have some strong work experience. A key strength of your profile will be the exposure you've had to your family business so far & your post-MBA family business goals. Adcoms love family business applicants. You've got a guaranteed job (good for their employment stats), it's a relatively unique goal (there are some family biz applicants every year but not a ton), and you are also likely to have the chance to have significant impact in your career (something else the adcoms like to see - they want alumni who are going to go on to have big impact).

I'd consider applying to some top 10 US schools as well, especially if you do land the 730.

The one thing I'd warn you against is talking about the need for the credibility/"reputation" that going to a good school will lend you. The adcom does not want to hear about credibility (plus you can gain that at any top school - so makes it tough to argue what each school is the best fit vs. any other good school) -- they want to hear about the specific skill gaps you need to fill in order to achieve your goals. In your case that will mean explaining your vision for the family business, the change you want to drive, impact you want to have, etc and the 3-4 skills you need to gain in b-school to get there.

In terms of what to do between now & when you apply, you'll want to continue to gain as much exposure to the family business as possible - that will bring credibility to your goals & will also help you speak to your vision for the business. Definitely rack up as many accomplishments as possible at work, and gain as many leadership experiences as possible both at work & in your volunteer work. And keep up your focus on the GMAT - a higher score will only strengthen your candidacy.

Definitely reach out if you need any help! We offer an advanced planning service for applicants like you who want to do everything they can to strengthen their profile before they apply. Julie Bowman on our team specializes in working with family business applicants & would be a great fit for you. If you're interested in a free consultation Claudia can set you up with Julie or any of our other MBA consultants. You can reach her at

Profile review - SEAn male for UK programs

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