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Re-applicant admitted to Wharton with $30,000!

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Joined: 20 Jun 2018
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Re-applicant admitted to Wharton with $30,000!  [#permalink]

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New post Updated on: 27 Jun 2018, 10:43
I am an engineer with experience in Energy and consulting. I was re-applying as I had applied to Stanford, MIT and Berkeley and was rejected before the interview round last year. This time I was focussed on the top-7 schools.

I choose Wharton, Kellogg, LBS, Booth and Ross (which is a top-10 school but hopefully my backup). In round 1 I applied to Wharton, LBS and Ross.

The toughest challenge for me was the resume. I had difficulties in highlighting the business context of my work experience as it was very complicated and also technical. The 1-1 interviews were also a challenge. I couldn’t stick to the structure of answers in the first interview and had some timing issues as well.

I would advise focusing on the resume because as soon as that is done the story was much clearer to me. Last time I found it hard to write behavioural stories because my resume was not developed. This time I did a lot of thinking and my whole perspective on my work changed. It is very important to re think presentation of your work as a re-applicant.

Also, since I had a job that involved oil and gas field work and coordination work I had to really think about the qualities I could exhibit from my work. Once these things were clearer essay writing became easier. Though I still took about 10 iterations on my essays to finalize! Being a re-applicant I had a lot more clarity on the work rate and also the level of research and maturity to display in the applications.

For the interviews I did school specific preparation. For e.g. the Wharton GD is different from the LBS interview which has a small ‘case’. I really researched Wharton to come up with a good GD topic and also thought about discussion points for other GD topics that could come up. The Wharton interview was much simpler, just basic questions in 10 minutes.

This post would not be complete without a word about my consultant, Chimni at Admissions Gateway, who helped me a lot.

I gained admission to Ross but Wharton was the big one I got in and will be attending Wharton. Just goes to show that as a re-applicant if you organize and focus you can make a top school. Good luck to all of you and keep going if you did not make it the first time!

Originally posted by anonymous2018 on 27 Jun 2018, 00:42.
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Re-applicant admitted to Wharton with $30,000!   [#permalink] 27 Jun 2018, 00:42
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Re-applicant admitted to Wharton with $30,000!

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