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review please

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New post 06 Jul 2011, 02:48

i'd appreciate it if you guys could give a little feedback about my chances with the following profile and also the kinda schools (a few examples would be good) i should apply to considering my goals.

Age: 25
Country: India
Gender: Male
GMAT: 720

- B.Tech in Applied Petroleum Enggineering from the the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (A niche school catering to the energy sector, focusing on oil and gas) I was part of the very first batch graduating from the school. But i have a super shitty GPA- 2.4 (will explain later)

Work experience:
- 4 years as of July '11 in a reputed petrochemical company in india. Started out as a managment trainee, promoted to an engineer officer. I am an assistant manager right now, managing a team of 15 plus people on a daily shift duty basis. Responsible for general technical managment and running of the ₨5,327.43 ($120) million HDPE unit in shifts. Was part of team that undertook a capacity addition revamp of the entire plant worth ₨13,318.58 ($300) million. Given my track record, i will most probably be promoted to the position of a deputy manager next year. Have been preforming all the duties designated to a deputy manager since 2009 due to a sudden shortfall of experienced manpower. i can get good refrences from a senior manager and a DGM.
Also the company i work for hasnt been doing so well financially for the past couple of years, which was down to some bad choices made by the managment. Since then the Managing director has changed. i recently gave a presentation to him related to certain structural changes which can be incorporated to optimize our process as well as cut costs. some of those soulution are being implimented already. the potential saving that i proposed came out to about ₨221.98 ($5) million per annum.

Others: I grew up in a diplomatic family, staying in a plathora of diff. countries such as the states, kenya, kuwait, mayanmar, germany, UAE....the list goes on. this gave me an oppertunity to meet, interact and form lasting friendships with people consisting of a diverse background.
i have minimal extracarriculars cuz of the 7 days a week workday. but i am part of the local football (soccer) team at club level. (undefeted for 4 years running)

Reason for low GPA:
My family moved from the US to india when i was in the 11th grade. the difference between the school curriculam is staggering. I had to start from the 8th grade books and build upto the 12th grade (barely survived failing 11 grade, down to some serious mugging up) that was a time when i was putting in 8 hrs study sessions daily besides school for the length of the entire school year. suffice to say it was hell. well i managed to pass with a respectable 70 percent and got into a good technical school. metally i was sapped. and i compensated by slacking off a LOT. had i known then what i know now i would have worked harder on the gpa but it took me 3 long years to realize the importance of that gpa and by then i could only pull it upto a 2.4. it does sound like an excuse, i know, but it did play a part.

reason for mba: i have a certain affinity for the company that i work for and as i already mentioned the state of the company and my efforts to help change the situation i.e the presentation i gave to the MD. i tried submitted such proposals before but met with significant resistance due to the radical nature of the said ideas and also due to the lack of strength in the leadership. i was not in a position to initiate change myself nor did i possess the bussiness acumen required to access the business model of the company and suggest/implement appropriate changes. An MBA would go miles in addressing that issue.

A few weeks ago i was in the doldrums with this same problem. i had no fixed goals due to a lack of knowledge about the kind of careers i'd be looking at. I dont wanna go into i-banking or MC for that matter. General managment appealed to me bacause it would more or less cover all the topics that i need to know to get a better understanding of how a bussiness works in a more wholistic sense. Also I would like to be associated with an energy company(oil and gas if you wanna be more specific), because thats where my core competence lies, i understand the workings so i would contribute more. My long term goal would be to lead such a company some day.

Side note:
I joind the company im currently working for right outta school when it was obscenely profitible and have seen it decline ever since due to some very bad decisions. if 10 years down the line i can look back and see that i contributed to the turn around then ill proudly say that i achieved something of note. That is a project i would definitely like to be associated with once i have some experience under my belt.
Also some help with refining my goals(if they sound too vague) would be greatly appreciated.

The kinda schools im looking at:
If there is one thing that i'v learned in the last 4 years is that the brand matters. it opens doors which normally would be locked. So yes im looking at top tier schools and my question is what kinda schools would i have a realistic chance of getting accepted into? I have no concrete preference country wise, the school/program has to be good. And i would be comfortable working in any country, i have no preferences their either.
again thanks for the reply,i appreciate it.
Also what kinda chance would i have at LBS? they have a strong Asian bent with regards to their programs.

finally: Thank You for putting up with this horrendously long post. but i have been lost for the past couple of weeks with regard to the kind of colleges i could apply to and also if my goals would seem feasible. thank you again for the feed back.

P.S: apologies for the spelling mistakes, one of my perrinial weaknesses.

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review please   [#permalink] 06 Jul 2011, 02:48
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review please

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