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Joined: 02 Jun 2006
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roots [#permalink]

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New post 04 Jun 2006, 19:05
Root Word Meaning
ablutophobia: washing or bathing
acarophobia: itching
acerophobia: sourness
achluophobia: darkness
acousticophobia: noise
acrophobia: heights
aeroacrophobia: open high places
aeronausiphobia: vomiting secondary to airsickness
aerophobia: drafts, air
aeruophobia: flying
agliophobia: pain
agoraphobia: open spaces
agraphobia: sexual abuse
agrizoophobia: wild animals
agyrophobia: streets or crossing the street
aichmophobia: needles or pointed objects
ailurophobia: cats
albuminurophobia: kidney disease
alektorophobia: chickens
algophobia: pain
alliumphobia: garlic
allodoxaphobia: opinions
altophobia: heights
amathophobia: dust
amaxophobia: riding in a car, or vehicles
ambulophobia: walking
amnesiphobia: amnesia
amychophobia: scratches or being scratched
anablephobia: looking up
ancraophobia: wind
androphobia: men
anemophobia: air drafts or wind
anginophobia: angina, choking or narrowness
Anglophobia: England, English culture, etc
angrophobia: becoming angry
ankylophobia: immobility of a joint
anthophobia: flowers
anthrophobia: people
anthropophobia: people or society
antlophobia: floods
anuptaphobia: staying single
apeirophobia: infinity
aphenphosmphobia: being touched
apiphobia: bees
apotemnophobia: persons with amputations
arachibutyrophobia: peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth
arachnophobia: spiders
arithmophobia: numbers
arrhenphobia: men
arsonphobia: fire
asthenophobia: fainting or weakness
astraphobia: thunder and lightning
astrophobia: stars and celestial space
asymmetriphobia: asymmetrical things
ataxiophobia: ataxia (muscular incoordination)
ataxophobia: disorder or untidiness
atelophobia: imperfection
atephobia: ruin or ruins
athazagoraphobia: being forgotten or ignored
atomosophobia: atomic explosions
atychiphobia: failure
aulophobia: flutes
aurophobia: gold
auroraphobia: northern lights
autodysomophobia: one that has a vile odor
automatonophobia: ventiloquist dummies or wax statues
automysophobia: being dirty
autophobia: being alone or of oneself
aviophobia: flying
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New post 04 Jun 2006, 19:58
not sure if is necessary to mass-learn the dictionary for gmat
  [#permalink] 04 Jun 2006, 19:58
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