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  4. If f(z) = 2z+1, then which of the following can be the value of x for
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  8. If x and y are non-zero numbers and the value of (y)10x5 is -1, which
  9. If S is the infinite sequence S1 = 6, S2 = 12, ..., Sn = Sn-
  10. In a certain sequence of 10 positive numbers, each number after the fi
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  12. Is the number of members of Club X greater than the number
  13. By looking at a rectangular box, a carpenter estimates that the length
  14. The ratio of buses to cars on River Road is 2 to 23. If there are 630
  15. Jim travels the first 3 hours of his journey at 60 mph speed and the
  16. A ruined structure found at Aqaba, Jordan, was
  17. Does positive integer z equal 7?
  18. In the figure above, Δ POQ and Δ AOB are both right-angled at point O.
  19. Alaska regularly deposits some of its profits from the sale
  20. In the xy–coordinate plane, a line segment is drawn to join the points

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