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  1. If (2x)^3(3x)^2 = 6xy, then which of the following expresses y in term
  2. If x + 5y = 16 and x = -3y
  3. If |a| > |b|, which of the following must be true?
  4. Macrophages are cells that play a role in the response of
  5. If x is an integer and y = –2x – 8, what is the least value of x for
  6. The simple interest on a sum for 5 years is two-fifth of the sum. The
  7. What is the value of (1/3^(1/2))^3?
  8. The average of marks of 17 students in an examination was calculated a
  9. If a shop keeper marks his goods for a certain amount so as to get 25%
  10. Diagnostic score 450
  11. Is 1/m < 1/n ?
  12. GMATPrep Question bank vs GMAT Club questions
  13. If x is the least of three consecutive even integers, what is the prod
  14. At a particular graduation party with 300 guests, 70% of the guests
  15. On average, the bottle-nosed dolphin comes up for air once
  16. Ask ARINGO - if your GMAT is (or might be) below 720
  17. If x ≠ 2 and (x - 1)(x^2 + 1)/(x-2) = 0, then x =
  18. How to improve from great (760) to incredible (780!) on SC
  19. Calling all Rotman (Toronto) MBA Applicants:(2018 Intake)Class of 2020
  20. Calling all IMD applicants: (2017 intake) class of 2018!

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