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Smith Maryland

Smith (University of Maryland)

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Debrief posted on  Nov 05 2019 [#permalink] Smith Maryland, Full-time 2 Year MBA
On Campus Interviewed on: Nov 04 2019 Final Decision: Interviewed

"I interviewed on campus with Maria Pineda, the Senior Director of Admissions. It was actually a pretty tough interview, she asked the general "why mba, why Smith, why now" questions but also asked questions regarding what I wanted to do post-mba, my second option, and my THIRD option. Another question she asked was how I would contribute to Smith during the MBA as well as afterward, which I thought was a great question and enjoyed thinking through. She also asked some standard behavioral questions, so just be prepared and speak slowly and clearly. Know your goal and why UMD fits into that picture. Good luck!"

JiroDreams from United States
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Debrief posted on  Nov 20 2018 [#permalink] Smith Maryland
Skype Interviewed on: Nov 15 2018 Final Decision: Interviewed

"It was a pretty comprehensive interview. The skype call came in sharp at the decided time. Apart from the basic questions like Why mba, why smith, you could expect some out of the box questions as well. They stress a lot on Plan-B question and what options do you have in mind once you graduate. Which companies have you figured out where you could work and what will you do in order to get in touch with them. They also ask you about other schools where you have applied and what made you apply there if you were already applying at Smith. Apart from this, some behavioural and case study based questions. Keep your calm, speak slowly and clearly, and keep the conversation alive. Don't make it like a Q&A session."

saranshgoyal92 from India GMAT 700; WE: 48 months; Health Care
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