Question rating by month
1 Research has shown that impoverished people in this country 1089
2 Until recently it was thought that ink used before the sixteenth centu 1085
3 Some statisticians claim that the surest way to increase the 1076
4 QOTD: The Dear One Baby Carrier is the safest 1068
5 Beginning in 1997, high school seniors in State Q have been 1054
6 Arnold: I was recently denied a seat on an airline flight for which I 1044
7 Studies have shown that a large percentage of car accidents are caused 1043
8 A management protocol system that offers a unique method for the admin 1029
9 In the modern era, society should accept the premise that 1025
10 A minority but influential investor in Quell has recently claimed that 1022
11 In Patton City, days are categorized as having heavy 1022
12 Whenever a major political scandal erupts before an election 1020
13 Studies show that children who listen too much classic music 1016
14 Women who are married sleep more soundly than women who have never 1006
15 Literary critics are concerned by a recent trend in book 1002
16 In anticipation of the coming year, Tecumseh Autos, a national auto ma 1002
17 Modern navigation systems, which are found in most of today 1001
18 Art Historian: Recently, computer analysis has revealed that 1000
19 In a monogamous culture, 100% of the adults are married. The 999
20 Ethicist: It would be a mistake to say that just because someone 990
21 The rise in free, do-it-yourself instructions on the Internet for home 979
22 People who browse the web for medical information often cannot discrim 977
23 At present the Hollywood Restaurant has only standard-height 976
24 People cannot be morally responsible for things over which 973
25 Irradiation of food by gamma rays would keep it from spoiling 972