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Summary: Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) Class of 2016-2020 Discussions

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Summary: Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) Class of 2016-2020 Discussions  [#permalink]

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New post 10 Apr 2018, 06:52

Key Info about Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) MBA:

  • Small, globally-diverse class (~60 students) housed within one of the top research universities in the world
  • Sneaky good value – tuition is only $44,000 USD for Illinois residents and $66,000 USD for non-Illinois residents & int’l students, which is why this program was ranked #3 by Bloomberg in 2011 for US MBA Programs ROI
  • Illinois Business Consulting is the world’s largest, fee-based, student-led consulting firm
  • Potential to earn a joint degree by taking a large portion of your electives outside the business school, and a flexible curriculum at a University with over 100 Masters programs offered at the University of Illinois
  • Illinois has the largest alumni network in the world

Social Links

Illinois Business Consulting (IBC) is the largest professionally-managed, student-run university consulting organization in the country. Housed in the College of Business at the University of Illinois, IBC provides students with real-world project opportunities while helping clients solve challenges and identify opportunities. IBC conducts more than 70 projects every year with Fortune 100, mid-sized and startup companies and nonprofit organizations.

Website Links

Summary of GMAT Club Application Discussions:

  • How easy/tough is it to grab a Graduate Assistantship? How much can I expect to earn from such an assistantship?

    Unlike other degree programs, there are generally no Graduate Assistantships (GA) at the masters’ level, the same goes for the MBA. In the US, most (95%) schools do not offer GAs at the masters’ level of any degree. Despair not! The majority of students get merit scholarships to cover the educational expenses for the MBA program. The scholarships can cover everything, but they are competitive. Why it is important that when you turn in an application, you make sure that it is the strongest you can manage.

  • How is a typical day at MBA? Do the program/clubs/Assistantships make the program extremely intense and exhausting?

    The first year/semester of the program is intense, by design. It’s really hard to keep up. I remember my 1st semester:
    6:00am – up, prepare for classes.
    8:30am -12:30pm – attend classes.
    14:00 – 18:00 – group work! They give you many assignments that are group based.
    19:00 – 22:30 - Homework! Accounting, which took me ages. Marketing, Econ, etc.
    23:00-01:00 – preparing for class.

    I think that once you get in the groove, it is easy to manage. I know of people who couldn’t sleep etc. When you do other activities besides classes, it gets very intense. Because of the amount of group work, even if you are very smart, you will still find yourself stuck…because your other group mates would slow you down.

  • On a side note, tell me something which is absolutely unique about Univ. of Illinois- any activity/experience/anything about campus or course due to which you would recommend the program to an applicant.

    - Illinois Business Consulting (IBC) is a unique feature of the program.
    - They also have what they call Research Park, where companies from Yahoo to InBev have facilities employing UIUC students.
    - UIUC is a huge university, with top notch Accounting, Finance, Engineering etc programs, the best in the country and the world. That excellence rubs off on the MBA program.

  • I have a GMAT score of ***, which I believe is on a lower side of my category of Indian applicants. How much weightage the adcom gives to GMAT score? Other aspects of my profile are above average.

    Like other programs…the GMAT is everything, esp. for out of state or international students. You need a strong GMAT score to get in and get a good merit scholarship. I would say that, if you can do it, write the GMAT as many times as you can so you can get the best score.

  • I looking to apply to bschools and would appreciate if you could share any sample essays and LORs.I am currently researching on essays and i happen to read few of your posts.

    I think that the essay is one aspect that you have control over, where you get to stamp your identity on the application. I don't know about consultants out there or books out there that tell applicants what to write, how to write an application essay. My position is that, one should write however and whatever they want, as long as it captures the essence of your hopes and dreams. The essay is a place for your dreams, why i'm applying to this program?, how my experience will contribute to the progrsm, how my grandma inspired me to want to enter into geology etc. The admissions officers should be inspired when they read your essay.

  • What do you guys think about the recent FT ranking of UIUC? Did the school say anything about it?

    I thought the rankings were interesting, with our UIUC sliding down to 71, from 44! I don't know the FT's ranking methodology, because as far as the program in concerned, really nothing has changed. Or one could look at it and say that all the other schools improved, by magnitudes? Tippie, the University Iowa did improve. Juxtapose the FT rankings with the Businessweek rankings from last year, and the picture gets messy. I guess we will have to wait and see when the authoritative US News & World Report shows up in March.

  • Can a MBA student at UIUC take any computer science classes, say I am interested in data science, does the program allow students to take data science classes from the computer science department (college from Engineering at UIUC) when they are actually MBA students from the College of Business?

    During your second year, you can take any-graduate level class you fancy. People have taken dance, art, russian, astronomy, etc classes. So, if you want to take comp. science classes, you can do so. You can take as many as needed to fulfil credits for graduation.

  • I paid my deposit amount a couple of days back. Apart from a mail - my deposit order confirmation mail, I have not heard anything from the college. Is this normal? Guys who have made the deposit - Did you receive anything else and Should I mail the Adcom (I don't know what to ask really)?

    - Relax. You will be getting orientation emails soon. These emails will increase in frequency as orientation approaches.
    -If you are an international student, you can hit them, asking them to send you the official admit letter (paper version/pdf) plus I-20 for your visa issues.
    - meanwhile, have fun and introduce yourself to your future classmates on facebook.
    - plus, enjoy your last few months of freedom before school starts.
    - most importantly, start looking at the companies you want to intern at! And of course, network with people in your industry....

  • Interviewed, and waitlisted. What else should I do?

    - review the posts on waitlist strategies posted on the2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 threads about Illinois MBA
    - The only thing you can do, unfortunately, is improve your GMAT score. Everything else, at this point....unlikely to impact the adcom (job promotion, new courses, etc).
    - Reach out to the adcom with questions (in a nice, normal, moderate way.). The adcom are suckers for people who love the Illinois MBA. Asking questions, one way to show them you are excited about the program.
    - I believe you are young, in addition to doing the above things, start thinking about the next admission cycle, the one for next year. Start fixing your file now, etc for the next cycle. Missing one year is not an the long run, whether you started your MBA this year or next year, won't make a difference!

  • My TOEFL element of the application is still not done. Since none of my schools wanted a TOEFL, I never took it. But when I decided to apply to UIUC (which happened quite late) I had to take the test. I wrote it on 29/01/2016. And the results are still awaited. Will they consider me only when my TOEFL scores are submitted or can the application be reviewed before that ? Also, in case they'll wait till my TOEFL, will my application move from Round 2 to Round 3 ?

    The adcom will move forward with the review of your application, without the TOEFL. Usually, that exam is not required. Even if your recommender turn in the application a little late, that is not an issue. It happened to me, but it didn't affect my file or delay its review.

  • My interview has been scheduled with Serena Hoff. Could anybody share their experience with Ms. Hoff? It would be really helpful!!!!

    Serena is a great person! My time at the Illinois MBA, enriched because of her. She expects the best in people, in fact she is a great cheerleader. Remember your aunt, you know, the one who is always telling people that you are smart, that you will do well in school, that you are the best? That is Serena for you. Prepare for the interview, but know that she is on your side, cheering for you to do well. Good luck.

  • I have received an interview invite this Friday from Serena and Rozy. There is no mention of who will be my interviewer. How did you come to know about your interviewer?

    don't worry, these are the good guys. it doesn't matter who will interview you, they are the best good guys that you can ever imagine to be interviewed by. so, relax.

  • Does the school do a background verification for admitted students with professional services such as Kroll?


Excerpts from Live Chat with Mandy Chapman, Associate Director, Recruiting & Admissions, Business Graduate Programs.

  • Can you please tell what the Adcoms are looking for in an interview?

    Sure, so our interviews are invitation only. During this process, we are looking for elements of your ability to work collaboratively. There’s a LOT of teamwork that happens in our program so that’s really important. We are also really trying to determine how you will come across to potential employers as well and assess you for job outcome success

  • I wish to ask about the typical fit qualities that you are looking for? Since it’s a small class is team skills and collaboration valued the most in the application essays and interviews?

    Yep! Team skills and collaboration are a huge piece of the academic and professional community we try to build in our MBA program

  • Is your MBA a stem curse?

    Our MBA is not a STEM program. If that’s what you are looking for, I’d recommend checking into our MS in Technology Management program in the College of Business. That one is STEM

  • what are the factors for scholarship?

    We do merit-based scholarships. We basically take three main areas into account: incoming GMAT score, undergrad GPA and number of years of work experience

  • What role do career services play during the 2 years?
    you’ll work with YOUR (yes, you have your own!) career coach for the 2 years you’ll be an MBA student. The career coaches are there to help you every step of the way. They provide workshops, assessment tools, and one-to-one guidance.

  • Do candidates scoring well in GRE stand an equal chance of getting one? Are the candidates submitting GRE compared among a pool of GRE candidates or is their score converted into GMAT and them compared among the entire class?

    We accept GMAT or GRE scores. We convert all GRE scores to a GMAT score and use that data point. We don’t have a preference on GMAT or GRE- we just want students to take what they will do best on!

  • Do we get additional help as immigrants?considering the volatile visa situation?also do students have to dedicate full time or they can work part time during program? I also want to knw abt the placements in pdm role?

    International students are allowed to work part-time for the university while they are studying. This is to remain in compliance with the F1 student visa rules. As a full-time MBA student, you won’t have time to work full-time anyway. What additional help are you referring to as an international student?

  • additional help in terms of placements and post program stay?

    The career coaches help all of our students in the same way. International students have more of a challenge because many employers don’t sponsor H1B visas, so the career coaches will help you target companies that you’ll have the greatest amount of success with

  • What are the different ways in which a student can contribute or give back to the bschool?
    We want our MBA’s to be involved! So, participating in clubs is one great way to do some extra activities that can impact others. You can also offer to help the program (usually paid part-time positions) to assist with operations- think orientation coordinators, helping faculty, etc... Or you can offer to recruit and talk to students that will be in the position you’re in now!

  • i am an international student and yes i was looking forward ti working in the US . May i know why it woukd be difficult for an international applicant to get a marketing job . inputs in this would help me a lot.

    We don’t see many companies sponsoring H1B visa for marketing roles. Also, marketing roles in the US are geared towards having a deep cultural understanding of the US market, so companies are hard-pressed to hire international students for these types of role.

  • What is the ROI of an MBA 5 years after graduating? Any references to the alumni achievements could be helpful.

    We do great in the ROI space! Students usually pay back student loans in 2-3 years post-MBA. Here’s a link to more career success outcomes: ... tatistics/

  • How important is it for a application resume to be on only 1 page? do you have any tips or recommendations to put together a stellar resume?

    We’d like your resume to be on 1 page, but we see 2 page resumes all the time. It’s not a big deal at all- just make sure you have impactful info on there!

  • what are the roles that have the greatest chances of being offered a H1B visa ..

    This is a very complex question. Many of the roles with a more technical component have greater chance to be tagged with an H1B opportunity, but I would encourage you to do a bit of research- the information is out there!

  • If you had to make a pitch for attending Geis versus other B1G MBA programs, what would differentiate Gies from the rest of the schools?

    We are one of the most hands-on programs in the country! We have you working on real-client projects from day 1. We don’t wait for you to "learn" everything that then do a capstone project. I would say this is one of the most challenging AND rewarding experiences in the program. Not to mention you are building your resume along the way!

  • As per the Action Learning model, students tend to work with external client learn and apply business principles. How does the bschool help candidates in reaching out to those clients.

    We source all the client projects for the MBA students

  • Networking tips?

    The biggest tip I can offer if that you should approach networking like you are making new friends. Because that’s EXACTLY what’s it’s all about. Beyond that, think about what you can help people with and approach them with that. You shouldn’t look networking as, what can these people help ME with? That will come naturally with time...

Interview with Mark Lockwood

MBA Admissions Interview with Mark Lockwood - Touch MBA Podcast


Interview Experience 1

Had my interview on 24th.
Lasted 18 minutes.
Interviewer: Serena Hoff very laid back and informal.
She asked me the following questions:
Why MBA now?
Why Illinois MBA?
What are your leadership qualities?
Where do you see yourselves after doing the MBA?
Lastly, she asked me whether I'd join if offered a seat.
I asked a couple of questions.

Now sitting tight and hoping for the best!

Interview Experience 2

Hey, yeah it went well. Mr. Brinkerhoff is extremely polite, and you won't feel nervy at all whilst having a chat with him. Questions were pretty basic:
Why MBA? Why do you want to switch careers?
What would you bring to the table?
What would you want to learn from your MBA classmates?
What is your Plan B, if your short-term career goal doesn't pan out the way you envision it?
Long-term goal: why, how, what.
Had a bit of chat about my GMAT, and choosing an international location for further studies.

I think you'll be fine if you have gone through your resume and through the various facilities that Gies has on course.

Interview Experience 3

Just had my interview with Serena Hoff. Questions were:

1.) Tell me something about yourself, it could be hobbies, it doesn't have to be work related.
2.) Why mba?
3.) Why illinois?
4.) Why will you not join illinois if offered a seat? (hahahaha, devilish I know)
5.) What do you expect from business school which is not currently offered anywhere?
6.) What questions do you have?

Fairly conversational. She has a quality of connecting with the applicant, unlike any I have seen. She seems very happy. Which was very farther away from what I was, with all this interview anxiety and all. I had a 3-4 sec pause in the middle of an answer as a particular for of expression escaped me. Worried about that!

Interview Experience 4

The only questions he asked me directly were,
1. Tell me about your professional experience
2. What is your leadership style?
3. Other schools that I am applying to

If I have to list down the topics we talked about, the list is below
1. Strengths
2. What will I bring to the Illinois community
3. How do I stand out
4. Activities I do during free time"

"-why illinois mba?
-why mba now?
-what can you contribute to the illinois mba?
-what is your weakness as a leader?
-tell me about a challenge you faced and how you overcame it?
-what other schools are you applying to?
-where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Interview Experience 5

2)why UIUC
3)What I am doing right now. How my skills align to that position
4)Weakness - Strengths
5)roles taken in the team
6) How do I motivate my team
8) Anything not covered in resume/application that I would like to highlight.
9)Questions to Adcom
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Summary: Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) Class of 2016-2020 Discussions   [#permalink] 10 Apr 2018, 06:52

Summary: Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) Class of 2016-2020 Discussions

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