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Third attempt at the GMAT

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Joined: 16 Aug 2013
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Third attempt at the GMAT [#permalink]

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New post 16 Aug 2013, 15:48
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On Nov 14 2012, after practising for 3 months and pretty confident about getting a 700+ I took a shot at GMAT. Quant being my strength I blazed through it. I was little anxious during the 8 minute break between Verbal and Quant as my verbal practise test scores had never been consistent ranging from 27 to 33. All throughout my practise test I managed to score a consistent 48+ in Quant so I knew I just had to get around the 35 mark and I'd get the coveted score of 700. While attempting the Verbal section, I knew I was doing well as each new question was getting more challenging. After having battled all of them I clicked finish and waited for my score. To my disbelief I scored a 610 Q36 V36. I was shocked and dejected. Although I was happy with Verbal my Quant score was just not acceptable. Even on my first practise test had I not scored so low. I was confused as to what went wrong. The obvious thing to do was to take the test once more. So, as soon as I got out from the centre I booked a date for a month later.

This time around, since I got a 36 in Verbal I just practised Quant. I gave the Gmat Prep tests once again and scored 740 and 750 respectively ( owing to the questions being repeated the score was elevated by 30 points when compared to my previous attempts). On Dec 14 once again it was GMAT day. For Quant, I took a few seconds to cross check each and every answer . Moving forward, the questions seemed to get tougher and I felt relieved cause I knew I'm on course to a Quant score as per my ability until the 27 question, I couldn't solve it and got stressed, I wasted a whole 10 minutes on it and finally decided to let it go. I had another 10 questions to go with just 10 minutes left on the clock. I guess since I was doing well, these questions weren't any easier. I worked on a problem for 30 seconds and if I couldn't get the answer guessed it and moved on. I guessed around 4 out of the 10 questions. During the break, I cursed myself for not having left the question after 3-4 of not getting an answer as I could have done well on the remaining but after having invested such a lot of time on it, I was compelled to solve it. I sensed it, I HAD SCREWED QUANT once again. I attempted Verbal but was constantly thinking about Quant and I guess I couldn't concentrate enough . Once done I anticipated a low score and so was it a 570 Q44 V27. I accepted it and left the centre.

Now, once again after 8 month I have resumed my prep for the GMAT. I'm looking forward to giving it in October. I need advise on the approach this time around and whether the major discrepancy in my score (gaining 8 points in Quant and dropping 9 in verbal) along with the third attempt will affect my changes of getting into a top school that is if I do manage to ace the GMAT this time.
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Re: Third attempt at the GMAT [#permalink]

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New post 16 Aug 2013, 23:22
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It takes a lot of courage even to give a gmat mock test because when you get a low score it obviously shatters you.When i read your post i could quickly relate to you.I know how it feels when after all that hard work you end up with a score which does not reflect your efforts your pains and your sacrifices but yet you have to accept it.
I truly admire your courage that you shared your failures with us especially in a forum where people are boosting about how they nailed the gmat and got that 700+ score and how they are over with it.
The thing is accepting your failures is a very hard process and than motivating yourself to prove your worth is even got the scores that i can assure you if anybody would have got even on the prep software also would have given him goosebumps,yet you are giving yourself one more try is what makes you different form the rest. Life is not about how many times you succeeded or how many times you failed,its about how many times you failed and yet you rejected those failures and made your way
I know the courage it takes to face your nightmares again and motivate yourself that you wont let them make you fall again.(believe me its way too easy to get a good score in one shot rather than failing again and again before getting your dream score.)
For the study plain i learned one thing that its important to work on your weaknesses but whats more important is to retain and improve your strengths.(in your case quant)
bunuel,s quant documents is the best thing you would find over the internet.(his explanations are clear and concise moreover he has discussed almost every question you would find any where in any prep software)
For verbal when you take mock test again and again (i.e once you rest the question pool) you wont get the true picture because you already know the answers,so i would suggest you to purchase Manhattan cat series (they have one free test and 5 other can be purchased) and you can also try gmatclub,s cat or free test.
Besides that you would find lots of good tips and material for verbal in this club so just look for it.(its time well invested)
Remember on thing IN GMAT NO QUESTION IS WORTH MORE THAT 2 MINS.(easy or difficult it does,t matter)
Finally,remember one thing LIMITS ARE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THEM,EXCUSES ARE FOR THOSE WHO NEED THEM!!(no limits no excuses)
best of luck brother i hope you achieve your goals.
p.s -make sure you post your success story of how you achieved your perfect score :wink:
Re: Third attempt at the GMAT   [#permalink] 16 Aug 2013, 23:22
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Third attempt at the GMAT

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