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Debrief posted on  Mar 24 2020 [#permalink] UC Davis, Full Time MBA
Skype Interviewed on: Feb 19 2019 Final Decision: Matriculating

"The interview is usually conversational. For me, it was more about my work experience and my reasons for pursuing an MBA. I was interviewed by one of the Adcoms and was told the video will be recorded and viewed by other members of the Adcom and then a final decision would be made which could take 2 weeks to 4 weeks post the interview. The questions asked were: 1. Elevator pitch - tell me about yourself 2. Why UC Davis 3. Why do you want to switch industries (in case you're a career switcher) 4. How will you ensure you will get into your target industry once you graduate? 5. What's your backup plan? What if you are unable to transition to your transit industry post MBA? 6. Why MBA now? 7. 3 strengths 8. Weakness 9. Biggest accomplishment in professional life 10. Assume you're sitting in front of the AdCom panel. How would you convince the panel in under 5 minutes regarding a) How you're a good fit for UC Davis and b) How UC Davis is a good fit for you 11. Any questions for the interviewer"

meghnam92 from United States GMAT 740; WE: 60 months; Accounting
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