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Undergrad Transfer Advice Needed

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Joined: 15 Jun 2012
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Undergrad Transfer Advice Needed [#permalink]

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New post 24 Oct 2013, 17:27
Hi all, I'm still in undergrad but starting to prepare myself now for things down the road and I had a couple questions, figured some people here would be able to help me out.

I'm currently at a top 40-50 ranked state university in the US. I did very well in high school and got into a couple better schools but due to money and family things I had to go to my state flagship. I've finished two years there and I've done extremely poorly so far, down to family issues, [somewhat related] bad focus/work ethic in school, not knowing what I'd like to study, but mainly the first two. I'm currently at a 2.4 GPA, which is horrible by my standards and I've taken this semester off to look at some things, re-evaluate what I'm doing, and seeing what has to change. I've also taken the semester off to help my family out.

Right now I'm stuck between two minds. The school I go to now, while not great, is still a top 50 school and has a huge alumni base and name recognition. However, I have a terrible GPA that's actually too low for me to be a major in the business school. With my new mindset and drive, I know I could get a 3.8+ GPA for the rest of my time there, however I still would just be around a 3.0 at graduation and I wouldn't have a business major, so those are two big drawbacks. Getting internships would also be really tough.

The option I've come up with is to transfer to a much smaller, fairly new state university very close to where I live. I'd be able to reset my GPA (which would help a ton with internships), and be closer to family, which would be good. I would also be able to major in the business school. However, this new school would be a pretty big step down in rank, prestige, name, alumni, etc. I'm also worried that getting good grades at this school would look like I just couldn't handle my other school, which isn't the case, but it's easily interpreted as that.

Basically I'm just worried that transferring to a lesser university, although it probably makes more sense for me, would be bad as far as applying to a really good business school down the line. If I get really good scores on the GMAT and/or GRE (I had 2300+ on SATs, so I'm sure I could), and have good work experience, essay, etc would that matter as much?

Could use some pointers/advice here. I'd be looking at applying to a strong MBA program (looking more international - in Europe - right now, but have a couple US schools in mind too).
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Re: Undergrad Transfer Advice Needed [#permalink]

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New post 24 Oct 2013, 22:11
Your major has little determination/play in the business school, so you can take that out in terms of variables.

As to the GPA, it is one of the key pieces and it is HARD to get past it. Most folks have 3+ and 80% have 3.5 or higher, so you will stand out quite a bit, but showing a strong 3.8 or 3.6 GPA in the last 2 years will help redeem you. All they care is that you can do it and you can be taught. 2 years is plenty to demonstrate that to a bschool or potential employers.

Schools also understand that some universities are easier and others are harder to get a great GPA from, so they will adjust/convert your GPA appropriately.

P.S. At this point I would not worry as much about bschool since you have to find a job before you go to the school. You may set you up yourself great but a crappy job/role/company, you won't get far either, so focus on getting a great job, having a personality, wanting to make a different (for good or bad) and care about others. That's it. The rest will come :-)

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Re: Undergrad Transfer Advice Needed [#permalink]

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New post 25 Oct 2013, 06:39
Nice post, bb.

From the info that you've provided, I would suggest staying at your current school and killing it for your last two years there. A transfer won't really "reset" your GPA, schools and employers are going to ask you about your two years at your first school (and want to see transcripts, etc.). I think it looks far better to show huge improvement at one school than to show huge improvement because you transferred to a less competitive school.

Having said that, if you are going to regret not transferring to be closer to your family, then I think that should take precedence over plans for bschool way down the road.

Like bb said, you have a ways to go before you'll be applying to bschool. While it's good that you're thinking ahead, you may be thinking a little too far ahead here. A very, very, very small percentage of the population goes to a top 20 bschool. And even then, it doesn't guarantee success. There are million of successful people out there who have never even considered an MBA.

Do what's best for you right now and let the rest fall into place.
Re: Undergrad Transfer Advice Needed   [#permalink] 25 Oct 2013, 06:39
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Undergrad Transfer Advice Needed

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