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Verbal Diagnostic Test No : 7 – RC Q No:9 and 10

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Verbal Diagnostic Test No : 7 – RC Q No:9 and 10 [#permalink]

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New post 21 Mar 2014, 03:50
This post was
Question 1

Question Stats:

60% (00:19) correct 40% (03:52) wrong based on 5

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Question 2

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67% (00:09) correct 33% (00:54) wrong based on 6

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Note: The numbers in the middle of the passage denote line numbers in the original version.

Question No 9 and 10 are based on the following passage

Bohemians had always been liberty-loving. They had been anxious for three centuries to throw off the yoke of Austria. There is no record that Sophie Chotek, the duchess, sympathized with the aims of her countrymen 5 or that she was not in complete accord with the views of her husband and the political interests of the empire. But the experiences of the Germans and Austrians had taught them that a Bohemian was likely to remain always a Bohemian and that his freedom-loving people would not 10 countenance plans having in view the enslavement of other nations. The Germans may have looked with suspicion upon the Bohemian wife of the archduke and thought it advisable to remove her also.

Prinzip, the assassin was thrown into prison and kept 15 until he died. No statement he may have made ever had a chance to reach the world. No one knows whether he was a German or a Serbian tool. He does not seem to have been an anarchist; neither does he seem to have been of the type that would commit such a crime 20 voluntarily, knowing full well the consequences. It is not hard to believe that he was under pay and promised full protection.

Probably no Bohemian considers Sophie Chotek a martyr; indeed, the evidence is strong that she was not. Her 25 heart and soul probably were with her royal spouse. But an interesting outcome is that her assassination, a contributing cause to the war, finally led to the downfall of Germany, the wreck of Austria, the freedom of her native country.

[Reveal] Spoiler:
A: A world war does not occur for one single reason.
B. This is true; they are fierce lovers of liberty
C. No such clues are given in the stimulus
D. No such hints in the text
E. A deep rooted war psyche could not have been doused by preventing just one murder.

1. Which of the following themes does the passage primarily intend to convey?

A. The assassination was the underlying cause of World War I
B. Bohemians neither liked enslavement of themselves by other nations nor vice versa
C. Prinzip had plenty of personal reasons to kill the archduke and the duchess
D. The defeat of Germany and the ruin of Austria freed enslaved the Bohemians
E. World War 1 could have been nipped in the bud, had the assassination been avoided

[Reveal] Spoiler:
A. this just one of the effects and not the lone effect
B. Same as A
C. Same as A and B
D. this is the correct choice
E. irrelevant

2. In the context, why does the author describe the happenings as interesting outcome in line 26?

A. The murder caused the defeat of Germany in the ensuing war
B. Austria was wrecked as an aftermath
C. The ominous event led to the freedom of Bohemia from the clutches of its aggressor
D. The assassination had interested many other nations to weigh in , ultimately causing a multi-dimensional upshot
E. World War I lacked any more interesting twists or turns

[Reveal] Spoiler: Question #1 OA
[Reveal] Spoiler: Question #2 OA


Can you solve at least some SC questions without delving into the initial statement?

Narendran 98845 44509

Kudos [?]: 8355 [0], given: 366

Verbal Diagnostic Test No : 7 – RC Q No:9 and 10   [#permalink] 21 Mar 2014, 03:50
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Verbal Diagnostic Test No : 7 – RC Q No:9 and 10

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