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Advice please, UCLA v IESE v Working and applying later
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Author:  coleberr [ 16 May 2018, 16:47 ]
Post subject:  Advice please, UCLA v IESE v Working and applying later

Hello all,

I ended up applying in the late rounds to a number of schools, down to UCLA and IESE. I understand UCLA is probably viewed as the higher caliber program with respect to entrance qualifications and regional alumni connections, but as an American I have found it difficult to ascertain the value of an IESE degree and the opportunities it might afford.

I'm trying to gain a better understanding of their respective recognition both inside and outside of their local regions (west coast, Spain), any differences in program design, alumni network (naturally I'm sure IESE is smaller).

As for me, I would appreciate the chance to end up abroad though London had been my focus. I want to make sure if I'm paying to go back to school that it will increase my candidate profile and help me to transition into working more directly with a variety of startups through incubator, accelerator, VC work. At this time I'm also renewing my job hunt with vigor with the consideration of recommitting myself to working another 1-2 years and retrying the MBA application set at that time.

Please, if you feel that my mental framing on the matter is lacking or have any advice on how to go about this process holistically, I am always open to constructive criticism or advice.

Many thanks,

Author:  coleberr [ 21 May 2018, 17:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice please, UCLA v IESE v Working and applying later

Any thoughts, anybody, please?

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