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Debrief posted on  Dec 11 2018 [#permalink] W.P. Carey, Full Time MBA
Skype Interviewed on: Nov 27 2018 Final Decision: Admitted

""Panel: Adcom member and a 2nd-year student. At first, they told me that the interview will last for 45 minutes approx and they have read my full application. (They will have their questions ready and as you answer the questions they will make notes so don't don't bother about it. Just keep answering.) Q-1) General question to relax the environment. (anything out of the blue , maybe something about you) Q-2) Why MBA and why now ?? (general) Q-3) WHY WP Carey? (General) Q-4) Behavioral questions about team work experience Q-5) Behavioral questions about cross functional communication experience Q-6) Behavioral questions about Ethical Dilemma Note: while answering the behavioral question Keep your focus on Example and learnings Q-7) Which Post MBA Career and Why? Q-8,9, & 10) Case Study: General Small Case. you are allowed to make notes and I also suggest you do that. It will help you remember the names and situations. Straightforward simple questions which will force you to think on your feet. Type of question can be: what information do you need to understand the problem and solve it? Then another scenario for the same case and again how would you solve that? Note: There are no wrong answers to these questions. Different people think differently influenced by their experiences. So its all about your point of view. Q-11) Which other schools you have applied to and how will you make your decision? Q-12 Any question for us? Point from My side: I did not prepare for the interview but I remember the situations and their association with different behavioral questions. This helped me a lot. Please do not make things complicated. Keep your answers short, to the point and structured. Above all Be truthful and Relax, Relax, and Relax, I hope it helps. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime (Please PM)."

D3N0 from India GMAT 690; WE: 105 months; Consumer Products
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Debrief posted on  Nov 04 2018 [#permalink] W.P. Carey
Skype Interviewed on: Oct 29 2018 Final Decision: Denied with Interview

"There were two person at the panel, one an adcom and the other a 2nd yr student. In the beginning, I was told that there will be 12 questions followed by a case study which will have another four questions. Although I don’t remember all 12 , I will try to capture as much as I can. 1. Why mba, Arizona and which companies post Mba? 2. Example where have to adapt to new thing, how did u handled those changes ? 3. Situation where u had to interact with multiple teams? 4. What is ur strength as a team player? Cade study 1 dealer out of 12 was not able to meet its target. Q. What info do u need to investigate the causes? 2. Follow up rate was also very less for that particular dealer. Reason? 3. Some ideas to improve that? In end, they asked which schools I have applied to and if I get admit to all those schools, how will I decide the one? Hope that helps. Sorry for the delay. If need further clarity, please put up questions on the forum or pm me for my number. Always to happy to help in whichever way I can."

Naman5772 from India GMAT 700;
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