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Will this nightmare ever END?!?!?!?!

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New post 05 Nov 2007, 16:41
regardless of the're better than that.

good luck with whatever you decide.
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GMAT Club Legend
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New post 05 Nov 2007, 19:47

Sorry this is kind of late, I was piled with work recently... anyway, I just had to come here and saw the bad news...
's tough luck on you. Using myself as an example, 700(Q48 V38), your score should be pretty close to 700 now (I think you're on Q44, V35 right?). Q44 to Q48, perhaps a matter of about 3-5 more questions correctly answer, and V35-V38 probably around that too.. I don't have an exact figure though...

But the most important thing right here is getting there. Are you using OG11? If so, maybe you want to get official quant and verbal books for some more practice. If you're on OG10, then forget it, you have probably seen every GMAT question.

Some other sources:
-> Paper test. Not computerized, but still a good workout. They can be pretty easy, but still good practice nonetheless. Sometimes we focus so much on the tough questions we forget about the easy ones...

-> Did you try upstartrising (or upstartraising.. I'm not sure about the name). GMaxOnline uses it, so I figure it can't be that bad. I personally don't use it myself.

-> Have you used Kaplan and Princeton CATs? I know their questions and scoring is crap, but it's still pretty good workout.

I recall I went full-steam on CATs after my initial prep. Firstly to get used to staring at a screen (can be different from reading off a paper), secondly to force myself to endure close to three hours on the computer, and lastly to make myself comfortable with a CAT environment (their interface can be different, but heck...) I guess right now with most of the groundwork done, all you want to be doing is CATs and more CATs

Keep plugging away. I'm sure one day you'll get the 700+
Joined: 28 May 2007
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New post 05 Nov 2007, 21:55
Hi Kickboxer. I've been following your quest to 700. First, let me say thanks for sharing your experience with us. Although I don't post much (yet) I wanted to encourage you to continue until you achieve your objective.

However, in your defense I must say this. The quant problems I got were very difficult. I was bombared with some impossible geometry problems. Had a couple of probabilities, so I thought I was in good shape.

My approach would be to focus on geometry. If you saw problems you did not understand, I recommend delving into this topic more and work on the hardest problems you can find.

What I've come to realize is that GMAT/GRE quant section is essentially a series of math riddles. This is why I believe the test is extremely learnable. We've seen many individuals on this site who have improved hundreds of points through sheer determination. Understanding the concepts is one thing (only a finite number of concepts are tested), but understanding how GMAT riddles are structured is another. That is all the quant section is; math riddles. The learning curve for some is shorter than for others--that's it.

The GMAT/GRE/LSAT whatever standardized test you can think of does not reflect your intelligence, your motivation, or persistence (at least inherently). The worst thing to do is allow this test to label you. It doesn't mean anything outside of another task to complete on your application check list. Seriously, that's all it is.

I agree with the others. Take a little break from it and come back to it. Have you ever written a paper and thought it was a masterpiece, set it down for a few days, picked it back up and found numerous errors? I believe this same "mental fog" can affect test prep. Sometimes you need to break from it for a week or two and come back to it fresh. If you do you may start to discover an area or two that you are weaker on than you initally thought.

I recommend starting a journal and reviewing both test days in your mind. Analyze everything about this test and your former test. Be brutally honest with yourself as you write your journal. Is there anything at all you could have done better? No matter how minuscule? Was there something you could have done better to prepare? These are just questions to reflect on in your journal. From reading several of the de-briefs from high scoring members I've noticed that those scoring high go just a bit further than the rest. Is there anything you can do to really go the extra mile?

Hang in there kickboxer. We're rooting for you!

Last edited by Adam6378 on 07 Nov 2007, 22:17, edited 1 time in total.
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Will this nightmare ever END?!?!?!?! [#permalink]

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New post 05 Nov 2007, 23:32

I find your words right on the money and motivating at the same time...!

Good work in keeping us motivated.


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New post 06 Nov 2007, 04:11
Yeah agree with Adam. Take a break, sometimes it helps a lot. Sorry about your score black belt, hang in there buddy. I do admire your persistence - one thing that no test can measure ..
  [#permalink] 06 Nov 2007, 04:11

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Will this nightmare ever END?!?!?!?!

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