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This Week’s TOP 5 GMAT Forum Topics
On Cloud 770 (Q 50, V 47)

From GMAT Club member Vivesomnium, a nice, detailed debrief about a high-700 result on the GMAT.

  47 Replies - See the Article
Can you write on GMAT pad during the break? (ABCDE grids)

Simple question, right? Not so fast! Read on to see different test-taking experiences.

  19 Replies - See the Article
10 Tips to Improve Your Score & App With NO Extra Studying

While studying is obviously the single greatest way to increase your score, these are the 10 most important (but often overlooked) test taking tips that should be considered while studying.

  54 Replies - See the Article
750 Q49, V44

From Sterny: "Just took the test today and got a 750 (Q49, V44). While overall I am definitely happy and relieved I must admit I am a little disappointed with the quant score. Never scored less than 50, but some stupid decisions I made during the test cost me a 50+ quant score."

  46 Posts - See the Article
Terrible Verbal part! How can I improve it?

From ZoeGR: "I just took the GMAT and my overall was 640. I got Q50 AWA 5 and V25! As you understand from the AWA I have a good level in English! However, as I am not a native speaker, I would like to know if there are any tips that I can follow to improve the Verbal."

  9 Replies - See the Post
London Top MBA Event

London Top MBA Event on September 24: Meet the world's best Business Schools, and double your salary with a Top MBA! Individual MBA consulting and GMAT advising by Kaplan. One-to-One meetings with LBS, Insead, IE, IESE, Chicago Booth, IMD, Duke, Kellogg, HEC Paris, Cass and more.

Register Here.

Mission Admission: Requesting Last-Minute Feedback

With deadlines looming for many candidates, we thought we would share a piece of advice that might help alleviate some deadline-related stress. After you have completed (but not yet submitted!) your application(s), find one individual you trust—whether a professional consultant or someone with insight into the application process—to read your essays one last time and give you feedback.

Read the complete article.

See mbaMission Deals at GMAT Club.

This Week’s TOP 5 MBA Forum Topics
Don'ts at an MBA admissions interview
  Here's a checklist to make sure you avoid the following 'don'ts' when facing an interview!
  See the Checklist
The True Value of YOUR MBA

I have put together what I think is a comprehensive MBA return on investment (ROI) tool/model (more specifically, I used net present value, NPV). It looks at the MBA and non-MBA career paths and identifies not only when you'll "breakeven" but also how your compensation will look over an extended period of time.

  73 Replies - Read the Post
If you were a MBA grad in current market....

...Now suddenly, your prestigious post MBA job was rescinded due to recession and company cut-backs. You are suddenly out of school, heavily in debt, in a recession…. If banking or consulting is not one of your options, what other career choices would you take on and why?

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Entering my second year of bschool. Any tips?

From GMAT Club member Cooper52: "I'm getting ready to start my second year of b-school and I couldn't be more excited! To all the MBAs out there - what tips do you have for new second year students? First year was absolutely insane (lots of work, but I still had fun)!"

  6 Posts - Read the Post
Student Loan Discussion

From GMAT Club member GtGator03: "I know this topic has been touched on in individual school's forums, but I wanted to start a discussion specific to student loans. How is everyone going about handling their student loans? Direct and PLUS loans all the way with their 7.9% fixed interest (yikes!)? Or are you finding alternative loans with reduced rates? Are you using a co-signer? Variable or fixed interest rates?"

  14 Posts - Read the Post
This Week’s TOP 5 GMAT Forum Topics
Welcome Rotman School of Management Admissions
  The admissions team at Rotman School of Management would like to welcome everyone to this thread and offer an opportunity to ask questions about our MBA program. If there is anything we can help with, please let us know.
  See the Thread
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