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This Week’s TOP 5 GMAT Forum Topics
750(Q49,V42) - So near yet so far

From GMAT Club member Nebucanazza, "This is my first post on GMATClub, although I have been lurking around here for months. The forum has played a crucial role in the planning and execution of my GMAT preparation. This is my attempt to give something back by sharing my story. Hopefully this debrief will be useful to future test-takers."

  4 Replies - See the Article
My approach to the 780 (50Q, 48V, 6AWA)

A great debrief from Texigan: "I took my GMAT in March of 2011, so it was quite a long time ago; hopefully my story can help you guys out. I think the test changed since, but I think some of my anecdotes will generalize to the revised test."

  3 Replies - See the Article
Answer a Verbal or Quant question and win a free GMAT course!

One quant and one verbal question will be posted each day starting on Monday Sept 17th at 10 AM pacific time/1 PM eastern time and the first person to correctly answer the question and show how they arrived at the answer will win a free Veritas Prep GMAT course.

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Vivesomnium's SC notes (PRICELESS)

From Souvik101990: "I just read the debrief of vivesomnium. Not only did he write an incredibly awesome debrief, but also created the most self sufficient and concise SC notes I have EVER seen. Attaching the file along with the debrief link. VERY VERY useful. Please check it out. Definitely better than test magic, spider, and sahil's notes."

  3 Posts - See the Article
Helpful notes for the Verbal Section

From Mk87: "These are the notes I made while studying for the GMAT Verbal Section (got 39, percentile: 87). The PPT format was really useful for navigation, and also provided a snapshot of most of the information pertaining to a particular topic at one go. I hope you find these helpful"

  9 Replies - See the Post
GMAT Club Verbal attack

"Each week On this forum we will discuss one main topic of Verbal and go over as much we can, covering everything we can share, including resources and questions."

  18 Replies - See the Post
This Week’s TOP 5 GMAT Forum Topics
Markers in Parallelism

Parallelism is one of the most heavily tested concepts in GMAT. Non-natives struggle with this concept because most of them study this concept for the first time when they start preparing for the GMAT. To help you understand this concept better, we have decided to cover a few topics in parallelism through a few articles.

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Stratus Prep free webinar: Getting into Wharton

Monday, October 8, 9:00PM - 10:00PM EDT:

Wharton is a top US MBA program, renowned for its finance and marketing programs.


Thousands will apply this year, but few will be accepted.


How can you differentiate yourself and increase your chance of acceptance? Hear directly from Stratus Prep Founder/CEO Shawn O'Connor, an expert in Wharton admissions, what the Wharton admissions committee is looking for this year and how to best position yourself in your application.

Register Here.

Squeeze everything into a few short essay questions

Does the admissions committee need to know everything about you? Yes. And no. If you are working on admissions essay right now, you may be wondering what to include in your essays and what to leave out. To get the full scoop on what to include, check out Stacy Blackman Consulting's latest video: How to Squeeze Everything into a Few Short Essay Questions.

See the video.

This Week’s TOP 5 MBA Forum Topics
Getting the Recommenders to Recommend!
  From Gtrip: "Can you please suggest tips that can help me get my recommenders to pull themselves up and do the needful before the deadlines? Its been three weeks since they must have received the mails, and probably much more before I actually told them about what they would need to do...but I see no action."
  7 Replies - Read the Post
How to present promotions in work experience

Few actual jobs but great growth within those jobs? How best to promote those promotions?

  8 Replies - Read the Post
Compiled Interview Questions

From Peaceyall: "To prepare for an upcoming interview, I compiled interview questions from Rhyme's guide, and Thought others might find this useful. If there's other's I've left off, please add! Curveball questions would be a good addition to this."

  51 Replies - Read the Post
How to show Leadership without reporting responsibilities?

Wise words from myEssayReview: "A lot of people equate leadership to having managerial or supervisory responsibilities. In reality, a leader and a manager are very different. A manager copes with complexity and brings order and predictability to a situation, whereas a leader shows how to cope with rapid changes."

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In your MBA application, be authentic

Wise words from Stacy Blackman: "I've seen too many candidates attempt to convince admissions committees that they've done it all already. They believe that demonstrating their business acumen in every paragraph of their applications will overwhelm admissions officials through the sheer volume of evidence of their commercial genius. This is not the best approach."

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