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Think you are ready to tackle GMAT Verbal? Register to take the e-GMAT SC, CR, and RC diagnostic tests free of charge to evaluate your performance against the best out there. Here is what the diagnostic tests contain:

  • SC diagnostic: 15 questions with audio-visual solutions
  • RC diagnostic: 13 questions with 4 passages and audio-visual solutions
  • CR diagnostic: 13 questions with audio-visual solutions.


The e-GMAT diagnostic tests have been attempted by over 10,000 students in the last 12 months.

Take the Diagnostic Test Now!

This Week’s TOP 5 GMAT Forum Topics
The last exam I will ever write! GMAT Debrief -720(q48,v40)

From GMAT Club member Tsheshraj, "I finished my GMAT this monday and scored a 720 (q48, v40) on my first and last attempt. Though I am not happy with my quant performance, I am nevertheless OK with my overall score. "

  2 Replies - See the Article
620 to 730 in 4 weeks

A great debrief from Wom2c: "I took the GMAT back in mid August and received a 620 (81% V/46% Q). I was very frustrated and discouraged by this result. As I ramped up for a retake, I read some posts on GMATClub that told success stories of score turnarounds. These posts were helpful to me and are the inspiration for this post.."

  3 Replies - See the Article
The Official Guide for GMAT® Review, 13th Edition - VERBAL

The quest to have the best Verbal Explanations for the OG 13 by Souvik101990.

  See the Guide
Best forum post by Kudos

Want to know the best forum posts at GMAT Club scored by other members? See this list of best posts by Kudos.

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GMAT Club Verbal attack - Updated

Souvik101990 has a number of updates for the Verbal Attack - check it out. "Each week On this forum we will discuss one main topic of Verbal and go over as much we can, covering everything we can share, including resources and questions."

  18 Replies - See the Post
Welcome MBA House to GMAT Club!

GMAT Club is proud to partner with MBA House!

"MBA House's philosophy is centered on building deep and collaborative relationships with students. By knowing them better than they know themselves, we are able to give them the personalized coaching they need to be accepted into top MBA programs."


As a new partner special MBA House is offering a total of $500 off their GMAT Prep and Admissions Consulting package - exclusively through GMAT Club. See the deal here.


In addition, MBA House is participating in our "Ask MBA Admissions Consultants" thread. See the thread here.


Have you been a client of MBA House? We're always looking for reviews of Admissions Consultants. You can write a review here.

11th-hour application advice from Paul Lanzillotti and Amerasia

I am compiling a list of best tips and practices, so you don't get caught with your pants down - 1 hour before submitting. This is a growing list. Feel free to post any quick and relevant tips, and I will consider adding. See the post.

Speaking of Amerasia, receive 10% off Amerasia consulting exclusively through GMAT Club. They are also offering a 4 school for the cost of 3 limited special right now also. See the discounts.

This Week’s TOP 5 MBA Forum Topics
Odds of meeting your spouse at MBA
  What are the odds of meeting your spouse at B-School? Anyone out there with marital B-School stories?
  283 Replies - Read the Post
Serious question regarding withdrawing from early action

GMAT Club member WonderDog writes: "I was admitted to a school in the early action round and submitted my deposit. However, I was recently admitted to a much higher ranked school that I would rather attend. I know that you're supposed to withdraw your applications to other schools after you're admitted in early action, but is there any legal action the school can take, or any penalties?"

  19 Replies - Read the Post
Best Ways to Pick a Recommender

Here is how to rank recommenders from best to worst.

  5 Replies - Read the Post
MBA Application Guide [Full Version Free Download]

GMAT Club's Guide to the Business School Application is a great guide that Rhyme is making available for free! It includes GMAT Club's collective application wisdom and is based on the questions asked on these pages by thousands of GMAT Club members (sometimes over and over again).

  See the Guide
The Consortium MBA Application: Benefits

The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management is an organization that has formed alliances with many of the best U.S. business schools and major corporations and aims to improve education and workplace diversity in American communities. One common application, reduced fees and financial assistance are just a few of the benefits. Read more in this article from MBA Admit.

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2013 B School Applications - Down or Up?

Cast your vote: Do you think that 2013 will be another year of (large) decline in application volume?

  61 votes - Read the Post
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