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This Week’s TOP 5 GMAT Forum Topics
GMAT Club Toolkit for Android

Prepare for your GMAT on the go with the bestselling GMAT Prep app. The new GMAT ToolKit for Android, includes over 700 questions from top-tier test prep companies to help you get a 700+ score.

  • High quality content from top-tier test prep companies: Kaplan, Knewton, Manhattan GMAT, Princeton Review and Manhattan Review
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The one thing you wish you knew - GMAT Club contest

What do you wish you would have known prior to taking the GMAT? Your answer may win you GMAT Club tests, a GMAT ToolKit mobile app or merchandise!

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From 660 and 50th percentile Quant to 740 and 86th percentile Quant

A great story from Gmadness: "I have been a long time reader of GMAT Club and have been meaning to post my GMAT story. However, right after I took the GMAT I had to begin my LSAT prep! With that completed, I can let all you know about my score increase."

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Uber awesome resource on Tenses

From Harshvinayak: "Super and a very cool resource on tenses called The Tense Tutorial by Aristotle Prep (guys who make the SC and CR Grails) . Provides great clarification with detailed, pictorial examples of each type of tenses. Must read, I say!"

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Want access to hundreds of FREE GMAT practice questions?

Not sure how long this will remain free but, for the moment, go get them!

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This Week’s TOP 5 GMAT Forum Topics
Due to Vs Because of

In conversational English, we may hear or use sentences in which we present reason for something by using the expression "due to". In certain cases, this usage may be grammatically correct. But in certain other scenarios, it is incorrect. In this post, I will discuss these scenarios.

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Big MBA opportunities in Europe

One of our jobs as admissions consultants is to anticipate new angles and opportunities for our applicants and one that we have been sharing with our clients this year is the idea of looking more aggressively to MBA programs in the EU. We have seen clients find better fits, enjoy some great results, and go on to be incredibly happy in European business schools (granted, they just started, but still), all after initially not even considering the possibility.

Read the full article here

This Week’s TOP 5 MBA Forum Topics
Harvard 2013 (HBS) - Calling All Applicants
  Interview invites went out Wednesday morning. This HBS thread is sporting over 15,000 views.
  320 Replies - Read the Post
All MBA deadlines - massive list of 2012-2013 deadlines

Are we missing a deadline? Do you see a deadline that has changed? Do you not see your school (many schools have yet to release their deadlines)? Send a PM to let the list-keeper know.

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Best MBA Books

The best MBA books around: overviews, pros, cons, recommendations and comments. Do you know of a good MBA book but don't see it here? Please mention it!

  44 Replies - Read the Post
So you want great work life balance post MBA

From Riverripper: "Work Life Balance: seems like a lot of folks who decide they don't want to be consultants or bankers cite this as one of the major factors in that decision. People who don't seem all that passionate about GM, marketing, corporate finance, etc...decide they will go for one of these careers because they will have a better life."

  38 replies - Read the Post
Ranks and clusterings of various International B-Schools

From GMAT Club member BSDLover: "I am trying to determine the rankings of the top international schools in a clustered format. As we all know that the US schools have been categorised among Ultra Elite (UE), Near Elite (NE), Elite (E), Trans Elite (TE). I believe that we can create similar categories for international (i.e. outside of US) schools."

  108 Replies - Read the Post
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