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This Week’s TOP 5 GMAT Forum Topics
Free GMAT Club tests on Christmas Eve day!

It's the holidays and a lot of people have Christmas Eve off. What do you plan to do with yourself? How about trying your hand at some GMAT Club tests? They're free on 12/24!

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Quant chat with Bunuel and BB this Friday

Bunuel and BB will available in the GMAT Club chat this Friday (Dec 21st at 8 AM PST).
We invite you to join them for some fun with quant and also welcome you to post any questions you may have in this thread ahead of time. They will be happy to address them live.

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Advanced overlapping sets problems

Speaking of Quant, Bunuel provides us with some awesome 700+ Quant questions. These questions will require you to know and understand the formulas for set theory, presenting three sets and asking various questions about them.

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My thoughts and preparation - hope all can learn from this

GMAT Club member Jessello provides a nice, concise debrief: "Learn from every wrong answer AND change your routine."

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My GMAT story - From 640 to 700 - thank-you GMAT Club

GMAT Club member Sanketvaidya gives an in-depth debrief on their recent 700 score: "I have been using GMATclub throughout my preparation and now its time to return something back to the forum through debrief."

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570 to 710 - Seven "Do Nots" of GMAT

GMAT Club member AbhiJ gives an overview of things NOT to do while studying for the GMAT. They also remind the reader: "Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, a day or even a year. If I quit however, it will last forever. "

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This Week’s TOP 5 GMAT Forum Topics
To Verb VS For Verb-ing

Another in a series of Verbal articles from e-GMAT - this one about the differences between "to verb" and "for verb" usages. "We must understand the usage of "to verb" and "for verb" to be able to distinguish between the contexts where these phrases can be used correctly."

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Stacy Blackman: Application Motivation
MBAMission Having trouble staying motivated on applications through the holidays? Watch this video from Stacy Blackman Consulting for some inspiration: See the video here.
Marvel Admissions: The power in knowing your career goals

MBAMissionThere is tremendous power in knowing what you really want to accomplish in life. The minute you become clear about what your career goal is, you can make it happen. Read the full article.

This Week’s TOP 5 MBA Forum Topics

School decisions are in. Here is the most recent edition of the "Calling all applicants" threads:

Chicago (Booth) 2013 - Calling All Applicants
Ross (Michigan) 2013 - Calling All Applicants
Duke (Fuqua) 2013 - Calling All Applicants
INSEAD September 2013 - Calling All Applicants
Wharton 2013 - Calling All Applicants
Full list of 2013 Calling All Applicant threads + live stats

There are 140 schools represented in this list with more added on a regular basis. Live stats from GMAT Club member statuses shows how many are in, dinged, matriculating and more. Is your school missing? Send a PM to let the list-keeper know.

  22 Replies - See the List
Loan programs for international students without a US co-signer?

GMAT Club member Finmaster just found out that Columbia doesn't offer loans to international students without a US based co-signer. "Are there any other loan programs known to give loans to international students without a US co-signer or do I have to ditch my Columbia dreams?"

  44 Replies - Read the Post
"Best" Admission Consulting companies?

Have you engaged with an Admission Consulting company? How did it go? Did they meet your every need or could you have been better served? This post is a good outlet for feedback but remember, no ranting! Also, you can see verified Admission Consulting reviews at GMAT Club's Review Section.

  380 replies - Read the Post
The myth of the pre-MBA internship

From GMAT Club member Nink: "In the last few weeks, I've been getting tons of PMs from various members regarding pre-MBA internship opportunities. How does one find such an opportunity? What kind of opportunities are out there? Is it something one must do before starting his or her first year in the MBA program?"

  14 Replies - Read the Post
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