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If your new year's resolutions involve acing the GMAT, then this is the perfect course for you. For one week, we are offering the world's best Verbal Course at an incredible price of $329. The course includes 32 hours of live instruction, 4000 questions, mocks, GMAT Club tests and more. Learn More

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This Week’s TOP 5 GMAT Forum Topics
The new GMAT Club Math Book - 3.0

Third edition of the GMAT Club Math Book has been published! 6 new topics including Word Problems, Overlapping Sets, and Factorials have been added along with other updates. Download the latest PDF version – the book is free!

  Get the Math Book
GMAT Club Tests - 2 Day Sale @ 50%

Many mentioned that they missed the day after Christmas one-day sale from us, so we are running this promo again - you can get our best ever price on a 3 month subscription here (no code necessary if you use the link or use promo code "2013")

  2 Days Left - Sale ends Jan 4th 11:59 PM
All e-GMAT SC topics - consolidated

GMAT Club partner e-GMAT has provided some great SC articles in our forum. Club member Debayan222 was kind enough to compile the articles into a single location.

  3 Replies - See the Articles
RC strategy & official Qs by experts & legendary club members

From GMAT Club member Debayan222: "I found these topics discussed by experts like e-GMAT,GMATPill etc. & questions / strategies shared by awesome GMAT Club heroes like bb/rhyme/Souvik/Carcass etc. on RC to be very helpful. Here is a compiled list."

  10 Replies - See the Post
The best of Veritas Prep blog - handpicked

From GMAT Club member Carcass: "I just finished filling out the entire (the most relevant articles, of course, I would say over 90%) Veritas blog in PDF format because I'm an huge fan and because I often like to read offline. These are a gold mine."

  5 Replies - See the Post
Game, Set, Match: 760 (Quant 50, Verbal 42)

GMAT Club member Harshkhemka88 achieved a great score on the GMAT. Here is there debrief.

  5 Replies - See the Post
My GMAT story – 690 (Q-44 V-40) from 390 (Q-21 V-22)

A 300 point increase?! GMAT Club member Vandyonwheels came back from 8+ years out of academia to regain a strong score. "I thought my story would help people struggling in quants and candidates like me who've been out of touch with exams for a long time."

  4 Replies - See the Post
Admissionado: 20% off Basic packages thru 1/15

NYE has come and gone, and while you may still be feeling the effects, it's time to focus on those R2 deadlines. They came out of nowhere, right? That's why we're here with some last-minute support: 20% off our Basic package through 1/15. It's quick (only takes about a week) but thorough... just what you need right now. Email with subject line "GMAT Club Last Minute" and we'll getterdone.

Marvel Admissions: Round 2 help

Need some last minute help on Round 2 applications? We are available to take on hourly clients and get your applications to the next level!
Contact us at (213) 537-6018 or

This Week’s TOP 5 MBA Forum Topics

Continuing the tradition: we present a brief list of "Calling all applicants" threads:

Tuck 2013 (Dartmouth) - Calling All Applicants
Sloan 2013 (MIT) - Calling All Applicants
Simon (U of Rochester) 2013 - Calling All MBA Applicants
ISB 2013 Calling All Applicants
Vanderbilt (Owen) 2013 - Calling All Applicants
Marvel Admissions Chat Review

The Admissions chat with Marvel Admissions went great earlier this week. To see a transcript of the chat and gain some insight about how these conversations go, see the transcript link below.

  Read the Chat Transcript
The 2012-2013 Zero Admit Club

Don't be shy: let's share our profiles and thoughts about what we have done and what we can improve for the next application season.

  22 Replies - Read the Post
Salary History?

From GMAT Club Member Stochastic77: "Why do AdComs care so much about your salary history? Do they believe that if you earned $125k you're more qualified than someone who earned 75k?"

  12 Replies - Read the Post
How in-depth should we go for optional essays

GMAT Club member HighWyre237 had an employment gap that resulted in some solid stories for an optional essay. Their question: "should I really use the full 500 or so words to go into depth about my experiences? Or, should I approach it as a concise explanation of the gap with an effort to not waste the adcoms time?"

  52 Replies - Read the Post
New to Ask Admissions: CUHK

The Chinese University of Hong Kong MBA Admissions Team would like to welcome everyone to this thread and offer an opportunity to ask questions about our leading MBA program. If there is anything we can help with, please let us know.

  See the Thread
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