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This Week’s TOP 5 GMAT Forum Topics
770 (Q50, V44) - First Try - The story behind it

GMAT Club member Isacr scored great on the GMAT. Here's an excerpt from their debrief: "...stop over-thinking stuff, stop second questioning yourself - get it together and go get the score you want!"


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770(Q-51,V-44)- Conceptual Clarity + Practice did the Magic!

GMAT Club member FredT provides a debrief about their 770 GMAT score: "Thanks a lot to the awesome participants and instructors on the forums. I look forward to keeping you guys posted about my journey post-GMAT!"


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GMAT Patterns Review: Remainders

We are reviewing Official Guide and GMAT Prep to find the most common question patterns - make sure you know how to solve these!


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GMAT Club Tests - Free Access on Holidays

The next free GMAT Club test will be on February 18th. We will open up access to the GMAT Club Tests at midnight Pacific Time (USA). Make sure you mark it in your calendar and don't miss this opportunity to try the Hardest GMAT tests for free!


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All GMAT CAT Practice Tests - links, prices, reviews

For all your GMAT Test Needs - overview of GMAT tests, GMAT CAT tests, free tests, and of course member reviews!


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Verbal Initiative: Inference vs Assumption

Some students are confused between Inference and Assumption because the phrase "Must be true" is used in both question types. We have also seen that some students routinely face problems in identifying one from the other. Written by e-GMAT.


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Admissionado 4 for 2 Sale

An exclusive GMAT Club deal from Admissionado: Get 4 schools for the price of 2 (includes Deluxe, Junior Deluxe and Basic packages). Email with Subject Line "GMAT Club 2+2" for more information.

Get this deal before it expires on 2/28. You must email Lauren with the subject line "GMAT Club 2+@" to get the discount!

See more information here.

Stratus Prep Success Story

Pranjal, an Indian IT professional with a 700 GMAT, who did not graduate from an IIT/IIT-equivalent, was just admitted to Wharton with our help: "I tremendously appreciate your expertise and patience. Wharton wouldn't have been possible without your kind guidance."

Join us February 20th for our Webinar: 5 "Must-Haves" for Indian MBA Applicants.

Also, get a 10% discount thru 2/28: Code GC10.

This Week’s TOP 5 MBA Forum Topics

We bring you the most recent edition of the "Calling all applicants" threads:

Harvard 2013 (HBS) - Calling All Applicants
Marshall 2013 (USC) - Calling All Applicants
Duke (Fuqua) 2013 - Calling All Applicants
Calling all Jones (Rice) Applicants! Fall 2013
Haas (UC Berkeley) EWMBA 2013 - Calling All Applicants
Admits From India: Pre MBA Meetup

From GMAT Club member Str1der: "What I'm thinking about doing is organizing a cocktail session in major Indian cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore) where admits from business schools can come for an evening of networking."

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Kroll Background Check

"So, I have been hearing a lot of fuss about this whole background check. I was wondering if any of you guys have been through Kroll check? What all schools use these checks and how do they go about approaching the background checks?"

  236 Posts - See the Thread
Visiting the Indian School of Business

GMAT Club member Souvik101990 will be visiting the Indian School of Business for a media event between March 4th and March 6th. If you have any questions regarding the school or their admissions process, please post them to this thread.

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My Big Decision: Sloan vs Tuck

GrandeDecision has been admitted to both Sloan and Tuck. Vote for the school that you think would best fit. Here's their goal: "I want to do management consulting after my MBA. I'm interested in consumer goods and I would like to transition to an industry role in the long run. I think Tuck goes far in terms of personal focus, but MIT is the more competitive school and I think the brand name goes farther".

  16 replies - See the Post
MBA Funding Question

From RR666: "I am wondering the average amount of savings people who are going to matriculate next year will be able to dedicate to the funding of their MBA."

  18 Replies - Read more of the Post
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