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This Week’s TOP 5 GMAT Forum Topics
Ultimate Sentence Correction Encyclopedia

An attempt to put all the important Sentence Correction resources under one roof so that nothing important escapes your eyes and you can make the best possible use of GMAT Club resources.


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What do to one week before the test?

BB to create this post.


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2 Attempts -- 640 to 730 (V29 --> V42 in a month!)

GMAT Club member Krad890 improved dramatically: "I'm glad to say that after some hard work, I got a GMAT score that I'm proud of! I read a ton of posts on this forum that definitely helped me get my goal score. Let me take you through my journey, and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes."


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Advanced Sentence Correction presentation with question bank

From GMAT Club member Souvik101990 "So, I have resumed my GMAT preparation and thought about making an "advanced" PPT for us."


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Kindle e-Book (Flashcards) for Verbal

Access the Verbal Flashcards (based on GMAT Club's official Flashcards) for Kindle! They work with Amazon kindle App that's available on Android, iPhone, and other devices including your PC.


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Your audience is not the "Adcom"

One question that we get a lot from clients is "what does the adcom want to hear?" Not only is this the wrong way to approach the process in terms of being an authentic, introspective, and interesting candidate, but it also completely misunderstands who is reading your file.

Click here for the full article.

This Week’s TOP 5 MBA Forum Topics

We bring you the most recent edition of the "Calling all applicants" threads:

INSEAD September 2013 - Calling All Applicants
Sloan 2013 (MIT) - Calling All Applicants
Haas (UC Berkeley) 2013 - Calling All Applicants
Darden (Virginia) 2013 - Calling All Applicants!
Cornell (Johnson) 2013 - Calling All Applicants
Inspiring You Tube Videos

From BB: I thought I'd start a new topic to get some good inspirational, motivating, and just fun You Tube videos.

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Fuqua or Columbia for Marketing?

From GMAT Club member Dakells: "Does anybody have any thoughts? Although fit is important to me, I think I could be happy at both schools.... I'm really most concerned about which school will be best for my career in terms of getting into marketing/brand management."

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After app review & interview - feedback GMAT score low!

From GMAT Cub member Sneha85: "Do colleges give genuine feedback? After application review and interview, the feedback I received was - Your GMAT score is low(660), and at this time we are looking for 690. If my GMAT is low, why are they offering me internet MBA or working professional MBA."

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Low GPA: What you can do

Undergrad GPA, just itself, is not a complete piece of information as business schools look for your story, and not absolute figures that you have achieved in life. So a low GPA is definitely not a deal-breaker and let's try to explain why.

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Which school has the best Harlem Shake?

"Con los terroristas!" Watch, place your vote, post your school and watch some more!

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